Thursday, April 27, 2017

Week In The Life 2017

Hello, hello everyone !

I am back today for a quick blog update for you. Last week I participated in Week In The Life. If your are not familiar with the concept here is a quick run down. You photograph your entire week and make a separate album for it. It was started by Ali Edwards and I have participated 3 or 4 times over the years.

Today I going to be sharing my Monday pages with you. On Monday my parents were in town visiting and we took them out for a hike. I have a 6x8 photo of us hiking as my starting page. The plan is to use a 6x8 photo for the beginning of every day. I am going to add the day of the week digital brush set from Ali Edwards to each days photo. Next to my big photo I have this Monday divider.

I purchase the main kit from Ali Edwards and these big large white letters came in the kit. I added an M to the divider and adhered it with red lined tape. I wanted to use the M as a see thru element so I placed it underneath the digital brush that is on the photo. So that way when you flip the divider over you will see the M underneath.

The next page looks like this. On the top there is a photo of my blooming flowers. The bottom pock has a transparency that has the word Monday on it in a diagonal pattern.

I wanted this pocket to also act as a see through element and so I added the word Shine on the diagonal and placed it so that it tucked right in the corner of the embellishments on the next page.
I added the word on with white letters underneath the shine piece.

The next set of pages looks like this.

On the left side of the spread I added a photo of us hiking.

The right side has a 4x4 pocket page that I added a photo on the top and some embellishments. This photo is of Katelyn doing her homework the night before they went back to school from Easter/Spring Break. Apparently she forgot she had homework until 8:30 that night.

The card below has some journaling about Maddie's Easter hat that she wore all day.

Here is a close up. The star is from a Studio Calico kit.

On the back side of the 4x4 page I added a photo of us doing laundry that morning. Mondays are usually laundry day. On the bottom I added in some journaling about what went on that day.

Here is a look at the full spread.

The next page protector has 4 3x4's. This page is all about the story of the oranges. We were on our way home from our hike and we passed a truck with a whole bunch of oranges in the back. My parents were intrigued and I told them that the guy was probably selling them. My mom asked me to turn around so she could go check it out. I added the story on this journaling card and this puffy word was perfect to tie in the story.

Turns out a minute further down the road we came across a guy selling avocados. So again we stopped. I snapped a photo of my parents carrying back their goodies and took a photo of the oranges we enjoyed last week.

** That wooden circle piece is from Color Cast Designs and she has a whole set of food related circles that are so cute !! ** Check them out in her shop.

The next spread is a combination of things that happened that day.

The left side has some more photos of our hike and some cards.

The right side of the spread has a 6x8 template page that I put together. This template is from Ali Edwards and part of her Week In The Life set.

It was fun to fill out my likes and dislikes from through the day. I added two photos as well.

The last set of pages for Monday I decided that I wanted to do a large photo. I left a white board around the whole thing and cropped it so that it went across the whole spread. In the main kit this year were these big days of the week pieces. I cut this one up and added it to my photo along with some embellishments. I love how this one turned out.

That is it for Monday you guys. Anyone else working on their Week In The Life album ? Or their PL album ? I wish you all a very scrappy day. Thanks for coming and I will see you next time.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Project Life | Let's Celebrate Disney Style.

Hi everybody !

I am here to share with you another Project Life spread. This one was from a day trip back in January. It has been sitting unfinished in my album until now.

We decided to celebrate our 15th Wedding anniversary with the kids down at Disneyland. It was a fabulous day and we had a blast together.

Here is what the whole thing ended up looking like.

I didn't really need a title card so I choose this card that says Celebrate in the background. The blue magic piece is an acrylic from Color Cast Designs. It is part of a Disney themed set. I added a star and a clear sticker to this title card.

I have lots of fun photos in this spread. In the middle of the photos I have a journaling card that I added a few embellishments on.

The color scheme was blue, red, and some pink for these pages. There was a lot of blue in the photos and hints of red and pink. We took a lot of silly and fun photos that day.

This was a fun photo. We kind of stumbled onto this little place and decided to have someone take a photo of us. I added a digital brush from Ali Edwards and then a chipboard underneath from the Up Story Kit.

The bottom right card has a little journaling about our 15 years together. I knew that I wanted to add the number 15 and then a added some stickers.

Here is a close up of this card. The photo was meant to mimic our 15 years together.

This journaling card was perfect for a little story of us making a video on the Mater's Jamboree ride.
I added a rubber piece to the photo of Patrick and I.

One last close up of this bottom corner. We snapped this family selfie in Cars Land.

One last thing I want to point out for this spread is that I used a Design G pocket page for this right side. On the other side of this pocket page is our beach day spread.

Thanks for coming everyone. As usual I have or will have a Youtube Process Video up on my channel. Have a great day.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Project Life Week 8 | Color Cast Designs

Hi everyone !

I am beyond excited to be sharing another PL week with you all today. I have week 8 for you today.
I started with the end in mind. Meaning I knew that I wanted to use the Days of the Week wood veneer pieces from Color Cast Designs. You'll see what I do with them as we go.

My title card looks like this.

I started out using this green acrylic piece. This piece is also included in the same pack as the days of the week pieces. I added my dates using my printer and also added that big number 8. The number eight was part of the numbers story kit. I felt that it needed a pop of color so I added some pink paper.

I really wanted to try and stay fairly simple for this spread. You can see most of the Monday wood piece that I added to the photo on the top right. I wanted to spread out those pieces amongst the photos and journaling cards.

Here is a better look.

On Tuesday I took the kids to get tacos at Del Taco because I was not feeling well and we wanted tacos. I added that circle embellishment to the photo and used my typewriter to add some words on to it.

I added this taco stamp from Kelly Purkey onto this journaling card and added the Tuesday wood piece underneath.

This next journaling card tells the story of Noah accidentally swallowing a penny. Yes, I am not going to go into details but just know that he is perfectly fine and I snapped a photo of him holding a penny to remember.

The color scheme for this spread is a pop of red, pink, and green. I used some red letters to spell out Penny. I am pretty sure that all of these journaling cards and supplies are from my Studio Calico Documenter kits. If you have any questions about anything please ask in the comments.

Let's move on to the other side. Thursdays photo ended up being this tractor that caused a traffic jam while we were driving home. I asked Maddie to get a photo of it because you know me and tractors. I love them and it is quite common to see them around our town. I added some simple journaling to the photo and then added the Thursday piece on top.

This journaling card with the flowers on it talks about the Father Daughter dance that was on Friday night. The photo next to is of Maddie and I doing her hair before the dance. I added a label stamp to the photo and then added the Friday piece and a heart. This right side did not have any real red colors in the photos and so I wanted to keep the red color theme onto the right side as well. I added pops of red here and there using my embellishments.

The next two journaling cards talk about Patrick working on Katelyn's bed until very late on Saturday. He finished putting it together in her room and she was so excited.

I added the letters PM to remember that it was a late night Friday.

That photo of him screwing her bed together I turned black and white and I love how it turned out. I added some octagon stickers and that Saturday piece.

Here is one last look at this right side. I had the kids take a photo of me when we went to the park on day. I added a stamp and then added that red geotag to the top.

I am so happy with how this one came together. Thanks for coming everyone.

I do have a Youtube Process Video over on my channel for this week. You can check it out here on my channel.

Have a great day everyone !

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Simple Stories Soccer SN@P Pages

Hey guys ! I am happy to be back with you today. I am going to be sharing some pocket pages in a new size.

This year on the Simple Stories team I will be using the 6x8 SN@P albums. So this year I will adding to my kids albums and other projects.

So let's get to the fun stuff shall we. Last Spring we signed Katelyn up for her first soccer season.
During the season I snapped some fun mini photo shoot type of photos. I used one of them here and made it a 6x8 size to start out her pages.

It turned out that I had a lot photos from the season that I wanted to try and include. These 2x2 Insta Pocket pages were perfect. They allowed me to add in more photos and also to have a little bit of fun with some of the patterned papers. I really didn't want or need all those pockets so I trimmed off the top row for a fun look. 

I knew that I wanted to include that word sticker that says Soccer somewhere. I decided to add it onto the outside of the page protector and add it right in the middle of the page protector. That got me thinking that I could use it and the clear page protector as a see thru element to the next page. I positioned my journaling just right so that the word soccer was on top of my photos journaling on the next page. Once I had that figured out I filled in the extra pockets with photos and patterened papers plus stickers. 

Here is what the other side looks like. I carried on with the photos plus simple embellishing with some patterned paper and some stickers from the sticker sheet. 

This right side of my spread talks about the practices a little. I thought that journaling card was perfect for it. One of the journaling card had these adorable stat boxes that I cut up and added in throughout my pages. I love how they turned out and I added in numbers into the boxes. 

I took this photo of katelyn at practice one night. It was late and the sun was going down. She is not in focus but I still love how it turned out. 

The next set of photos talk about game days and team photos. 

Even though the team photos were poor quality I am so happy that they even did team photos and wanted to add them in to the album. I added in a journaling card that I created with some of the stickers from the sticker sheet. I just love those colored arrows and used them all up. 

I created a custom journaling card here with some of the stickers. These arrows were my favorite. 

Here is a look at the last spread that I created. 

These pages were filled with some misc. photos and a few journaling cards. I made my own 4x6 journaling card using some of the stickers and strips of patterned paper. Those soccer ball stickers are so adorable and I was always saying " Go Katelyn" so it was perfect to use the soccer ball as a O in the word GO. 

Thanks so much for coming everybody !! Have a great day.