Saturday, June 29, 2013

Noah's Beach Themed Birthday Party

Last week we celebrated Noah turning 4. I decided to go with a fun beach theme this year. It really turned out fun and the kids had a great time playing in the water.

I wanted to share some photos with you today.

We did a few activites before I let the kids play in the water. The first one was to "dig" in the sand for little treasures. I had filled up storage containers with play sand and then buried some little toys. It was a hit !

Here is Noah's Birthday cake. The kids really had a blast helping me decorate it.

Another shot of the cake

Making a wish/blowing out the candles.

I put together these "Goodie Bags" for all the party guests to take home. Inside : Shovel, sunglasses, goldfish, a candy bracelet, and a squirt gun. I also made them a jello bag of goldfish. I didn't get a picture of them. They looked so neat, and now I am so sad that I didn't get a pic. They were blue jello in a clear back with a goldfish in the jello. So it looked like a real live goldfish. Very cool.

I handmade these tags, including a thank you on the back.

A squirt gun activity before I let the kids have their squirt guns to take home. I made targets and they each got a turn to try and hit a bulls-eye. 

I decorated mostly outside with these flags that had beach themed items on them. I also hung beach balls around and balloons.

I wrote the beach report on the kids's chalk board and put it on the porch.

Had some drinks on ice for the party guests.

When the activities were over with, the gifts were given, and the cake was served the kids were allowed to go and play in the water. I had set up two pools and the slip n slide. It was hot and all the kids loved playing in the water until their parents came to get them.

Have a great weekend everybody. Stay cool, our high today was 108 !! EEEEK !!

P.S. Stay tuned for a day in the life update. I did manage to play along with Ali Edwards this month. Didn't take a whole bunch of photos but got enough. I will share soon. Also working on another layout of PL. This next one is of our trip to the zoo during spring break. Hope to have that done next week sometime and then I will share.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Project Life Week 12

Welcome to week 12 | March 18 - March 24

I've had this week done for a little while now and am just getting around to sharing it. You see, birthday party plans are in the works. Noah is so excited to be having his birthday party here at the house tomorrow. I plan on sharing photos with you later.

Anyways, let's move on.

Here is the first page. I added a lot of orange and blue this week.

The title card. Added some embellishments to the top, along with the week number. Also added a Dear Lizzy sticker to the bottom along with the date.

Brush was taken from one of these strips for this brush set. 

The move was a little rough on my Noah boy. He fell asleep on the couch a few times that week.

Spring is here, meaning warmer weather here in California. And that means sandals. Both girls got new sandals.

I used a journaling card from the Studio Calico Kit, cutting it up and putting the yellow letters (also from the kit) on top.  ** Sorry for the bad photo **

Moving onto the journaling cards.

Why ? Is a question that I hear about a 1,000 times a day right now. And then that gets followed up with a loud "Because I said so." And so this old sticker was so perfect that I had to add it to a journaling card. Journaling card from the SC kit.

The second card is a journaling card from the SC kit. Added a photo of the three kids eating breakfast at the island. All three of the happy because at the old house there was only room for 2 kids.

This first card is a filler card from the Seafoam kit. Added the fun journaling to the bottom.

Moving on the second page.

This photo is of the paint swatches that I was choosing our wall color from. I added some text to it before printing and wanted to make sure that you could see what color I picked and so i added the arrow to the photo. It is from Studio Calico. The bottom part is made out of a strip of washi and some letters on top.

Here is Noah flying with the help of his daddy.

The girls were enjoying their daddy reading Harry Potter to them right before bed.

Used some orange letters on top of some journaling. 

I had one of the girls take this photo of me painting the family room.

I cut out the gold circle part of the journaling card from SC and then added it to my photo. Finished it off with some stars from SC, and some other embellishments that I stitched on. If I remember correctly I believe I got some inspiration from Maggie Holmes on this one. She did something similar and thought it was so cute.

My local scrapbook store got in their first shipment of PL in the store and so I picked up the Midnight core kit. This first card is from that core kit. I'm sure you will be seeing some more of it popping up here and there, cause it so great.

I stitched a little under THIS WEEK. This was an instagram that I took of me painting. Added some patterned paper to the bottom and also some sticker embellishments.

The second journaling card is from the seafoam kit. I'm still loving the diagonal lines on some of the journaling cards. I also knew that I wanted to make sure that I linked the photo that is next to it, to this journaling card. Took me a minute to figure out how to connect them but once I played around with the arrows it was easy. 

Here is the photo that goes with the journaling card. I re did my kitchen chairs.

This quote journaling card comes from the SC kit. The colors were perfect and I needed a quote card.
Talks about how sad Noah was to find out that his buttons on his buzz outfit didn't work.
Added the yellow letters from the SC kit and some circle embellishments, also from the kit.

Week 12 is now done and blogged. Off I go to see about some more Birthday party fun. Have a great day everyone and I'll be back soon to share some pics from his party.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Our Summer Bucket List

Hello Summer. 

Hello Summer Bucket List.

This summer I really wanted us to keep busy. I was not looking forward to staying home all day/every day and driving each other crazy. There are so many things that I wanted to do.

We took some time one day to sit down and write down what activities we wanted to add to our bucket list.

Here is what is on our list so far : 

Make homemade popsicles
Go to the library
Go to the downtown pool, very fun. They have a wade area for the kids, with water toys, ect.
Go to the beach at least once a month.
Play dates with friends and new neighbors. Lots of play dates.
Go to the bug museum
Visit CALM, many times.  Our local small Zoo. I bought a season pass last month, but have yet to go.
Make a fresh peach pie
Visit the downtown splash pad, one of the favorites.
Go to as many summer movies as we can. Our local theater has kids movies on Tues/Wedn. mornings
Go on a bike adventure
Go on a hike
Go camping
Visit Yosemite
Take a 2 day trip down to the beach
Bake something once a week
Go to a water park
Go to Six flags. The girls got free passes for reading over 300 hours this year, from their school.
Grilling. Lots of Grilling.

That is is so far. I think it is a very doable list. We have already been so excited about summer that we have gotten a lot crossed off the list.

Here is what has already been crossed off.

Homemade popsicles. Already on our 4th batch.
Go to the library
Go to the beach for June
Playdates with friends
Visit the splash pad downtown
Went to see one summer movie so far. We would go more but Wedn. are pool days with our church
Grilled a lot already


Planning on visiting CALM (the zoo) this week while the weather is decent. Also planning our bike adventure. Have to get my tire fixed first. Deciding on what water park to go to.  Bought peaches for our pie.

Well enough about my summer plans. Do you guys have a summer bucket list ? Anything fun that I need to add to ours ? Please don't be shy, please share !! 

I am almost done with my week 12. Just a few more journaling cards to go and one photo and then I will share. Until next time, have a great summer everyone.

P.S.  I hope everyone had a great Father's Day yesterday.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wordish Wednesday

 An impromptu Beach Day on Saturday. Summer is treating us well. What did you all do ? 

Until next time.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Project Life Week 10 + 11

Welcome to week 10 and 11. All together in one happy layout.

This was the week that we had moved into our new house. And the week after. I didn't have enough photos for two weeks, so I put them together and I love how it turned out.

Title card -

This is a card from the Studio Calico kit. I added the date and the word March found here. I love all of these transparency embellishments/banners from the Studio Calico kit. I added one of them to the title card. 

The first page.

The last thing to get done in our new house was getting the appliances in. The first picture talks about that. Used one of these arrows from Ali Edwards.

We were told that we should get our keys on Friday night. I had the van packed up with boxes and received a call about 2 o'clock that our keys were ready to be picked up !! We were all so excited.

I used one of the Studio Calico vellum frames. Added one of those banners from the SC kit, the letters were also from the kit. 

Although we started moving that Friday we did not get the big U haul truck until Monday. Patrick was working all weekend and was not able to take off work until then. I managed to get a few instagram shots of us moving in.

The yellow card is from the SC kit. I printed out 2 of my instagram photos and put them in the middle of the card. The brush that I added to the photos is from Karla Dudley, you can find it here. Although the hello on the top is from Ali Edwards. I made the black circle that is on the top, in photoshop, printed it out and then cut it out. You can make circles using the custom shape tool.

My first journaling card summarizes up the week leading up to us moving in. I tried to find where I go that one but no luck. The second card is a journaling card from my SC kit. I added an instagram of our house, all done and ready for us to live in.

The third journaling card talks about Moving Day. The word day is from this brush set. I simply erased the part of the word that I did not want and was left with day. The little houses are from Amy Tangerine.

The second page.

My very first purchase after we moved in was this pretty yellow wreath. It looks wonderful on our big green door.

I used the love from this brush set. I added the letters after printing.

In our previous house I had a small one door pantry in the kitchen. Well, this house has that exact size pantry plus a HUGE walk in pantry. So I was so excited to have more space to spread out and organize everything. I had fun unpacking our food into the new pantries !!

I used one of the journaling cards from the seafoam kit and cut it in half. 

We knew that in the new kitchen we would need some pendant lights. We had the builder install pendant light boxes in the ceiling. I had so much fun searching online for the perfect ones. With help of a friend we installed them in the kitchen that week.

I added a label sticker from the SC kit first. Then stamped the & sign from the SC kit. Finished it off with some of the great wood veneer letters from SC.  

I wanted to document the street sign that we live on so I snapped a photo. I added a My Minds Eye transparency and some thickers.

I liked the journaling card that this cute green banner was on but really love the background it was on. I cut it out and added it to another journaling card from the SC kit. I knew that it would be perfect to put our new address on. That is what I did. Finished it off with a few circle embellishments. I did use the brown/orange letters that came in one of the SC kits.

I loved the orange and yellow theme that this week had going on. So I just kept it going with this orange journaling card from the SC kit. I added the word friday from Amy Jaz, you can find it here. It is a frame but I shrunk it down and added the tiny stars next to it. Finished with some washi tape and a sticker.

This first journaling card is from the SC kit. I added an instagram from some paint sample papers I had put up on the wall.

The second one is another journaling card from SC. The blue letters are from the SC kit.

That is it for week 10 and 11. As always, any questions just ask and I will be glad to answer. I am slowly working on week 12 and will share once it is done.

Me and the kids are planning on making a summer bucket list today. Should be fun and interesting to see what they come up with.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mother's Day Layout

Hey there !

Thought I would pop in today, real quick, and share a layout that I did for my Design Team assignment ( For my local scrapbook store called Simply Scrapbooks).

It is all about Mother's Day. I managed to get a few semi decent photos of me and the kids this year.

There were two that were the best and I decided to include them both on the 1 page layout.

For the life of me I can't remember what the manufacturer was for the paper and some of the embellishments. I also used some items I had in my stash. 

How is everyone's summer going so far ? My kids were out of school last Friday. We have been staying very busy so far. Many trips to the splash pads for lunch and water fun.  We are planning on hitting the pool this weekend as it is supposed to be 105 degrees !!

I have another week of PL to share. Hopefully I can get to it in the next couple days, so keep a look out.

Have a great rest of the week and the weekend if I don't pop in before then !!


P.S. Has anyone been lucky enough to find some PL in their local Hobby Lobby or local scrapbook store yet ? We don't have a HB yet, supposedly soon !! I'm patiently waiting until it comes in next week to my local scrapbook store. It will be really exciting to see it on the wall !! I am planning on picking up one of the children's mini kits. Just have to decide which one !! Wish me luck. Until next time.