Friday, October 31, 2008

At the patch

I have been slacking at putting up pictures on the blog. So I am sorry. I have been really sick this last week so I want to play catchup. Here is some pics from the pumkin patch. We had great weather when we went out to the patch. I just have to say Maddie is obsessed with pumkins. She loves them. She went around trying to pick all of them up. Katelyn loved it too. She took her time and searched for the perfect pumpkin and even helped me find mine. We plan to carve them today! Yes, i know it is a little late but not much time all together. Well Happy Halloween everyone. Be safe. .

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall Family photos

We always start out fall with a family photo shoot. We had planned on doing it two weeks earlier and it rained on us, and then the next weekend it rained !! So we had to settle for last wednsday. It was cold and very windy. Oh well, we did get a few good shots. We found this wonderful field up Big Cottongwood Canyon. The girls loved it, especially Katelyn. She ran and ran thought the field. Maddie also had a great time, at points the weeds were taller than she was !! We also took some with the trees that are changing colors. Happy Fall everyone.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


It is Fall break at the U for Patrick so that means no school all this week. We both took off work this whole week. We took the girls bowling a few days ago and we all had so much fun. Katelyn insited on carrying her own ball up to the ramp and pushing all by herself. Maddie loved, loved, loved it when the balls would come back up from the machine(not sure what it is called). She also loved to stand there by the balls and touch them and try to pick them up. I have learned that i am a horrible bowler and it is pretty sad when your two kids can score more than you !! Oh well it was fun.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nature Walk

In the light of it being fall, the leaves are changing, the weather is cooling. I took the girls up to the Temple Quary trail for a walk, adventure. The girls had a wonderful time. They walked down the trail holding hands and were so cute. They loved it. We found a lot of great things to see, changing leaves, big rocks to climb on, and even a pet rock to take home(his name is rocko - Katelyn named him). The weather was perfect and I enjoyed it as well. Maddie loved to climb the rock. Although I think she was a little scared because she said "scary" at the top !! She is saying new words every day. Katelyn found a break in two big rocks and thought it was her own playhouse. She loved climbing up between the big rocks. Happy Fall everyone.