Thursday, June 30, 2016

Week In The Life Tuesday

Hello there ! How is everyone's Summer coming along ?

I am slowly plugging away at my Week In The Life album. At this point I am almost done with Wednesday. I know most people have finished and shelved their albums already.

Today I want to share with you my Tuesday pages. 12 pages, 19 photos, in all. Not to shabby.

Here is the entry page. I had this fun picture from our night that I wanted to have it span over both pages. Watermelon and the swimming pool were the highlight of our day.

I added in the chipboard divider that came in with the Ali Edwards kit that I purchased. I added the big letter T on the diagonal for a fun look along with some patterned paper to add in some color.

All throughout my album I am adding a lot of white borders to my photos. I love the look that it gives, it gives my album more of a non busy look to it I think. I added a larger border onto my large photo and added in the This Is Tuesday brush from Ali Edwards. I am adding one of these for every day and I love it. It starts off the day perfectly.

Here is a look at the whole photo without the divider.

The kids spent the night swimming while I brought them out watermelon, and other misc foods to eat for dinner. It was lots of fun. I added in a little journaling in the bottom corner.

On the other side is where I did a photo collage. I am adding in one of these each day with a sort of theme to it. Today's theme was " WE DO. " Here is what both sides of it look like.

To create the collage I used one of the templates from Ali Edwards WITL package. I also added in a few embellishments. The photos are of Patrick eating his lunch here at home, me mopping the floor and doing laundry, and going to the school to drop something off and pick up the kids. I believe the days of the week overlay is from one of Becky Higgins overlays that I cut up and stapled on top.

On the other side I have the gold foiled Tuesday card and a photo/story about The Lego game.

Here is the other side.

This whole left side is about getting the mail. You can read more in the journaling here.

I used a journaling card from the Midnight PL edition. Only adding in a strip of washi and the circle piece on top.

Here is the photo of Noah getting the mail. He LOVES to get mail. Always has.

On the other side I have 4 3x4 pockets that I filled with photos and journaling cards.

The other side has more photos and stories.

This is what the whole page looks like. I love how this page created it's own color scheme.

I needed a pic me up that afternoon so a glass of Dr. P to the rescue.

Here is my journaling card.

Let's move to the other side.

This photo is of Katelyn and I working on her school project.

After the kids were done swimming they asked if they could watch a movie while eating their ice cream cones.

The other side has a 3x8 photo and story about Maddie and fruit skewers. She has a sweet heart.

I added some photos of the kids in the pool on the other side. I used another Ali Edwards template for this one.

Here is what the last page of Tuesday looked like.

I loved this photo of Noah in the pool so much that I made it large and added it in.

That is the last page of Tuesday. Wednesday is almost done. I have one more page left to finish and then I can share it. The kids and I have been staying very busy this summer. Lots of fun to be had. Thanks for being patient with me and the old blog.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. It was rather a short post. Thanks everyone !

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Project Life Week 20 | Kellie Stamps

Welcome to my Project Life Week 20. This week has lots of fun stuff and lots of Kellie Stamps. The June releases are out as of today so be sure to check them HERE on her website.

I really had fun with this label title card. The labels were a perfect spot to do some embellishing on the top of the card. 

This months release from Kellie Stamps is called Obsessed. There is also a clear alphabet stamp and a sticker sheet. One of the digital stamps has this fun " Did someone say ____________ " saying.  I used it for our basketball journaling. On Monday night we picked up some takeout burgers and went to the park. We taught the kids how to play horse and spent the night playing around the park. 

Later in the week we went to the school for Carnival night. On the playground there are numbers for the room #'s where the kids line up after recess and such. I used the number 36 to represent my age. Thought it was fun. 

Here is a look at some of the left side of my spread. 

This arrow card was from a previous Studio Calico card. I used one of the digital stamps, a few chipboard pieces, and an stamp. 

Recently Noah can usually be found with a basketball, or another form of bouncy ball. I snapped a picture at the park and then used a digital stamp. The "obsessed " stamp was perfect. 

Let's move on to the right side. More swimming pool pictures, Nathan Fillian, and food trucks. 

This week marked an end of the Castle era. It was so very sad, I am a big fan of the show and of Nathan. I loved this wood veneer piece from the SC kit. I found a photo from the internet and printed it out. 

The next photo is of Maddie practicing her strokes at the pool. I added a digital stamp from the set. 

At the local gym they put in cabanas around the pool. Noah came to sit with me for a bit while at the pool. 

On Thursday we all went to the school for the Open House/Carnival night. The kids loved the climbing wall. Again, I used another digital stamp. What can I say, I am loving them. So fun. 

A great way to use digital stamps is to make your own journaling cards. I put the " YEAH " stamp onto a 3x4 white card. Using photoshop to change the colors of the individual letters. 

On the way home from the carnival we got super hungry and stopped at a new local food truck spot. I used some more digital stamps and added some journaling underneath. 

One last share with you. It turns out that this week was very busy and I included lots of photos and fun stuff. That did not leave room for much journaling. I used one of the latest SC 4x6 journaling cards to add some more journaling about my week. 

Thanks for coming and checking out the blog today. This summer has been great so far. How about yours ? 

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Let's Grow a Garden | Simple Stories

Hello everyone ! I am so happy to be here with you today. The kids are out of school and summer has officially begun. I am looking forward to lazy days, swim days that linger into swim nights, popsicles, pajama days, adventures of many kinds, sleeping in, and so on. How is your summer so far ?

About a month ago the family and I got together and started planting our garden. We have a rather large side yard that is mostly dirt where we have 4 garden boxes set up. It took many man hours, a few set backs, and three weekends to get to the point of planting. But alas, I was determined to at least get a few things in the ground this year.

We purchased a few vegetables and some seeds and set to work. I took some photos that day and I was so excited to put these pocket pages together this past week.

Simple Stories has a new collection that came out that is called Bloom & Grow. You guys, it is the cutest thing ever ! Lots of great colors, some wood grained elements, and lots of adorable gnomes.
I created these two pages for an assignment that was on their blog yesterday ( June 3rd).

Typically I create weekly spreads for my Project Life album but this one was a theme based one. So I created this sort of title card. There is a filler card that has this fun Garden quote on it that I wanted to put on my title card. I finished it off with a few embellishments.

This is a closer look at what the left side looks like. I really loved how the collection was a great color match to my photos. The wood grain and the navy are beautiful together. Then the hint of green was perfect.

This year the kids each picked out a bag of seeds to plant. Noah picked carrots, Maddie picked watermelon, and Katelyn picked corn. I wanted to get a photo of the seeds in his hands to remember that we planted seeds this year. The journaling card next to it was perfect. The wheelbarrow on the bottom, I love it !

The bottom left corner photo is of Katelyn and Patrick getting Katelyn's corn all ready to plant in rows. They worked really hard on this project and they planted a whole garden box of corn. The photo next to it is of all of us working on the garden. I cut up one of the bits and pieces die cuts and added it to on the photo along with a few stickers.

These pages turned out to be more photo heavy and not a lot of story. There wasn't really much to tell other than the couple spots that were used. I filled a few of the pockets with some fun filler cards.

Here is a closer look at the filler cards. Most of the cards from Simple Stories are mostly embellished for you. That is what I love about them. I can simply add a stamp, or a few stickers, and end up with a great looking card.

Let's move on to the right side.

On this right side I used a Simple Stories Design 4 page protector. It is a lot like a few out on the market today but it has this fun 2x12 pocket. I cut up some patterned paper and simply embellished it.

I wanted to use the white space in the photo of me holding the carrot package. I decided to cut up a 4x4 card and add it to the corner with some embellishments.

The journaling card in the corner came together easily. I knew that I needed some white to balance out the photos and other elements. I paired a little doilie with a 2x2 card. I used the card as an embellishment with a few stickers.

Here is another journaling card talking about the garden stakes I got for the garden.

When there is some white space on a photo it tends to be used up. I added some embellishments on the top and then some journaling to the bottom.

I really enjoyed creating these pages for Simple Stories and using their wonderful collection. While I stayed fairly simple this time around I believe it was the right choice. I was able to keep the focus on the photos that tell a story about how we planted the garden this year.

Thank you all for joining me today. I have a small insert that I created using this collection to share with you shortly. Also my Week In The Life Tuesday pages.

Take care and happy weekend.