Friday, December 30, 2016

December Daily Day 13

Hey there everyone !

I am going to be quickly sharing another December Daily day with you all today.

Day 13

On this particular day I spend most of the day running errands. Doing some Christmas shopping and other things around town. Towards the end of the day I stopped in at this cute bakery that is on the other side of town. It is called Sweet Surrender.

Please excuse the bad photos, it has been cloudy for days here.

This is the full page. I included a few photos of the goodies that I bought and saw at the bakery.

They had lots of holiday baked goods in the display case and so I snapped a photo of the cookies.

The journaling card says there and here. I thought it was perfect for my days events. I stamped Sweet onto the middle of the card and added a pop of green with the word phrase sticker.

Here is a look at the bottom photo. I stayed fairly simple with the page today.  I added the white chipboard 13 onto the photo and the red star to finish it off.

See I told you it would be quick. Day 13 is now done and I am slowly making my way through my album.

Youtube update - I have set up my very own Youtube channel and have added a few videos for those who are interested. This whole video thing is so very new to me so please, please bare with me as I work out all the kinks and hopefully be better at i.

You can search for my name and find my channel.  Or here is the link. Youtube channel link

Thanks everyone for coming ! I won't be back until next week. We are going to celebrate the  New Year and my parents are coming for a visit !!

Have a wonderful rest of 2016 and a fabulous start to 2017.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December Daily Days 8 - 12 + Day 12 Process Video

Hello everyone !

First I want to apologize for leaving you all hanging. The last part of Christmas time was a blur mixed in with sickness. But I am feeling better now and have worked on my DD album some more.

I am planning on sharing days 8 thru 12 today plus my very first process video. Yep, you read that right ! I got a new toy for Christmas and finally found a minute to play around with it. Even though it was at midnight last night. So please forgive me for its quality and lack of light. I was so excited to try it out and see if in fact I could shoot a video, edit in and all that jazz. **** Edited. I have created a YouTube channel. I have uploaded the video. ****

Okay let's get started.

Day 8 was all about shopping with a good friend of mine. We went downtown to a fun vintage shop and had lunch.

This shop always decorates for Christmas. I think they were getting a late start decorating but I still snapped a photo. On top of the photo I added that white number 8 from the main DD kit and some other embellishments.

On the other side I have a journaling card and a photo of us both on the top row. While we were picking out those big letters to take home I propped up my phone and set the timer. I added a few embellishments to the corner and in the album it went.

Here is a look at the top cards.

Day 9 | Harry Potter night with my girls.

The girls and I heard about the Harry Potter Winter Ball that Barnes and Nobles was hosting that night. Before we left all of us were playing around outside as well as talking to the neighbors. It was a gorgeous day and the sunset was equally nice. I snapped a photo that night and added that digital number 9 onto the photo. The digital number is from Studio Calico.

Turns out that the Magical Winter Ball was a bust. Nothing was going on that was advertised despite the store being packed with Muggles and Magical fans. I snapped this photo quickly, despite the fact that the girls did not want to participate.

Day 10 | Family Photo Shoot

The family photo shoot has always been tradition. Every year either before December or in the beginning of December we take a family photo. I have one for every year since the kids were born.
I chose to print out our family photo onto a sheet of vellum. I added some fun embellishments and I love how it turned out.

There were lots of photos that needed to be added in the album so I added an extra page protector. This first page has 2 photos included.

The other side has some more photos and a journaling card.

I decided to add the rest of the photos into 2x2 pockets.

Day 11 | Wish Lists

I added some photos of a few things on our wish list into the 2x2 pockets. I filled the rest of the pockets with patterned papers and some of them are the see thru elements from day 10.

I needed a spot for journaling so I added in this 3x8 page. I used a digital journaling card from One Little Bird and added embellishments around it.

On the other side of the journaling page is Noah's handwritten Santa list.

I took a photo of the many Santa Lists that the kids made over the past 2 weeks. I will most likely save them in an envelop as well.

On the bottom I took a photo of the nightly twinkle lights that I enjoyed so much.

Day 12  | Sparkle and decor

This was the day that I rearranged some decor on my wall and added some new items. Once the wall was done I could finished my Christmas decorating. I added the number 12 and a few stickers on top of the photo.

I used another journaling card from One Little Bird and moved it onto a 4x6 card. I added some journaling onto the card as well.

That is a wrap for now. Let's talk about my video now.

So let's be real. Can I be real with you all ? I have recently got into the habit of watching process videos on youtube. I enjoy them, its so fun to see a page come together on screen. So I thought maybe some day I will try it. Maybe, just maybe. I wasn't sure. I asked my husband, the tech guy, about shooting videos and how I could go about that. Fast forward to this Christmas. I got an attachment so that I could try this video thing out last night. Yep, there I was at midnight setting up my new toy and testing it out. I thought about waiting until it was day but decided to go for it while I still had the nerve.

So if you watch it please forgive the bad lighting, the yellowish tint, and the out of view scrapping. I learned some things for next time.

Oh and also there is no voice over. Just me nervously scrapping away and some music.

Ok guys. I am off to go work more on my DD to try and finish it up in a timely manner. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December Daily Days 5,6, & 7 | 2016

Hello everyone !

I am back with you today and I am going to share a few days from this years December Daily.

Let's get to it.

Day 5 | Both Sides

Here is the left side of the spread.

Day 5 I took some inspiration from Ali Edwards. She used that 5 things card in her album and added in a few tidbits that were going on in her life. I used it in a different way. I asked each one of us what they were loving this holiday. I loved that there are 5 people in our family as well.

The other side holds the story of how I took Katelyn out with me to do some Santa shopping. I used the number 5 red card from the November Studio Calico kit. I also added that blue Santa's helper piece from Color Cast Designs.

I snuck in a photo of Katelyn at Target in the Christmas section. We had a great time shopping together. The other card is from One Little Bird. I added a clear gold sticker and a star of course. I am loving that I can add stars everywhere.

The other side. This photo is of the kids doing homework under the tree. I added that gold ampersand piece from Color Cast Designs.

I came upon this card by accident. I was looking for something else in an old story kit and thought this would be perfect. It had the number 5 on it and the colors worked well with my photos.

Day 6

Day 6 was shoe day or St. Nicholas Day. I took a photo in the morning of all of our shoes filled but honestly it was awful so I decided to gather our shoes by the door and snap a photo.

I used this creme circle from an old story kit and added the gold Santa and the words shoe day.

Here is the journaling card. I painted the 6 gold and added some patterned paper from the Main DD kit.

Day 7 | The first page and the transparency.

I added a transparency page again as a divider. I used a large 7 and added a star and a word strip.

Here is what the first page looks like. Todays story was about how we went to a tree lighting ceremony in town and it turned out to be so much more.

We drank so much hot cocoa and were given candles to light in remembrance of lost loved ones.

I added this card from the Surprise Story kit.

The other side.

A photo of Maddie all bundled up with her hot cocoa and a filler card.

This page was fun to put together. I have this big silkscreen from Heidi Swapp I picked up last year. I used gold paint and put it on a sheet of cardstock. I punched out a 3 inch circle photo of the tree all lit up.

That is it for me. I will work on more pages on Thursday. We are heading for Disneyland tomorrow. I am so excited to see Disney all dressed up for Christmas.

Monday, December 12, 2016

December Daily 2015 | Day 15

Happy Monday everyone !

I had big plans over the weekend to get some DD 2016 pages done. Well, it didn't pan out so well. So I am going to share some pages I created a few weeks ago. These pages are all about our Elf and his shenanigans from last year.

December Daily 2015 | Day 15

I thought it would be fun to do a whole spread about our elf Harry.

The card on the left side is one from the Everyday Collection from Becky Higgins. Actually both cards are from that set. I wanted to add in some red. I added the red letters to spell out HE and added a list of what Harry had done that day.

I used a fun embellishment set from Color Cast Designs to really make these pages great. The wood veneer piece on the second card is from that kit. This is what the set looks like. Here is the link to find it in the shop.

I wanted to add some photos of Harry so I made a collage and added some embellishments onto the photo. The wooden circle piece is from the Elf set from Color Cast Designs.

On the 15th Harry and the beloved "puppies" were having a snow ball fight. I wanted to use this big photo on the right side. I added some more of the pieces from the Elf set and it was done.

I love how these pages turned out and I can't wait to use more elf pieces in this years album.

Happy Holidays everyone !! Until next time.