Monday, February 27, 2012

This And That Monday

                                       I have been staying very busy around here lately.
                     You see we are leaving tomorrow morning to go to Disneyland for 4 days.
                                Patrick's brother and his family are coming down to go to Disneyland
                                      and they asked us to join them down there. Aren't they the best.                                      
                       And after that we are going to Arizona to stay with Patrick's sister for the weekend.
                   There is laundry being done, packing of the clothes, cleaning of the house,
                          and making lists of things that can't be forgotten.

                 I didn't want to leave you all before letting you know that I won't
                                                be around for a little while.

       I have put this post together for you in hopes that it will help tied you over until I
                  get back. I have a peek at Week 7, some Valentine's freebies for those of you
            who have not done Week 7 yet !! And a few other fun things.
                I have been stealing time here and there to try to catch up on Project Life.
                                I am done with week 7, except for the insert about
                                          Katelyn's 7th birthday.

                          Thought you might like a sneak peek, or perhaps a big peek !! I will be back to the
           regularly scheduled program of sharing closeups, links, and such when I get back from Vacation.

So the most exciting thing first. Here is a look at Week 7. It is all about Valentine's Day.





Paperclipping Roundtable is a scrapbooking podcast. I have been listening to it since they started and I love to put it on while I am scrapbooking.  They have a weekly podcast with great guests like Ali Edwards, Stacy Julian, Shimelle Laine, and a whole lot of other great people. All different types of topics and I thought that I would share this bit of information to all of you who might not have heard of it.



I thought that I would share some of the fun Valentin'es Day themed freebies that I used in my week 7. And for those of you who are done with your week 7, WAY TO GO !!

#1. Two great free journaling from Jessica Sprague. Click here to download.

#2.  Here is a whole sheet of great Valentine's Day journaling cards. They are also free. Click here to download. Scroll down on the page to find the freebie.

#3. Here is one last freebie for you. I used the grey me and you journaling card from this freebie in my week 7. Click here to download.


#1. Maddie had Pink Eye.
#2. Noah really loves Mickey Mouse. We have been telling the kids that we are going to Disneyland and that we are going to see Mickey again. Every time that Noah looks at last years Project Life he always loves the Disneyland pages and asks "GO THERE AGAIN?" or "MICKEY". So he has been asking to go see Mickey. He says "MICKEY AGAIN", "SEE MICKEY". It is so cute. And today he asked again and I told him that we are going tomorrow. He started jumping up and down and yelling "YEAH". I am so excited.
#3.Katelyn has figured out how to whistle and is driving everyone crazy. She whistles all day long.


I have always loved to see what others are doing, creating, writing about. So here are a few new ones that I have found for PL inspiration.


Well that is I all I have time for today. Gotta go finish packing. Have a wonderful week everyone and I will try to check in sometime during our trip !!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project Life Week 6

I have finally found some time to finish, and post about week 6. I was hoping to get this all done over the weekend but I wasn't feeling up to it. Did a whole lot of nothing over the weekend and it must have worked, because I am feeling much better now.

Week 6 | February 6-12

Didn't take a whole lot of pictures this week, other than on Wednesday when I did a day in the life. So it was kind of a stretch to get this week done. Thank goodness for my iphone. Also borrowed some from my day in the life pictures to cover the week. I think Patrick had my camera on Monday or Tuesday or both that is why I didn't take very many. Oh well.



The kids and I made this heart garland for Valentine's Day

Katelyn has been doing drawings of scenes from the Mario Brothers, that is their current obsession.

Used this free label.
Journaled on it, printed it out and then used Tim Holtz's Tiny Attacher. Love my new toy !!

Ali Edwards Embracing The Everday Brushes And Stamps


Banner stickers and Date sticker from My Minds Eye (the new follow your heart collection).

The Love My Chaos saying is from the Colbalt Digital Extra Elements. I changed the colors to match the Clementine colors. Love this saying because that is how I felt this particular week, it was all chaos. It usually is though.

Picture didn't turn out so well but I wanted to include it anyways. This is always the scene when daddy comes home !! Word home is from Little Bit Of Messy Home Brushes And Stamps .

This week I played along with Ali Edwards and did A Day In The Life on Wednesday. I used a Becky Higgins Page Protector Design B.


I used the Ali Edwards "A DAY IN THE LIFE" freebie. Click here to download from Ali Edwards site. Added the story tab from Teresa Collins new line.

This card is on the other side of the picture on the top of the page. Used I Heart Stories Brushes And Stamps . Washi tape on the bottom and a Wednesday stamp.

Also used You Are Awesome  on this photo of Noah


This is the first top card :

Used brush from I Heart Stories Brushes And Stamps.

The second card on the top of the page.

This is a freebie from here. I resized to 4x6 and I changed the color of the background to the blue that is in the Clementine kit. Left the letters the yellow, it turned out great.

This is the last card that is on the top row of the page.

Printed out a strip of the digital paper from the Clementine kit. Doilie from Martha Stewart. Heart from October Afternoon Farmhouse. Yellow numbers are thickers.

I also included another insert this week. Katelyn and Patrick attended a daddy daughter dance at her school. They were sent home this picture. It was 4x6 so that I used a 6x6 page protector and stiched the side up.

Here is the other side :

I wanted to have katelyn write some journaling about her night out with her daddy. So i added the title to 4x6 cardstock and helped her write what she did that night. So fun !!



Tag from Maya Road. Brush from You Are Awesome


Used the top part of one of the journaling cards from the core kit. Stamped the date on the top of the card.


Stamped an arrow on to the circle. Used a thicker for the N in Noah's name. The bottom chipboard piece is from My Minds Eye Follow Your Heart line.

Took one of the filler cards from the core kit. Put the picture directly behind it and cut out the circle so that when I put the pictures onto another one of the same filler cards the circle would show. The yellow paper is from My Minds Eye Follow your heart.

We made cupcakes for some of our neighbors/friends. 

 Used the days of the week stickers that come in the core kit for a week in review card. Added the February rub on and some word stickers.

Bird Washi Tape. Treat sticker from Dear Lizzy's new Neapolitan line. The yellow banner is from My Minds Eye.

Took Maddie and Noah out for Ice Cream on Friday night while Katelyn and Patrick went to the dance.

Whew !!! That is all of Week 6. I feels good to have that done. Now I just need to start last weeks !! I also can't wait for my new page protectors to come in the mail. I was one of the Amazon stalkers on Friday that sat glued to my phone, hiting refresh every few minutes so that I could make sure that I got my order in !! Was anyone else doing the same thing. It was crazy !! But my journaling cards will fit a lot better in the new protectors. Well, good bye for now. We are heading on a bike ride to the park.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Katelyn turns 7

I can't believe that she is 7.  I mean really ? The time has gone by so fast and she is growing up. We celebrated Katelyn's birthday with a great birthday party. She invited some friends from church, and from school. They all had a great time.

She wanted to have a My Little Pony themed party so that is what I did. I think it turned out great.

The decorations. I printed up some big ponies and hung them on a string. Also had the same ribbon strung all around the house along with some pony themed crepe paper. Also a Happy birthday pony banner.

Put ponies all over to decorate, because we so many of them !!!

The girls each got a little ceramic pony to paint

All the My Little Ponies have Cutie Marks, to show what they like or what they are good at. I let the girls pick which pony cutie mark they wanted and then I painted it on their cheeks, or cheeks. Some wanted one cutie mark and some wanted two ! This was a HUGE hit !!

Here is Katelyn's fluttershy cutie mark. Sorry for the dark picture, no time to edit today.

We played some games like pass the pony, just like hot potatoe. And we had a scavenger hunt for a lost pony, and we also played find the pony. I hid the ponies in the family room and the girls had to come find them.

Then we did presents and following that was the cake.

All Katelyn wanted on her cake was Pinkie Pie the pony. Because she makes cakes, was her reasoning. So I put Pink Pie on, the number seven, and Pinkie Pies oven and her cake. Nothing fancy but all the girls loved it. 

Here is Katelyn blowing out her candle.

Everything turned out great, and for that I was grateful.

Happy Birthday my sweetheart,

love mommy

Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's Day

I know I have been away for a while and I am sorry. LIFE happened this week and I have been trying to stay afloat. I am still working on my Week 6 (Yes, I know that it is week 7). But again, life happened. I am hoping to get some time to work on my week this weekend.

I just wanted to share some pictures from Valentine's Day. Only a few, because I have to play catchup.  I will spare you the details about our Valentine's Day, because it was less than stellar. Crying kids, last minute things for Katelyn's Birthday party. No Hubby at home. Less than cooperative kids. I will stop there.

I did manage to capture a few fun Valentine's Day photos.

Valentine's Day is not complete without candy hearts.

And some LOVE

Some sillyness

And hearts of course.

Candlelight anyone ? Now where is my Valentine ?  (Patrick had to work all day, got home around 8 p.m.)
I made a great Spagetti dinner, garlic bread, and me and the kids ate with the candles.

And last but not least, the flowers.

Tomorrow I want to share a little bit about Katelyn's 7th Birthday and her party. Have a wonderful weekend everybody.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Project Life Week 5

Week 5 | January 30 - February 5

This week was just a typical one. Nothing special, nothing exciting happening. But I did get to capture some fun things.


Woke up Monday morning to Patrick making lemonade. A little typo on this one. Oh well, I'm human !!

Katelyn reading on the couch.

Patrick plays on his ipad a lot. The word play is from Go Outside And Play. 
Evening is from Everyday Life Journaling Prompts Brushes And Stamps .


Attempted to sew the banners on the journaling card. Please do not judge my sewing skills, because they are nonexistent. Scalloped circle from October Afternoon Flower Pack. Orange tag from Jillibean soup. Black letters are Thickers.

Used some of my washi tape. A recent purchase from the scrapbook store. Not sure what brand, they were all in a big bin together.

Used a journaling card from the core kit.  Kraft tag from Maya Road. Game Over stamp from We R Memory Keepers. Number Stamp from My Minds Eye Happy Days set. Letters are Thickers.

My two cutey girls. Bought them sister shirts this week and we went out for a 1 minute photo shoot.


I had a few good pictures from our mini photo shoot that I wanted to blow up. They are both 5x7. Used a 8x8 page protector, cut some of the top off and sewed up the side.

Journaling card from the core kit. Doilie  from Martha Stewart. The word you is from a freebie found here . Just cut out the word you and erased the lines. Stitched along the edge.

The word sister is from Family Hand Drawn Words.


Katelyn reading again

Used the tag from the Clementine digital extra elements. Letter stickers October Afternoon.

This picture is off Noah grabbing me by the hand and needing/wanting something. Happens all day and wanted to capture this.

Everday Journaling Prompts Brushes And Stamp. 
Moved it around to fit my space that I wanted it in. Love doing this. 

It might seem like I have a lot of pictures of Patrick's work stuff. But he was taking pictures for his major presentation that will allow him his own work truck, a raise, and field bonuses. So this is a big deal. 

Stiched the arrow on. Used the free template from Paislee Press. GO here to download.


Katelyn and her friend Olivia at the park.

Scallop and Sticker from October Afternoon. Letter stickers are Thickers. The word mommy from Family Hand Drawn Words.

Big snowflake from Little Yellow Bicycle.  This one didn't turn out quite the way it was supposed to. The printer shifted and it printed different from where it was supposed to go, oh well. Looks fine.

The Friday overlay is from Lily Pad. The other overlay is from Lily Pad. Changed the color of the background. Added washy tape and the happy sticker. 

That is it for Week 5 folks. Still loving it and still thinking about getting back to my 2011 album. Probably after all the birthdays, disneyland trip. and such are over I will have some time to get working on 2011. I will get it done, I've got a lot of fun stuff to cover.  Also thinking about wanting to include some of the cool freebies that I have downloaded over the past month or so. There is a lot of great stuff out there right now. Take care until next time.