Friday, January 22, 2016

Project Life Week 1 | 2016

Hello everybody !

It should not be surprising to hear that I am embarking again on another year of Project Life, or pocket page scrapbooking. It has been and will continue to be a passion of mine. It allows me to combine my love for photography with my love for creating with paper all wrapped up into one. Anyways, lets get to the good stuff shall we.

Over the holidays I did not create many pages other than some design team assignments and a few December Daily pages. When it came time to sit down and start my 2016 Project Life album I was both excited and a little bit afraid. It took me way longer than it should have, not sure why. But the 12x12 size seemed so large and daunting. But rest assured the feelings didn't last long and I think I am getting the hang of it, at least I hope so.

Here is a look at both sides of my week 1.

I seriously loved this yellow card from a Studio Calico kit and had to use it for my title card. I really love how the colors came together this week. The yellows, blues, pinks and a hint of orange. The " week of " brush can be found here from the fabulous Paislee Press.

When I sat down to put this week together I knew before hand that I didn't have a ton of photos. It happens sometimes. Some weeks have a hundred photos, some only have a handful. It's okay, this year I am going to roll with whatever comes my way. This week I chose to use this beautiful home filler card that I had been holding onto. People, please. Use your stuff !! It went along with the bigger journaling card that I will show you in a minute. All of these cards came from the Studio Calico kits.

This first journaling card is all about Maddie and Noah. On Saturday the two of them played what they call " Puppy School ". I really loved the clean look this week and stayed pretty simple.

This week I took it upon myself to start eating clean and healthy. I actually bought real foods, eggs, vegetables, fruits, ect. I couldn't help take a fun photo of my newly found love for brown eggs. Yumm.

Here is a fun journaling card that I typed some journaling about our home. It went along great with the home quote card I mentioned above.

This is the photo of Maddie and Noah playing on Saturday morning. They got out some of their stuffed animals and set up school. I love how they assign each one a reading buddy, take roll on who is having hot lunch/cold lunch, ect. It is so fun to watch them play pretend. The morning story brush can be found here.

I mentioned before that this week I started eating better, including drinking more water. I used the lemon embellishment on the top of my journaling card about enjoying some orange infused water. This card was a great color match with some of the pictures and I love that.

Moving onto the second page. Here is a look at the bottom of the page.

Santa brought us an XBOX ONE for Christmas. The kids, well maybe all of us have been playing a lot and having fun. I knew that I wanted to document this and so I took a photo of the controllers. I am sure that I will get a photo of the kids playing it soon. I added some chipboard letters to spell PLAY.

A closer look at the journaling card about the xbox, Maddie's snack tray that she made and took outside to enjoy, and me doing the dishes.

I added in this journaling card about my reason why I am continuing with Project Life. I saw this idea from one of my facebook groups if I remember right. I used the digital brush from Ali Edwards. She used this one during December Daily last year I believe. The journaling card is from the Clementine Core kit.

One last look at a photo and a journaling card. The photo is of Noah and I at the park. We were gifted some roller blades from our neighbors and the kids have been wearing them around all day. I took them to the park and we stayed until the sun went down. Both the digital brush and the half mooned chipboard piece are from the Ali Edwards GO story kit. I am really loving those.

The journaling card is from the GO story kit from Ali Edwards. I stamped the date at the bottom and added a few stars.

That is it for me. So far this year is turning out great and I am keeping up with my album. I am starting to work on week 3 now and will share week 2 with you all next week.

Thanks for visiting !

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

December Daily 2015 | Days 1 - 6

Howdy Everyone !

I am still slowly working on my December Daily Album from 2015. I wanted to share some of the first pages with you today. I have every intention to finish this project. It might take me a few months to get it done.

December Daily | Day 1.

My daughter had eye surgery on December 1. It was a rough, rough day.

Instagram notes :

Hello December 1. I've been dreading you for a while now. Dreading. Knowing that it was going to be a hard day. Knowing that I should be happy it's officially " The happiest time of the year." But that being said, we have survived. I am so thankful for modern technology, for kind nurses, for adorable teddy bears to make things seem okay, and for husbands that are above amazing to hold us all together. Plus her teddy bear and her IV wrap are Christmas themed !!

On the journaling card I added a list of things that I was thankful for. Her medical bracelet is on the bottom of the card. Goodness for me is that she was given two ! 

The color scheme was kind of perfect. The minty green and red in the photos were the perfect starting point. I simply followed it over the two pages. 

Before Surgery the nurse came in with this adorable bear for Katelyn. She loved him and later named him Dr. Snuffles.

I added in a fun transparency from an old Studio Calico kit. It seemed to fit ! I slipped it into the top of the page and made my own journaling card for the bottom. I copied some of the star paper from the Digital DD kit from Ali Edwards. I added a strip of it to the top of my journaling card in photoshop. I decided to change the color of the stars to red. Then I picked out a few to turn back to black.

December Daily | Day 2.

The second day was kind of a blur now but it was spent at home caring to Katelyn. I started taking down the fall decor and getting out the Christmas ones to take their place. I looked around and saw the colors of fall next to the Christmas colors. I snapped a quick picture and I love it !

A close up of the picture.

Since I didn't have much to say about day 2,  I cut off the second row of pockets. I also added a clear tab.

A filler card.

December Daily | Day 3.

We traveled down to the UCLA campus for Katelyn's post op appointment. It was an all day ordeal and we didn't do anything else that day.

I used one of the digital cards from the Project Life Everyday Edition.

Seriously people, this bowl of goodness is almost making me want to drive all the way down there again today !!

The weather that day was amazing, it was so perfect.

The fox theatre is across from the ice cream shop. The number 3 card is from this years DD kit from Ali Edwards.

December Daily | Day 4

Over the course of day 4 the thing that kept on occurring was JOY !! I made this journaling card and added some things that brought our family joy.

This gold journaling card is from the Golden Themed card set.

December Daily | Day 5

Day 5 was when we had a quick family photo shoot. It was lots of fun and I needed a way to add in some more photos. The solution was to slice up a 4x6 pocket page protector and fold it over so that it would be the 6x8 size still. WRMK is the page protector that I used for this one. It was a full 12x12 sheet with 6 4x6 pockets. I cut one row of them off and it turned out perfect.

Some close ups from the front pages.

A Heidi Swapp wood veneer I found on clearance and some Simple Stories Washi Tape behind it.

I added in 2 full photos, a collage, and a journaling card inside.

December Daily | Day 6

Breakfast with Santa at the kids school was so much fun. It was nice to have some family time.

I printed out a large 6x8 photo of Maddie sitting on Santa's lap. When I first saw the green color of the butcher paper on the breakfast tables I knew what I wanted to use as embellishments. These acrylic pieces ( the ampersand and the heart on the other page) turned out so perfect for these pages.

A few close ups of the second page.

That concludes my blog sharing for today. As I continue to get some more pages done I will be back to share more. If you have any questions about anything please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Thanks for coming and have a wonderful day !