Thursday, August 29, 2013

The number 4

Even though Noah turned 4 back in early June I still was determined to get some birthday pictures of him.  I still kick myself for not getting some of the girls this year. Their birthdays were right before the move.

    While out visiting my parents I got the idea of doing a mini photo shoot at the local farm there in town. So I found him an outfit, bought him the number 4, and picked up some balloons.

Time to try to get some decent shoots. I should have known better because every time I try to get some photos of my kids it never turns out quite right. This time was no different. Here is what happened.

#1. On the drive over one of the balloons popped leaving me with only 3 balloons instead of 4, which what I wanted. Oh well, moving on.

#2. Then no more than 2 minutes on the farm premises Maddie gets stung by a bee !! Oh geez. Almost had to give up and just go home !

#3. Noah decides that he does not want to hold his balloons and does not want his picture taken ! Time for some bribery. It only half helped.

#4. While trying to carry Maddie around the farm ( because her ankle hurt so bad that she could hardly walk on it from the bee sting) I tried to get some photos of Noah. All he wanted to do was feed the ducks.

Here are a few shots from that day.

Here are a few fun facts about Noah as he turns 4.

Likes :

Fruit snacks, can eat them all day long. I have to hide them now.
Dr. Pepper - hardly gets any, I think it's because his daddy drinks it.
His Fluffy - his favorite stuffed husky dog
His pajamas, would wear them all day long
Treats - wants them and expects them when we go to the store. Doesn't mean he gets them.
Tubs - would take 2 or 3 a day if I let him
To swing, and for me to push him
Nuggets and fries - McDonald's ones though. Not a fan of anything else.
Loves to eat out. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
To play on the ipod touch and the ipad. Anything electronic. I am convinced he is going to geeky like his dad. Or should I say "Techy" if that is such a word.
Loves to ride his bike and can even ride without training wheels.
Loves to play with his daddy and asks to play on the "daddy playground."

Favorite sayings :

"Ungerwear". Translation - underwear
"Root Beer Float". Translation - Root beer the drink. Can't get him to say just root beer.
"Anyone want to take a tub with me, and I want to take a tub."
"I want a treat mommy". Anything that is sweet.
"I want to Wing mommy." Translation -  to swing on the swing set.
" Putter, Mommy. I want to play on the putter." Translation -  play on the computer.
"Holders. I want to ride on your holders daddy." Translation - shoulders.
"I want to watch my movie." Translation - He wants to watch a show on t.v.
"Nuggets and fries". His choice of lunch or dinner. From McDonald's.

I can't believe that he is already 4 years old. Where did the time go ? This little guy is so sweet. He gives the best hugs and kisses. Even says thank you for things that I do for him, melts my heart. He is so full of energy, mischief, and all things boy. Such a great gift to have a little boy to love. I love you Noah, more than the last number.    

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Currently | August 2013

planning  all these wonderful projects for our new house. I can see it all in my head, I just need some time, money and a little bit of patience to get it all done. Oh how sweet it will be !

settling into a school routine. The girls are off to school all day now. Noah has preschool two days a week, so that leaves me with two mornings to myself !! Yeah.

 needing to make some time to try to play catch up on my project life album.

loving the magic time when the girls come home from school. Noah is so overjoyed to have them home that they all disappear together and play.

hoping that I can get Noah to learn his ABC's this year. My goal is to have them all learned by the time he goes to kindergarten next fall. Wish me luck !

wishing we had an outdoor table for the patio. Sometimes it's nice outside at night that I would love to sit out there or even have dinner. I keep telling myself that some day it will happen. Until then the folding chairs aren't that bad !

disliking the 6:45 wake up time that we have now. It is much earlier than it was last year. The school bus comes at 7:15 to pick up the kids. I am soooooo not a morning person.

listening to all the ideas/questions Katelyn comes up with. I tell you this girl is a dreamer and I absolutely love it !!

wondering if I will ever be done going through boxes and organizing things in the new house.

 P.S. Stay tuned this week. I have a few posts planned. I have managed to finish a PL layout ! 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Our Family Reunion

Hello vacation. How I love you so.

Today I wanted to share with you some photos from our family reunion.

We traveled to Utah and this was the typical scene for the whole 700 mile drive. Thank goodness for electronics and having an assortment of them. It was basically musical devices the whole way.

And this was a very familiar scene for the grown-ups.  2 drinks in the cupholders.

Our first stop was to spend a few days with my parents.

The kids spent most of their time outdoors in the backyard, that the kids have named "The forest."
They especially love to climb the "Big Rock" in the middle of the backyard, they think it's a lookout spot.

They found secret trails, and picked current berries, and played steam roller on the tramp with grandpa.

One of the favorite things to do at grandma's house is to make cookies. They love it, and of course grandma's cookies are the absolute best.

On Tuesday we packed the car again and headed down to the family reunion site, in a little town in Utah. The town does not have any street lights folks.

We had rented some cabins for all 25 family members(grandma and grandpa, siblings and their kids) to stay in. It was so nice to see everyone again. Patrick has 7 siblings in his family and 6 were able to make it. All seven of them are scattered all over the country. So you can see why it is hard to see each other.

The scenery surrounding the town was so pretty. A lot of green fields. Gorgeous. 

Some of the activities included Rhino, four wheeler, motorcycle rides, and bike rides.

Patrick and Noah

And the boys spent one afternoon at target practice.

All of the kids spent a lot of time outside on the swings and play house at the main cabin. They played with each other, it was so nice to see them spending time as cousins.

In Utah July 24th is celebrated as Pioneer Day, so it is just as big as the 24th. In the morning we watched the parade, the kids loved gathering candy and getting sprayed by some old fire trucks. That night we all went to the local Demolition Derby. It was so fun !! And they had fireworks !! Oh and it was Grandma Niebuhr's birthday.

This one was everyone's favorite part. The pink car pushed the white car upside down. He was just fine by the way.

The next day some people went up to the lake to go fishing. We took the kids up to see if they wanted to fish and to also let them swim in the water.

Patrick and Noah throwing rocks in the lake.

The reunion ended and everyone said goodbye on Friday. We cleaned up from the weeks activities and drove back to my parents house.

On Saturday my parents took the kids on a hike. They loved it. That afternoon we headed for home, staying over night in St. George.

It was so nice to getaway and spend some quality family time. It was rejuvenating.

I am working on my next PL week. Waiting for some more ink to come !! Have a great rest of your weekend everybody.

I will be back to share some photos from our trip to the Beach here in a few days.