Friday, February 22, 2013

Project Life Week 6

Welcome to week 6 | February 4 - 10.

I received my SC PL kit in the middle of doing this week but I sure had fun playing with it.

Here is the first page.

I didn't take any real pictures this week because I was so sick. But Patrick had a trip to Utah and that helped. 

Title card. Used some of the adorable blue letter stickers in the SC kit.

Plane photo. Ali Edwards brushes and the wood piece is from the SC kit.

Some shots from his trip.

The weekly house shot. One of these days I will remember to bring my big camera when I go out. Lately they have been from my iphone.

Ali Edwards brush, star from SC, little banner saying is from the SC PL kit. Just stapled it right one there, easy.

Journaling cards. The first one is an Ali Edwards 4x6 overlay that I shrunk down. Added more of those blue letter stickers from SC. The second one is a screenshot taken from my phone of one of the girls favorite songs. They ask me to play it all the time. I used the play circle and the word play from the stamp set included in the SC PL kit.

This first journaling card is from the SC PL kit. I stamped the Newsflash on to the card, included in the SC kit. Added the house sticker and journaled about the weekly house developments.

The second card is also the SC PL kit. Used some the blue stickers from the kit. Doodled around the quote bubble. Added the journaling from a text I sent to Patrick that week. 

Here is the second page.

So this week I need to change it up a little. The girls and their daddy went to the Valentine's Daddy Daughter dance. I was thinking that there would be 2 pictures like the purple one, one for each kid. I planned to put them in the 2 vertical slots but when I got them back there was one vertical and one horizontal 4x6 picture. I had shuffle things around a bit but made it work.

I used a Becky Higgins Page Protector Design G, which is my favorite one. 

I had an extra spot that I need to fill up so I used one of Cathy Z freebie filler cards.  You can find them HERE. I changed the color of the first word and added the vellum heart from Studio Calico and the arrow.

My 2 journaling cards.

The one on the left is from the Seafoam kit. This one is about my 5K that I ran with 2 of my friends.

The one of the right is about the Daddy Daughter Dance. This one is from the SC PL kit.  Again, I was trying to get this week done.

That concludes week 6. I am working on week 7 right now. And boy was that a crazy week with Valentine's Day, Katelyn turning 8, and then her birthday party. I have 2 inserts planned. I am printing pictures right now, I am going to an all day crop tomorrow at my local scrapbook store and plan to get it mostly done there. All I will need to do is journal on my cards with my computer at home and then I will be done with week 7.

Have a great weekend everybody. We have plans to pick up our light fixtures from Home Depot, find a fan for our room, a trip to the lighting store, and then hopefully get out to the Home Garden Show happening this weekend ! Lots of fun and exciting stuff around here ! And I can't forget my crop tomorrow !! EEEK !

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Instagram Recap

Hello ya'll. I promise that I am still here, still plugging away. Despite what you might think I have not fallen off the face of the earth, just stuck in the real world. The real world where I have preschool this week, playgroup last week, shopping trips to the grocery store because we have been out of the essentials for DAYS, planning another birthday party (Yes another one, the girls have birthdays 2 weeks apart, who planned that one, hmmm), and then there is the packing. We are getting down to crunch time. Not panic time yet, just crunch time.

And so you see that scrapbooking gets put on the back burner.  I am almost done with week 6, should have it done today and I will share.

I just wanted to share the last couple of weeks according to instagram.

House week 6

Ice Cream Snack in the backyard. The weather has been amazing. 

Cabinets are being installed ! EEK !


Valentine's Day Toys of Play dough that you can make it into dirt !! 

Valentine's Day dinner is served

Add candlelight, Chinese Take Out and we are in business

Cabinets are are all now

House week 7

Katelyn turns 8

Katelyn's birthday party at the park

I hope this will tide you over until I can finish week 6 and share. Have a great day everyone. Our nice weather has been replaced with winter. It's cold and rainy today. I want my 70 degrees back !!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Project Life Week 5

I'm back !! I'm sorry that I have been missing lately. Still slowly getting over whatever I had. Plus trying to plan 2 birthday parties, a move, Valentine's day, ect. It's Craziness around here.

I do want to share my week 5 with you today. It has been done for a few days now. I tried working on it here and there while I was sick, and it was really hard to get motivated and creative when all I wanted to do was lay down. But it is done and I even managed to get my A Day In The Life Insert done and in my album.

Here we go.

We have spending more and more time outside these days. The kids wanted to get out the chalk, and they spend a while creating fairies from the Tinkerbell movies.

Brush from Katie Pertiet

I have been promising the kids that we would make cookies. I am trying to get me in the album as well, even though I was still in my gym clothes !!

 You can find the hashtag brush here.

Mmmmm. Cookie dough.

I had fun with this card. It is a filler card from the Seafoam kit. I did my journaling, tilted it and spaced it out so that it fit into the white space. Added the brush month and the date is a stamp.

The girls had a Young Authors Night at school where they were able to show us their books that they wrote and illustrated. It was so neat to read their books, they were so proud. I forgot the big camera so I had to settle for the iphone.

I had these two photos that I wanted to make sure they were together so I fit them into 2 3x4 cards. Added a digital tag before I printed it out so that it would tie them both together. 

This card is a filler card from the Seafoam kit. I added the letters from jillibean soup and then doodled around the edge. The stars are from Studio Calico.

I did kind of participate in Ali Edwards A Day In The Life for January. Next month I will take more photos. But I did make an insert this month.

I used Ali Edwards Day In The Life Template for the first page. You can find it here. I also made a collage for the back side. Printed them both out on my 13x19 paper through my printer.  Here is what it looks like in photoshop.

Here is what it looks like in the album. I used one of Becky Higgins 6x12 page protectors. Next month I will probably add a tag to the insert. But for now it will be okay.

The other side.

The second page.

Maddie and her 100 mask from school. Used this brush for the word school.

Took this photo with my iphone at the park.

The weekly house photo.

The kids love to talk to Grandma and Grandpa on Skype.

Journaling cards. The first one is an instagram of our loft. We have walls now !! Sorry about the shadow, didn't realize it until I was editing the photos.

The second card is talking about Maddie's 100 days of school party. I used some Thickers and stamped the grid pattern onto them.

I took this photo while on my run this week. I took the kids with me. Didn't have time that day to get everyone to the gym so I got everyone on their bikes and we went for a few miles. I ran and they biked. I journaled about how Katelyn asked if I was running or jogging. I had to stop and wait for Noah the whole time so she thought that I was going so slow ! Also Noah said "I love bike riding/running." At least they loved it !! Might have to do it again, well maybe not.

The second one is a foldable journaling card. I journaled about the Super Bowl. 

Here is what I did to the inside. Nothing exciting, but again, I was not feeling up to creating. I added some photos from the game.

The backside. I added the Super Bowl logo.

That is it for week 5. I have been waiting for my Studio Calico Kit to come in the mail, but nothing yet. So I will probably start week 6 and hope it comes soon. How is everyone doing with their albums ?

Well, I have to go finish up planning a birthday party this weekend, and make sure Valentine's is all ready to go ! Have a great week everyone.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Project Life Week 40 / Disneyland Trip

A while back I took on the challenge of tackling our last Disneyland Trip. We were there for a whole week and so I had a lot of fun photos.

I took a few hours to start the process of organizing and planning out the photos and pages that I wanted to do. In the end I had planned out 5 layouts. All different themes, ect : Characters, Magic Moments, Princesses. All different page protectors.

Step 2 was to start creating. I have finished the first layout. This one is of Magic Moments. It is a collection of fun, memorable memories.

Let's take a look.  Here is the first page.

Title Card.

We happened to go down when the weather was soooo hot. It almost reached 100 degrees. We couldn't believe it, it was almost October. So we bought this water fan, it was a HUGE lifesaver and I wanted to remember that.

The parade collage.

Daddy on the roller coaster.

My journaling cards. The first one I used THIS GREAT MICKEY EARS OUTLINE. 
I colored the Mickey Ears outline in with black and then reduced the opacity.

More Journaling cards.

The second page.

My kids love the buttons at Disneyland.


This was the scene on Day 4. The poor guy with his scraped up knee, passed out from exhaustion.

Journaling cards.

The first one is talking about Katelyn and her conversation with the Turtle Crush. I used this FREEBIE CARD.

I used one of these cute tiny envelopes. And I can't remember where I got them from. I think they might be part of the Smash book collection. I put some of our ephemera from the trip in the envelope.

The second one is an instagram of Maddie on the climbing wall.

That about covers my first week of our Disneyland Trip. I have my week 5 done but just need to add an insert about my day in the life and then I will share.

I have been out sick since last weekend and finally feel back to normal again today. So I haven't done much of anything this past week other than couch laying and catching up on my Supernatural reruns, I'm now into the 4th season !! CRAZYNESS !!