Monday, November 26, 2012

Project Life Open House Week

Well hello again !! I know it has been forever since I have posted here on the old blog. A lot has happened in our lives recently that has been keeping us very busy. More on that to come.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving week/weekend. It was more like a holiday week here. Patrick had the week off and his parents came down for a visit. It was fabulous to have them here in our home. 

I wanted to share another PL week that is now done. It has been done for a while now, but haven't had a chance to share it yet.

Instead of doing a normal week I filled it, and an insert, with a very full and fun day. My brother got married this past June and we had an Open House at my parents house to celebrate with all our friends and family. So I had a ton of pictures from that particular day but not very many from the week of. I love how it turned out !! Seriously. In Love. Anyways, sorry. I will get on with the sharing now.

Here is the first page :

The title card. I wanted to make a big point about this being the open house so I used the big letters and put the date at the bottom.

Pictures :

This was the party scene in my parents back yard the night of the party. I love this shot because you can get the whole picture of how the party looked.

Party Decor.

Here is a look at the journaling cards :

The card on the left hand side is one of the foldable journaling cards. I needed a bigger space to tell the whole story of what happened that week.

The card on the right hand side is a simple one. I wanted to include a card about the colors that we used for the party. 

A simple journaling card and a picture finishes off the first page.

I had so many pictures that I included one insert. Here is a look at the first page.

Journaling cards:

The first journaling card I added the letters down at the bottom. The quote bubble came from my Studio Calico kit. I simply added the bubble and then worked out where to put my journaling. Printed it and then added my embellishments.

The right side. I used some patteren paper, I forget where I got that, and added the word "Photo" from Ali Edwards.  The pink letters are from October Afternoon. The arrow is from Studio Calico. I wanted to make a point to have people notice the photo of the kids at our homemade photo booth.

Here is a look at the other side. Icluded are more pictures from the photo booth, and people.

Here is a closer look at the journaling cards.

The card on the right is from Becky Higgins Blog. Under Free Stuff. Here is the link. Look under Project Life. Although I colored the card to fit my needs. Also added the heart from Studio Calico.

Here is the last page of this week/day.

Pictures :

Tiki Torches.

Chocolate fountain. Well, more like a Chocolate blob fountain. But boy was it tasty.

For this picture I used photoshop to put my text on and then added this Arrow brush from Ali Edwards. Find it here. I then took the arrow and moved it onto another layer, which I turned black. That what when I printed it out the arrow was white. Once printed out, I just cut out the white arrow and attached with the Tim Holtz tiny attacher. I love the look of it.

More Decor.

A look at the journaling cards.

The wooden people are from Studio Calico.

Sorry for the brief post today. I need to play catch up from our week staycation !! As always, If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Take care now. Until next time.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Project Life 29

Week 29 | Our trip to the beach

I filled this week up solely with photos from our beach trip. It was perfect. I'm going to make this post quick. I have a lot of things going on this week. Hopefully will share later !

Here is a look at the first page :

I did this week rather simple. 

The pictures from the first page.

The kids pile of "treasure". I used the word beach from here.

A closer look at the journaling cards :

On the first card I used some fun stickers from Little Yellow Bicycle. The second one was paper from Studio Calico. Black letters from Basic Gray. Circle and camera from Studio Calico. 

The journaling card was from the Clementine kit. Arrow from Studio Calico.

Here is a look at the second page :

A closer look at the pictures :

Katelyn's sand crab she had caught.

All of us.

Brush from here.

Here is a closer look a the journaling cards :

The first card I used the number stickers in the Clementine Kit.
The second card is a freebie from Becky Higgins. Go here to download.

The brush on the photo is from here.
The journaling card is from the core kit. Washi tape. Letters from Amy Tan.

That is a wrap of week 29. I told you it was simple. But I promise to make up for it with the next week. It is all done and full of "The good stuff" !! I hope to share that soon.

Happy Veterans Day everyone.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Project Life Week 28

As promised I have another week of PL done and ready to show you.

This week was half full of bike riding and half regular summer activites.

Here is what the first page looks like.

I added the sticker and the camera to the title card. Just ads a little something extra.

The pictures :

I guess I forgot to photograph the first one of Katelyn on her bike. This was one of the first times we had the girls try riding without training wheels. Katelyn was really too scared to do it before now, and we didn't want to push her.

This one is of Maddie. I put two 3x4 pictures on a 4x6 and printed. The brush on the side is from here. I simply used the part of the strip that I wanted and erased the rest.

The two girls on their 2 wheeled bikes. Brush from here.

Now for the journaling cards for the first page :

I love this first card. It is more like a filler card than a journaling card but I love it. I used the blue bike patterened paper for the background and added the washi tape on the side for some color. The wood people are from Studio Calico. Then I stamped "Enjoy the ride" onto some patterned paper and added it onto the card.

The other side of the filler card is a picture of Noah on his "Queen car" as he calls it. It is one of those motorized cars that goes less than 1 mile an hour !! But he loves it. So he had that out that night while we were busy with the girls and their bikes.

For this one I started with a journaling card from the clementine kit. The strip of patterened paper was perfect for these pictures. Then added the word bike and called it good.

The other side is a picture of Patrick and Noah. He is pushing Noah on the trike, it is sometimes hard for him to ride it by himself.

 Here is a look at the second page of week 28. 

The pictures :

This is of Katelyn riding by herself for the first time.  With daddy right by her side.

Noah had to have his own goggles, since both of his sisters had some. Brush from here. For this one I pulled up the picture in photoshop. Added the brush to the photo and from there I made the brush the exact size that I wanted it to be. I do this a lot and it works perfectly. After I had the brush the size that I wanted I moved it onto a plain layer and printed it out on cardstock. Ta - Dah !!

Here is Maddie being her crazy self on the tramp. They were playing with the water on the tramp and of course had to have their goggles on.

On afternoon we spotted a HUGE grasshopper in the garden area, actually on of the tomato plants. Katelyn was determined to capture it. But she was too afraid to grab it with her bare hands. So for the next hour her and Maddie discussed and attempted to capture the poor grasshopper. Well as you can see she finally did it and it lived in the bug catcher until the end of the day.Katelyn is definitely my bug girl.

Here is a look at the journaling cards :

I love this LOVE paper. I just cut a strip and put in on top of a plain journaling card. Added the washi tape and arrows.

Patrick has been watching reruns of the big bang theory in the afternoons/evenings. I used this really cute freebie. You can find it here.

The first journaling card I think turned out so cute. I used the "envelope type" card (which was from my studio calico kit) as a tag holder. The wood banner is from My Minds Eye. I added the butterfly and then the letters to spell out BUGS.

I added the tag (Again from my studio calico kit) and the ribbon.

Here is a look at what I did with the tag. I wanted to include Katelyn's handwriting so I had her write on the tag. Added the letters to the bottom.

Here is the other side.

Simple and easy.

 For the last journaling card I used a freebie that I have had for a while. I tried to locate the link for you but was not able to, so sorry. On this one I placed the photo onto the journaling card and resized it.  Making the picture the exact size that I needed. I journaled on the card and printed that out. Then I added the picture and placed my embellishments. Super easy.

And that is it for week 28. I do have week 29 all done as well. I know right !! I will hopefully get that one blogged in the next couple of days. Enjoy what's left of election night everyone. Did you go and vote ?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall is here

I think Fall is finally on it's way here in my part of sunny California. I know this because the little tree in our front yard is turning colors !! I love to look out my office window and see the beautiful colors of fall. It makes me happy. It also gets me thinking about what all comes along with fall.

Pumpkins -

We as a family have always had a tradition to go to the same little pumpkin patch and let the kids pick out pumpkins. This year was a little different. We had to find a new pumpkin patch. Boy did we find a cute one !!

The Wagon protector. Took his job very seriously and didn't take his eyes or hands off of our prize pumpkins the whole time.

This one mom !

Have to have a family shot.

Katelyn insisted on having a "baby" pumpkin. So now we have 3 baby ones.


Halloween - As you can see I had 2 Brides and 1 Spiderman. I dressed the kids up early and went out and tried to get some shots of them in their costumes.

Here is Noah trying to throw his web.

Here is what happens when you ask the tired, 3 year old, that didn't even want to put his costume on in the first place, to show me his muscles.  I tried.

The oldest Bride.




The youngest Bride.

 Spiderman already getting into his candy from the trunk or treat.

Fall is only half way over with. Thanksgiving is around the corner and I'm afraid that it will be here before I am ready. We are having family come to visit and we are Sooooo excited. The kids have already started a countdown until the day that family arrives.

The weather here will slowly start to get cooler. Although yesterday it was in the mid 80's. Who's complaining ? Not me !!

*** If you have not checked out all the NEW NEWS this week from BECKY HIGGINS please make sure you do !! Amazing things are happening for Project Life.

I was so excited to hear that Studio Calico will now be making a monthly kit. My 2 favorite Scrapbooking things joining forces ! It's better than Christmas. 

Life has been crazy, crazy busy here and so I haven't had time to work on my PL album. But I will do some this morning and when I get the next week done I will be sure to share.

Have a great weekend everyone. Make some soup, enjoy the cooler weather, and the pretty leaves. Until next time.