Thursday, November 21, 2013

Project Life Halloween Layout & Becky Higgins Creative Live

Welcome to my Halloween layout.

There were so many fun pictures and memories from Halloween that they needed a separate layout for all of them.

If you remember the week before ( Week 44) I cut the Design A in half. On the other side I started my Halloween layout.

I shared the stories behind their costumes back in the DRESSING UP FOR HALLOWEEN post.

Here is a look at both sides.

Title card.

The title card is one from the midnight edition. The pumpkin was a rub on. The Halloween brush is from AN ALI EDWARDS HALLOWEEN FREEBIE. YOU CAN GET IT HERE.

The journaling cards.

The first one is a card from the midnight edition. The second one is patterned paper from my stash. It shows the tombstones out in the yard.

The kids pumpkins this year.

Maddie painted the cat on hers. Katelyn wanted to paint hers like a minion. She painted almost everything herself. Noah wanted to carve his. He drew the face and I cut it out.

I used an orange overlay from my stash. The jack-o-lantern was a rub on.

Katelyn the kitty cat named Jingles.

Maddie was Sophia the First.

Got this great shot of the kids being silly.

Noah the minion.

I made a circle in photoshop and put it right in the middle of the collage. I found the Gru logo and put that in the middle. Wanted to add something else so I doodled in the circle, was brave, and added in the word minion freehand. I want to do this more often now I think. But I will need to find a thinner slick writer. Mental note, buy a thin slick writer. 

The journaling cards.

The first one is from the studio calico kit. The cat is a rub on. The second card is also from the SC kit. 

More journaling cards.

The first one is from the midnight edition. The second one is some patterned paper and I added the spiderweb from my stash.

That is a wrap on my Halloween layout.

Now onto the topic of Becky Higgins and Creative Live. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE SITE.
Check out the website for more information.

Did anyone watch yesterday ?

I had it on all day, missing a little bit here and there. When it first came on I was taking my son to preschool. So I had it playing on my phone. Hooked it up to my car stereo and had it playing through the car. My son asked what we were listening to, Becky Higgins silly I replied. He thought that I was crazy. He immediately asked for a song. I was able to listen to most of it, took it on the ipad while I did my laundry, cleaning, folding of the laundry ect. I even got some painting done of my board and batten wall while I listened. The kids joined me in the office/scrapbook room doing their homework, reading, coloring, ect. It was really fun. Do you think I'm crazy too ? It's okay, I will forgive you. I liked to listen and learned a few things.

You can pause it too ! Which I did all the time. Very cool.

I did manage to get some actual scrapbooking done as well. I am more than half way done with my PL week 45. And will finish that up today while I listen.

So get ready for day 2 of Becky. She is on in 10 minutes. 9 am pacific time. 

Don't fret if you can't listen during the day. They replay it all after that.

Stay tuned for a December Daily post coming up soon. I received some of my supplies, but still have order a few last minute things and find my album. 

Take care now.

Monday, November 18, 2013

2013 Family Photo Shoot

Hello there !

How is everyone ?

Hopefully not going too crazy yet ?

I can feel it coming though. Next week, or even this week it will hit me. The craziness of the holidays, the buzz in the air, the to do list filling up faster than you can cross things off.

Speaking of To Do Lists. I need to make mine soon. There is my DD prep that needs to happen, the Elf prep/gathering supplies ( We are getting our very first visit from the elf this year ), and then there will be the decorating, the shopping, oh and then there will be the December Daily creating, well you get the idea.

Now onto today's topic.

Over the weekend we had our family photos taken. It was sooooo much fun and I love each and every picture that was taken. I can't share all of them now but I did want to give you a sneek peek. I like to save them for my December Daily album. But I am also going to get them in my PL album this year as well. Usually I put them all in my December Daily album only.  But there are two many favorites that they will appear in both.

I have been meaning to share my Halloween PL week with you all. I'm hoping to get that done tomorrow. Also once I start planning out my DD I will share. Take care everyone.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Project Life 44

Hello there.

Let's get a few things settled before we get started. Yes, I am still behind in my PL album but I really wanted to do something current. So I dove in to week 44 and it was so fun. I am also working on a Halloween spread. And then I will go back and do the previous weeks that are missing.

Let's get started.

Here is a look at both pages together. Since I had way to many photos with regular life/Halloween, I couldn't fit them all into one spread. So I cut one of the Design A's in half. On the other side of the half page is going to be my Halloween spread.

Title page.

Noah dressed up for Preschool on Wednesday.Even his teacher was dressed up ! Fun stuff.

A couple of weeks ago my sweet friends husband came over to help us put up some board and batten in our entry way. This week I got to work and caulked it all and primed it. Now I am just waiting for the hubby to help me putty and then sand it all down so I can get to painting it. Yeah !!

I was busy upstairs on day cleaning, doing laundry, ect. The kids played in Noah's room with the angry birds while I got my chores done.

Journaling cards. The first one is from the SC kit. I added some letters over this great vellum quote bubble. It talks about my board and batten wall.

The next one is a picture of Maddie being super girl for spirit week at school. This day was super hero day.

Journaling cards

I picked up the skull and the yellow leaves this week as new decor.

Journaling cards. This first one is of our front porch. Me and the kids finished putting up the spider webs to decorate for Halloween. I used the actual photo is size the arrow, found here, and simply printed it out.

The second journaling card is from the midnight kit. The Sunday brush is from here. The kids were all sick and so we spent the day in our pajamas, playing, laying on the floor, and watching movies.

I originally had a big collage wall where the board and batten is now. I wanted to keep some of the wall, cause I just love the look of them. So I made a new collage wall across the entry way and that is where it will live permanently.

Week 44 is now done.  Yeah !! Now it's off to finish my Halloween spread.

I finally ordered some supplies for December Daily. I'm expecting them any day now. Although, there are still a few things on my wish list to still order. And I still haven't ordered my album yet. Kind of want to hold out and see if I can find me the Studio Calico Magical Handbook. But we will see. I'm getting very excited about the holidays coming up. The decorating, the lights, the joy in the air. I will share some of the goodies I picked up for my DD album as soon as I get them.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Dressing up for Halloween

Now I know Halloween has come and gone already. So don't go quite yet ! Cute kid alert !

I wanted to share some photos from Halloween. The kids picked out their own costumes, as they do every year. You just never know what they are going to end up looking like.

It was no surprise that Noah wanted to be a minion. A Despicable Me minion with a fart gun to be exact. Yes, you can stop giggling now. And no, I'm not going to say it again. **See below**

He was very specific about which one he wanted to be to. About a month before Halloween he asked if he could watch the movie. He went on to say that he wanted to figure out how many eyes he wanted to have. 1 eye or 2. Good thing he wanted 2 eyes, because they don't make costumes with just 1 eye !

This year I really had good intentions of taking the kids out and getting some good photos of them in their costumes, but as luck may have it I didn't get it done. So we settled for horrible lighting and the front yard.  Thinking about it I should have done them in the backyard, better background.

Nevertheless, here you have Dave the Minion and his amazing fart gun.

There is a story about the fart gun. Noah insisted that he needed a fart gun. So I had plans to try to make one, using a shower head and some blue paint, and some other things that thankfully I did not get around to buying and using.

Enter Target. The amazing store, I love you. Was shopping for a birthday present one day and came upon this grand little blue gun on the shelf. I had to take a double take to make sure I saw what I saw. Could it be, a real life fart gun ! Oh my word, and hallelujah. Noah was overjoyed when I brought it home and I was even happier that I didn't have to make one. 

Moving on to more primm and proper things now, princesses. Again, no surprise that Maddie picked to be Princess Sofia from Disney's Sofia the first.

We curled her hair and applied some light make up that night. She couldn't have been happier.

Last but not least is Katelyn the kitty cat. Or as she named herself, Jingles (because of the bells on the cat collar).

At first she was dead set on being a dragon. Toothless to be exact, from How to Train your Dragon. She is obsessed with dragons at the moment and has been for some time now.

We searched for a costume, but only found one that was the real thing, and for some odd reason it was the wrong color of dragon. You would have thought that they could get the colors right on their own dragons. And it was $80 !

She even tried to get the neighbor to make her one. Luckily she found these kitty cat accessories and that was all she wrote.  She also insisted on having cat paws so we bought some off ebay. Although they are a bit bigger than what we thought they were going to be she stillloved them.

It definitely fits her personality. She is always running around being some sort of animal, usually a dragon though.

We had a grand time trick or treating in our new neighborhood. There were TONS of kids out and about and half way through we met up with our next door neighbor, Katelyn and Maddie's good friends and also another one of the girls's friends and went around with them until it was time to go home and get to bed. I am truly grateful for our new home and for our new neighborhood. We have made some great friends and have wonderful neighbors.

This week I have some sick kids. For the past 2 days now, Noah has been on the couch sick. So that has given me a lot of free time to get my chores done and also to scrapbook. I have been busy. I worked on PL week 22 and then switched over and did PL week 44 (It's all done !). I really wanted to do some more recent photos. Here is a sneak peak.

I will sharing my PL week 44 soon. I am also working on a halloween spread. Then I will get back to my PL week 22.

Have a great weekend everybody. I am hoping to have everybody well so that we can go do something fun, I also need to finish my search for our family photo shoot clothes. (Not my favorite thing to do) I have been cooped up in the house with sick kids far too long.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Project Life Week 21

Week 21 | Here we go.

A glance at both pages.

This week is full mostly of our field trip to the fire station and a few other things thrown in at the end. 

Here is a closer look at the first page.

The title card.

Started out with the title card from the seafoam kit. I put the date on top of this brush. I also added the week # using an Ali Edwards brush and then some stickers for the number 21.

Some of the photos :

Noah loved sitting in the drivers seat of the big fire truck. He even asked to sit in a second time.

I wanted to add the Fire Station # somewhere and this photo seemed to be perfect. I added the line and then the fire station with photoshop and the rest are stickers.

Noah and I in front of the fire truck.

The story of our trip to the Fire Station was rather long. I went with one of the bi folded journaling cards. This one is from the midnight kit. It seemed like a perfect fit because the kids asked the questions and the Fire men answered them.

To get the journaling to fit onto the card I used the digital version of the card as my guide. I usually do a practice page ( I use a sheet of plain printer paper) first to make sure everything is going to fit okay with my extra embellishments. Once I am certain everything is where it needs to be I run the journaling card through the printer and then add my embellishments. When I was done, I cut it in half and slipped into the page protector.

Here is a look at the second page.

This week was when Maddie split her chin open on the tile and we had to take her in for stitches.

This journaling card had to serve double duty this week. The arrows were very helpful with making sure we knew which journaling was for which picture.

The rest of the journaling is about the arrival of the rest of our sod for the backyard. 

The next journaling card is from the seafoam kit. Added a photo of the delicious cheesecake I had from date night/celebrating Patrick's birthday night.

Week 21 is done.

I plan on doing a Halloween post soon. So check back for that. Thanks so much for stopping by !

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Eat Drink And Be Scary

Why hello everyone !

Fall is in full swing around here and I can't be more excited.

Cooler temperatures.

Leaving the windows open.

Changing of the guard is now in progress. (switching from summer to winter clothes) Speaking of changing of the guard, my middle child is the least bit excited about her new wardrobe possibilities. Up to this point in time, she has worn sandals. Every single day. The other day her last pair of sandals bit the dust. Broke beyond repair. I was so grateful for this and took the opportunity to tell both girls that it is now officially fall and they were to be expected to wear shoes from now on. The middle child was so distraught that she threw herself on the floor and started crying. Then a few minutes came to me and asked, "With socks ?" I answered her with a quick yes and then the meltdown continued. But I was not surprised at her reaction. She is the one that loves her skirts, sandals, and nightgowns instead of pajamas.

Making soup again. I love soup, chili, ect. Yummmm. 

One of my favorite things about Fall is Halloween. This year was one of my favorites.  We decorated a little bit on the outside of our house for the first time in history. Nothing major but the kids loved it.  Next year I plan on adding lots more spooky things to the yard.

I finally got it together and threw the kids a Halloween party. We invited some kids from our new neighborhood and we had so much fun.

We decorated a little bit. Skeletons hung from the railing. 

Also picked up this fun skeleton head and the fall leaves to spruce up the home for the fall/Halloween season.

 Had a few snacks. Witches brooms.

Spider punch.

We played bingo, monster mash musical chairs, and then we watched a Halloween Toy Story show with popcorn. When playing bingo we used candy corn. I think more got eaten than used for bingo though !

The Halloween party was lots of work but well worth it. My children loved having their friends over to our home for a party.

Stay tuned for a Halloween post and I finally got around to finishing Week 21. Will share hopefully tomorrow !

Did you guys have a good and safe Halloween ?  I hope so.

A few more tidbits to share :

I am loving the "Buzz" and interest over the ever popular "December Daily". I myself am getting excited about this years project.

I plan on ordering my album, more page protectors, and supplies soon.  Yeah !!

I would love to have everything in one spot and ready for when December hits. I can't believe it is already November.

When I get everything in hand I will plan a post about what my plan will be.

Is anyone planning on participating?

Don't know what it is ? Check this out from the creator, Ali Edwards. This is her first post this year about December Daily.

Until next time.