Monday, October 21, 2013

Project Life Week 20

Week 20 | May 13 - 19.

Both pages.

 Title card.

The first journaling card is from the SC kit. I added some embellishments on it. 

Grandma came for a visit. We love having visitors. This journaling card is from the Midnight kit. Added a doodled journaling block to outline my journaling.

The first journaling card is from the seafoam kit. I took a pic from my shopping cart at Home depot.
I was getting more paint samples.

The other journaling card is from the SC kit. I wanted to add something to the & sign on the card. So I used some of the kids watercolors and painted it orange.

Moving on to the second page. 

Noah and I have been working on learning his letters. He loves to pull out his "homework" when the girls are doing theirs.

Brush from here. 

Brush from here.

Last day of Preschool. Even though we were missing 2 kids I still needed a picture.

First journaling card is from the SC kit and the second one is from the seafoam kit.

We spent the afternoon painting pictures.

Patrick bought his first lottery ticket. Unfortunately we didn't win.

That concludes week 20. I'm sorry it was so short. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them and I will get back to you.

We are really busy around here. Lots of projects, planning our first halloween party, and simply trying to enjoy our everyday, ordinary lives. 

Happy Fall Everyone.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Project Life Week 19

I'm back . . . 

I'm really sorry about the terribly long delay.

Real Life keeps getting the better of me. Like my 3 kids, making school lunches, homework x 3, hunting for Halloween costumes, and don't get me started on the topic of trying to keep my new house clean ( it is simply a full time job in itself). Among other things. For instance, detailing my van. It is sooooo dirty. I have been trying to steal a little time here and there to get it looking good again.

I also have been busy planning and doing some decorating to our new house. Little things here and there. This has kept my creative attention busy as of late. But I have to say, it is sooooo fun !! Pictures to come in the near future in my PL album.

Anyways, I am so excited that fall is here now. The weather here in Cali in the fall is amazing ! We have been spending lots of time outdoors. And the kids have been eating their dinner while playing outside. Love it ! 

Okay here goes. Project Life Week 19. No, its not a typo. This is week 19.

First page. This week was all about our girls night in weekend and Mother's Day.

The boys went off to a church camp out for the night. So us girls did lots of girly things. First up was pedicures.  The girls were in heaven. We also watched a chick flick, ate pizza and popcorn, played cards.

Brush is from here.

Me scrubbing Maddie's feet.

My 2 girls. Love them.

I knew that I wanted to tell the whole story of our girls night in experience all in one place. I didn't want it broken up. This 4x6 journaling card is from the Studio Calico PL kit. Printed out my journaling and then cut it in half.

A photo of the nail polish bottles we had to choose from. The journaling card with the cute hearts on it is from the SC kit. Added the word love from one of Ali Edwards brushes. I used the big word stamp from the SC kit to add the word THIS.

The last page. Grass for the backyard. Mother's day. And the kids looking through the PL album.

We put some grass in the backyard.

The hello stamp is from the SC kit.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day card is from the SC kit.

Journaling about how we came about putting our grass in. At least half of it. We got the rest of it 2 weeks later.

The second card is from the SC kit. Mother's day journaling.

The mommy card was from the SC kit. Added the number 3 and the x. Also doodled around the mommy circle.

The second card is another one from the SC kit.

And that is it for week 19. I have week 20 almost done. I think I only have 2 more journaling cards to do and then I can share. Oh my. I really need to find some motivation to get some PL weeks done.