Friday, November 5, 2010

Wheeler Farm with Grandpa

Grandpa was Noah's safe haven today. When he got scared he would grab grandpa's hand.

Noah stole Maddie's sucker and is playing peek a boo with grandpa

Please don't hug me

Proof that Maddie put her shoes all by herself - they are on the wrong feet.

My three cuties. Grandpa is making funny faces to try to get some smiles.

Noah loved to sit and pretend drive the tractors. He wanted to ride all of them.

Katelyn tried to pet the cow and it lifted up his head and pinned her arm between the fence. ** Followup ** Katelyn and the Cow are both fine now.
Ducks are Noah's favorite, he can even say quack, quack. Today he was a little hesitant to get close to them. He was either right by Grandpa or watching from afar.