Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Project Life Catch Up | NoelMignon kits

Happy Wednesday everybody !! We are half way through this week. How is everybody ?

Well I know I kinda slacked off this past week or so, and for that I am sorry. I had "life" stuff that needed to be caught up on and dealt with.

To make up for my lack of posts I have decided to share 2 weeks with you today. Both of which are using the Noel Mignon kits. Lots of Project Life goodness. And hopefully more to come this week. Our family has a fun and crazy weekend ahead. The boys are going camping with our church group and us girls are having a fun filled girls weekend. So we shall see !!

Let me start out with Weeks 20 and 21 of 2014. As you know I am not caught up on 2014.

I cut up a piece of paper that came in the kit from NoelMignon to start out my title card. I decided to stay simple and added a few stickers and the dates. Done and Done !

As I was looking through my pictures from last May I realized that I didn't have enough pictures to fill up 2 full weeks. So I simply but both weeks together and I am okay with that. 

One of the things that I love about pocket pages is that there are no rules. I have the option to combine weeks if I want. Or to skip weeks. I could even do it monthly if I wanted to. There are so many options.

I also decided to stay simpler for these pages as well. Of course I added things here and there but I wanted to try and get it done. But you know, I am totally happy with the way it came out. So don't be afraid to both be simple with your pages or go crazy and have fun !! 

A little info about the photos on this page. All the kids were super into having their faces painted. That was the week that I started decorating the laundry room. Lastly was Noah with a fresh new haircut. He loves to get his haircut because he gets a sucker. 

Moving on to the second page. This one is a little bit of Noah's Tball action. 

Lots more fun cards on this page. Photos are of Noah practicing hitting at Tball practice, his precious medal and Maddie being her typical self (which is a goof ball while brushing her teeth). Oh also Saturday chores with an Ali Edwards brush. 

A close up. 

That is all for those pages. Lets move on to this weeks pages that I shared on the NoelMignon blog yesterday.

This months kit was all about Travel. I was so excited about this because last summer was almost ALL travel.

I decided to start at the beginning of our summer travel. Last year the kids got out of school and we spent a whole week at home just chilling and then packing to hit the road. We headed out to spend a few weeks at my moms house.

Here is week 24 of 2014.

Here is the title card. I added the week brush from One Little Bird.

This particular week we drove to my parents house, threw Noah a birthday party with family, went on several hikes which we got rained out, ect. Lots of fun.

During our trip we took several hikes with my dad and the kids. I have lots of memories of hikes with my brother and my dad. So it was so awesome to go hiking with my own kids and my dad. 

Here is a close up of some of the cards. In the kit there are these great My Minds Eye cards. The hello die cut card was one of my favorites. I added some patterned paper behind it for a fun look. To make it stand out I used a pen around the hello bubble. I added the white letters to abbreviate UTAH.

The photo with Noah is at the farm where we did his birthday party. I wanted to try to break up my photos with some white space. It was a perfect combination.

The second page of week 24. I just loved this 4x6 filler card.

Here are the journaling cards for this page. The "hike" brush can be found from Ali Edwards here.

Before the birthday party guests arrived we had a mini photo session with Noah at the farm. I was fun ! The next journaling card I printed onto vellum and cut it into a tag before I added to the card.

Okay everybody ! That is all I have for now. Hopefully I can get back here soon and share a spread that I made for this months Becky Higgins CT.

Have a great day everybody.