Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Day In The Life

Yesterday I participated in Ali Edwards Day In The Life project. It is basically a photography project where you document your whole day. Click here for more info on Ali Edwards blog.

Anyone else participate too ?

I wanted to share my photos + words with you today. In a few days/few weeks when I have put all my photos and words together and I will be sure to share it with you here. Well, lets get to it now. I shared a lot of photos on IG and added some words to go along with them so that I could remember the times and details.

Total number of photos taken : 27

Iphone : 14
DSLR : 13

I knew I didn't want to take a whole bunch of photos, because I can't possibly use them all. I know there will be some that I won't use but I am super happy with what I did capture today.

Here goes :

My day began at 6:55 am when my alarm went off. I go downstairs and take breakfast orders from the kids. 3 bowls of peach oatmeal. Teeth get brushed, shoes get tied, and lunches get put into backpacks.

The sun was SO bright that it was very hard to get a decent photo of the kids walking but I kind of like how it turned out.

7 : 19 am | walking to catch the bus. Hello Sunshine. Hello day in the life.

After the kids left I straightened up the kitchen a little and then went into my scrap room to upload and share photos of my Simple Stories design team blog post that went live today.

Next up was starting the laundry. Usually Monday is laundry day but since we were out adventuring I couldn't start it until today.

7:46 am | first load of laundry goes in. Whites, jeans, darks, then lights. It's always been my system and I'm sticking to it. I am sporting my pj's and my glasses. Also remembered I still need to finish rearranging/updating my wall decor in the laundry room. 

After I get the laundry going I straighten up a little upstairs and then head down to my scrap room to work on some PL for a couple hours. 

10:26 am | upstairs switching the laundry. I quickly opened up all the blinds because it is still chilly. 67 says the upstairs thermostat. Brrrrr. While in Maddie's room I decided to count all her current stuffed animals on her bed. There are #22. Typical Maddie.

10:34 am | broke open a box of Tagalongs. I've been trying to make our small stash last a while. But today I broke down ! They sure were good to enjoy while I worked on some design team pages.

 10 : 40 am | Received a text from Patrick saying that he is not feeling well and he is coming home now. He asked if a wanted a soda. Yes, please I reply.

More scrapbooking, laundry for me. Patrick relaxes on the couch. We have both been sick recently and he is still trying to recover.

12:10 pm | lunch consisting of mini sweet roll egg salad sandwiches, fruit, and carrot sticks. I'm slowly getting back to eating better this week. 

After lunch I took a shower and then the kids came home from school. I always like to check in with the kids and ask them about their day. 

Running some errands to Hobby Lobby and the grocery store. Hobby Lobby for Katelyn's school project. I simply had to stroll down a few select aisles while I was there. A few scrapbook aisles, and some of the home decor aisles. I did have to hurry to get home. 

Home now.  A little bit more work in my scrap room before I go help out with the kids homework, ect.

We took some time in the afternoon to get homework done, chores, make lunches, picking out clothes for school tomorrow.

5:05 pm | reading homework outside today.

5:40 pm | dinner prep. Garlic anyone ? Chili for dinner tonight, yummy.

6:20 pm | Outside playtime for the kids. 

Patrick and Katelyn were working on her school STEM project that is due tomorrow. 

7:30 | Family prayers and then it was off to bed for Noah. Maddie got ready for bed too, played a few minutes of xbox and read before going to bed. 

7:40 pm | my nightly rituals begin. Usually right after Noah goes to bed I will start my nightly duties. Closing the blinds, turning on the outside house lights, straightening up the house here and there, finish up any chores/dinner cleanup/projects, ect. It's a time to wind down, the house gets quieter, things slow down, it's a nice time.

8:46 pm | These two worked all afternoon and evening to finish up her school project. I am so proud. They had to make something that moved so they made a crane with a magnet on the bottom to pick up metal objects ! 

5:40 pm | dinner prep. Garlic anyone ? Chili for dinner tonight, yummy.

Katelyn got ready for bed after that and then Patrick and I watched Elementary and went to bed ourselves. 

That is a wrap for this portion of my Day In The Life. 

My plan to move forward with this project is to a full 12x12 pocket page spread with maybe a 6x12 insert as well. We shall see how it turns out. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Go See Do | Road Trip 2015

Happy Saturday everyone !

I have another Kellie Stamps project to share with you today. Yippee right ?!

She has a digital stamp set in her shop called Go See Do, see below.  You can find it here.

Once I saw all this fun trip/travel brushes I knew exactly what I was going to create with it.

Last summer the kids and I drove out to visit family in UTAH. We were there for almost 3 weeks and we did a lot of fun things while we were there. These pages are the beginning of our trip and some of the things that we did that first week.

Here are both pages together.

The left side of my spread. I stayed with a pink, yellow and a little bit of green color scheme for this one. Usually I start with my photos and then pick out cards and embellishments to compliment the photos.

Instead of doing a title card I made a journaling card/title card. I wanted to show how we went from California to Utah. To achieve this look I found some free state outlines online and then went from there.

A few close ups and pictures. I love this road trip circle stamp, I thought it needed a few enamel dots to balance out the page.

One of my favorite parts of our trip was visiting with family. One night we all got together for some desserts and catching up.

I recolored the Summer brush from this Ali Edwards brush set.

This photo was the traditional " we are heading out on the road " photo in the car. I added a digital brush and a few embellishments.

One more from the left side to share with you. I typically do not like or use small photos like this. But I went with it today and I am okay with it for now. I printed out a smaller photo of the kids and a flower blooming in the yard. I added a few digital brushed on top of each other and added my journaling on the bottom.

Let's move on to the right side. This page has more misc. pictures from that week.

I chose to use the design G page protector for this right side.

The kids are in love with my parents backyard. I don't blame them. There is a huge rock to climb, trees to search through, a trampoline to jump on, ect. They have called it the Forest for years now.

I wanted to remember this little story and so I added some white letters onto the photo of the girls going up the rock path. The journaling card talks about the days activities.

This middle card was fun to create.

The bottom photo I added a chipboard frame and added a digital brush from the set on the bottom.

Well that is it for me today. Thanks for coming and checking out the blog today. I am really loving being creative recently. Happy Scrapping everyone.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Project Life Week 8

Happy Monday everyone !

I am here with you today sharing my Project Life Week 8.

Back in February I announced on Social Media that I have been chosen to be on the Kellie Stamps Creative Team. I am super excited to get to work with her amazing digital and physical stamps, as I have been a fan for years.

If you want to check out her shop you can click here | Kellie Stamps.

Today I want to share my first project that I did for the Creative Team.  The digital stamp set I used here is called AM to PM.

I decided to keep the journaling cards fairly neutral by using a lot of white since my pictures had a wide range of colors in them.

Most of the Journaling cards that I used for this one is from the new Becky Higgins Currently kit. Here is a look at the title card.

I stamped the Evidence box from a Studio Calico kit  stamp and added a wooden veneer below.

The left side of the spread.

Here are a couple of close ups. Included are journaling cards and pictures.

I added a few details about week 8 and also added the dates to the bottom of the card since I did not add them in on the title card. The photo is of our chips and salsa that we enjoyed on Tuesday. I added a digital stamp onto the photo before printing.

The weather was amazing that week. There may or may not been a few family/sibling water fights !

Katelyn has been reading the Harry Potter series on her own and now she is on the last and final book, #7. I wanted to make sure we document this time in her life.

The Currently edition has some amazing cards and this currently reading card was perfect for the story I wanted to tell. I added the #7 and a star and called it good.

As I mentioned before the weather was great all week, Maddie captured this great photo of Noah hanging his head out the window on the way home from school one day. I added some of the digital stamps.

I have been hoarding this lightning bolt rub on for a while now waiting for a Harry Potter project. It turned out perfect, simple and done.

One last look at the left side of the spread. I have slowly been finding things to add/replace around our home lately. I have been eyeing these large metal marquee letters for months and months. They finally came on super sale and I snatched them up and put them up that night in the kitchen.

Let's move on to the right side.

My lavender plants in the front yard are blooming. They are so pretty and one of my favorite parts of Spring.

I added a digital stamp to the photo before printing and then added the wood veneer on top.

All the kids wanted to do was hang out outside after school. They played their version of school, had water fights, rode their bikes, and had snack time in the front yard.

I used the digital box from the AM to PM set and added in the "all day everyday" brush. I added it to the journaling card here.

I also used another digital brush on the photo of Maddie helping daddy mow the lawn for the first time this year. The YES arrow is also from the kit, I printed it out onto cardstock and cut it out.

Wednesdays are for . . .

I punched out the circle weekday digital brush that I printed out on cardstock. I wanted a little bit more embellishments onto my photo and so I added a small strip of washi tape and some stars.

I really loved this daily routine brush from the set. I added it to the top of the journaling card and added in some tidbits about my routine.

On Saturday we went out as a family and did some errands. I had Maddie snap a photo of me searching paint colors for our Master bedroom.

This Currently journaling card is again from the Currently edition. I added in some digital brushes and called it good.

*The journaling came from a instagram post that I wrote up that day while I waited for the kids to get out of school. I always love to write these little tidbits down and Instagram is the perfect place to get them documented.

That wraps up week 8 for me today. I have a few weeks to catch up on thus far this year and to finish up 2015. I am always happy to have another week in the album and am looking forward to creating and sharing more.

Take care everyone !