Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Weekend Getaway

This has been long overdo, the post and the vacation. We left for St. George on Friday (March 13) night and got there late. Saturday was jam packed with fun. We first met Grandma and Grandpa Niebuhr for some miniature golf and so other fun. The girls were not really interested in golfing, oh well. I didn't know that Paul was such a good golfer !! He was the winner !! Katelyn and Maddie got to ride the cars around the track and they loved that. We next went to get some lunch and then off to Snow Canyon for some hiking on the big rocks. The sand dunes were next and lots and lots of sand. Patrick buried the girls up to their waists and they thought that was so funny. The sand got everywhere and is still in the car !! It was time for dinner and being that it was PIE day Patrick insisted on having pizza to honor pie day. ( In case you are not one of those geniuses, or just a geek, pie is 3.14 s

since it was march 14 it was pie day). Oh, I forgot about going swimming. The hotel had a indoor pool and we had a great time in the pool. We had to drag the girls out making a scene, it was not pretty.

Sunday was pretty low key. We went to the park for a picnic lunch and some play on the swings, slides ect. Paul and Tona had 11 o'clock church so we met them over at their apartment for root beer floats. Thanks again Paul and Tona they were great. It was great to see them and visit with them. The girls loved it seeing papa and grandma ! It was time to head home and so off we went. It was very peaceful. Maddie slept for three hours and Katelyn slept for two hours. It was a great trip and well needed.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Maddie turns 2 !!

My sweet baby girl is two years old !! Oh my ! Here are some things that Maddie is into.

She loves her baby dolls. There is always one not far away from her.

She is obsessed with Dora. That is the first thing that she wants in the morning. "Dora mommy, dora show". She gets so excited to see anything with Dora on it.

One of her favorite things are her black shiny shoes, she calls them her "tap, taps." She has to have them on first thing in the morning and then pretty much all day long. As I type she has them on her feet.

She loves to laugh. She is so cute, she has everyone laughing all day. One of her favorites is to run, run, run. She thinks it is hilarious.

Maddie hates clothes, of any kind. So most of the time she runs around with nothing but a diaper on, and she doesn't like them either. Although she does keep her pull-ups on thank goodness. Right now, as I type nothing but a diaper and her tap, taps.

She loves to play. Her favorites right now and her "peoples". Which are the little einstein characters, and of course they have to go in rocket. She also loves to play with sisters dollhouse and the family that goes with it.

Backpacks !! She loves them.

She loves her family, all of them. Especially mommy still. I just love it!! Also she adores Katelyn, which she calls SISSY. She is not far from either one of us at all times.

Happy birthday Maddie, I am so happy to share so much time with you, watching you learn and grow. You are so sweet, keep on growing. Love you babe !!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Katelyn's Birthday Party

I am a little bit late on this post but here you go. We had a birthday party for Katelyn last Saturday. It was at her favorite place, Jungle gym's. They have rides for little kids, pizza, and games. She loved it and loved playing and celebrating with all those who came. We let the kids ride the rides, then had pizza, cake and then opened presents. She had a great time. Happy birthday sweetheart.