Saturday, August 15, 2009

You are not alone

I had a little reality check yesterday up in Park City at the outlet mall and I am so glad that I did. Sometimes I think (okay, I admit it, most of the time) that my children are the worst children on the planet and how come I got stuck with them. Right, I know all of you have had these type of moments with your children. Well I was walking up the street pushing Noah in the stroller, Katelyn was whining because she didn't want to look for clothes for baby brother. She wanted to go to her surprise now(we were going to take Katelyn down the alpine slide). I think Maddie was being okay for the moment, that was because we had just stepped out of the car! So already Katelyn was on the verge of a major breakdown if we didn't pack up and take her straight to her surprise. To help in avoiding the breakdown I immediately told Patrick to take the girls to the park that they have. Crisis avoided thank heavens. So, back to the point. I was walking up the street when I overhear an obviously stressed out mother telling her young daughter (probably about Maddies age) that if she did not start behaving that she would take her shoes back. No more than a minute later I see another mother chasing a young boy down the street pleading with the child to come back to her. I just started laughing to myself as I pass the two of them parked on the side of the sidewalk while he gets a talking to. Oh, how many times has the situation been reversed. Has it been me sitting in the middle of the aisle at target giving Katelyn a time out right there in the store. Think of this story the next time you have to chase your child or bribe them to be good and remeber that you are not alone !!