Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Project Life Week 9

I just have to say Life has been crazy busy as of late. It has flown by in a blur and has left me with little time to play, be creative, and to scrap. But it has slown down some these past few days and I have found some time to put the finishing touches on my week 9.

Also want to add that a few weeks ago I joined the Mac family. Our previous PC was on its last leg and so we went out and bought a brand new Mac !! It has taken some getting use to, lots of "How do I do this", and slowly moving files over(need to do a lot more of this though). Also a lot of frustration over the printing options,(it is not the same as the PC) still need to work some things out. This is another reason why it has taken me so long to finish week 9.

Anyways. Let's get on with it shall we !! ** Warning ** Long post ahead.

There were a few different approaches that I could have gone with for our Disney trip. Last time I divided it up into days (still working on it from last year). This time I did it a little different. The first page has random pictures from our trip, some of the ones I wanted to highlight and make 4x6.


A picture of all of us in front of the Mickey Mouse in flowers. Word Hello from here .

Cousins holding hands. We met my Brother and Sister In Law down in Disneyland. The kids had so much fun together.

 Noah and Mater. He is one of Noah's favorite people in the world. If you can consider him a person !!


Thicker letters. Sticker from Crate Paper- storytellers line. Arrow from my stash.

The three princesses in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Used some of the photoshop shapes to make the boxes and check marks for this card. Love how it turned out and will use this again for sure.

Circle Sticker from Crate Paper again. 

I made a total 6 inserts this week. 5 from Disney and 1 from our trip to Arizona.

The first insert was a 5x7 size. SO EXCITED about all the new page protectors coming soon from Becky Higgins. No more making 5x7 page protectors any more. Yeah !!

Ali Edwards brush found here

The second insert is my main journaling. I used Cathy Zielske Weekly Wrap Ups Vol. 1 . I did change some of the wording though to fit my needs. Added a rub on from my Disney Stash. Super Simple, and that was what I was going for.

Here is the other side. I loved this picture of the kids and Woody so I blew it up to 6x12.

I wanted to add some more photos from our trip. I used Design G to add them into my album. Here is the first page.

The other side.


This trip I had so many pictures with the characters. I wanted to have them all together so I used Design D. The front side is filled with us and the characters.


Camera is from some paper from Amy Tangerine. 

The other side of the page protector I put pictures from our Minnie and Friends Breakfast. It was Maddie's birthday that day and we wanted to make it extra special for her. During breakfast the characters come around to each table to say hello and to get pictures.

I used one of the foldable journaling cards to journal about our breakfast. Here is a look at the inside.

 I knew that I wanted to try the Design E during this week. It is such a fun size (6x6) and I love the result.


The picture with Mickey Mouse was made by a free template from this website


The pocket on the top left is a collage I made in PS of Maddie at the Wilderness Park. The pocket in the bottom right is using another free template from the same website as before. I resized the template to 6x6, moved a few things around and I love the result.

The last insert is a page about our weekend in Phoenix.



I used a Cathy Z template. Part of her Template Package Vol. 1. Changed the title, adding in a brush from Ali Edwards.

I added the letters AZ for Arizona , AC "Elf". Also added the ticket sticker. 


Added some words to the photo, washi tape from my first ever Studio Calico kit (Super Excited about this !!), buttons, and such.


This is the last page to finish off the week. Some more random pics from our week. Some from Disney and some from Arizona.


Me and Noah at the Disney Jr. Show

We were driving back home and saw these HUGE dinosaurs and so we had to stop.


Sorry about the horrible photo on this one. Used washi tape and camera from Studio Calico. Rub on from my stash.

Butterfly punch from Martha Stewart. Arrow from Studio Calico.

Rub on from Stash.

HUGE dinosaur.
This last page was really simple, in the end I just wanted it done. I finished week 9 and now on to week 10 !! Yeah.

If anyone has any questions about anything. About products, digital products, please don't hesitate to ask.

Is anyone doing Week In The Life with Ali Edwards this week ?  I decided not to for two reasons.
#1. I still haven't finished last years. #2. My mom is here and I am taking her back this weekend so it is not really a REAL normal week for me. Also I am very busy.

Until next time.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

March Istagram Photo A Day Challenge

Last month I decided to take part in the Instagram Photo A day Challenge.  It was definitely a lot of work but SO much fun !!  So I want to share with you the images that I had captured over the month. I have to say that I didn't spend a lot of time, or even a little time thinking and pondering about what to take a picture of. I just took it !!

If you want to check out the post about the challenge and the list of challenges click here .

Day 1 | UP - We were in Disneyland and so I got one of Noah up in the tree house on Pirate Island.

Day 2 | Fruit - Went to McDonald's for lunch while driving to Arizona. This was the closest thing to fruit that I could find for the day !!

Day 3 | Your neighborhood - Was not home so I took a picture of Downtown Phoenix.

Day 4 | Bedside - My side of the bed as it was that day

Day 5 | Smile  - My two girls were so happy to run through the sprinklers in their swimsuits

Day 6 | 5 pm - Me and Maddie

Day 7 | Something you wore | This was my favorite one. My parents were in town and we went to celebrate Grandma's birthday at Olive Garden(it was really her birthday. We were also celebrating Katelyn and Maddie's birthday since my parents were not able to be there for the girls birthdays. My mom bought all three of them birthday hats !! 

Day 8 | Window - My view out the office/scrap room window. Our tree in bloom.

Day 9 | Red - Patrick went out to work in Ventura today and picked these beauties while he was there.

Day 10 | Loud - The kids were making a pile of pillows to jump in. The laughter was very loud.

Day 11 | Someone you talked to - Me and Katelyn had a long chat about stuff.

Day 12 | Fork - Patrick and I went out on a date night. We went to RJ's for dinner and had chocolate cake for dinner.

Day 13 | A Sign - Patrick was working on location today and I asked him to get a picture of a sign

Day 14 | Clouds - Clouds at the park

Day 15 | Car - I substituted car for truck. Patrick was still on location so I asked him to get a picture of the BIG trucks

Day 16 - Sunglasses - Patrick on location in his sunglasses

Day 17 | Green - Me and Patrick in our St. Patrick's day green. After the kids were in bed we ate some chips and guacamole and watched a movie.

Day 18 | A corner of your home - my favorite corner, my scrap corner. Not much right now but I have big plans in the future.

Day 19 | Funny - Noah loves to "help" me when I am mopping the floor.  He is so funny when he tries to help.

Day 20 - Before and After -

Before (my lunch of a bagel with egg salad on it)


Day 21 | Delicious - We love fruit

Day 22 | Kitchen Sink - Just made a salad

Day 23 | Moon - A little confession. I forgot to take one of the moon the night of the 23 rd so I got one of it up in the sky the next day.

Day 24 | An animal - The newest members of the family. Maggie(the chesnut) and Crystal (the gray) mares (female horses).

Day 25 | Breakfast - All these cereals mixed together is the kids's favorite.

Day 26 | Keys - Our key ring

Day 27 | Your name - I chose Katelyn's name that she spelled out in beans at school that week

Day 28 | Trash - Since I didn't want to photograph the trash can I choose the big trash can outside on the side of the house

Day 29 | Feet - I chose the kids's feet while they waited for Patrick's plane to come in

Day 30 | Toy - The beloved Rocket

Day 31 | Where you relex - Since we were in Ventura I took one of the girls on the beach. It was very relaxing there.

That concludes my March according to Instagram. It was so much fun, I just might join in again sometime soon. She has photo prompts for every month so if you think you might want to play along check out her site. ( in the above link ).

I plan on adding them in all together in an insert into my PL album. 

P.S. So I was planning on finishing my week 9 of PL but I ran out of ink and big paper faster than I ordered it. It is coming tomorrow but I am leaving on Friday(no time to finish it tomorrow) for a road trip back to Utah. I was really hoping to get it done so that I could share with you all.  I guess it will have to wait until I get back, so please be patient with me.  I will be back next week. Take care until then.