Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Niebuhr's Project Life Album

Project Life Gallery

Some of you know that I am doing Becky Higgins book again. Last year it was Project 365 and this year it is Project Life. In this special Scrapbook I am recording the average everyday happenings of our lives. I have posted some pictures of the pages of my book the Becky's Website so that you can see them if you want. I will probably continue to add to it as I go on. ( I don't have them all uploaded yet). So take a peak. The link is above. Hoping to post about Maddie's birthday soon.

Friday, March 5, 2010

I am finally getting around to posting about Katelyn's birthday party. She wanted a dinosaur party and I spent a lot time getting ideas and things ready for it. It turned out great and a lot of fun. One of Katelyn's friend, Christian, came dressed in his dinosaur costume and Katelyn immediately went down and got hers on. I had set up some of Katelyn's dinosaur play things and the two of them played dinosaurs for a while. The games came next. The kids were
told that there were eggs that needed
to be returned to the nest before the mommy dinosaur found them missing. The catch was that they had to transfer them in their spoon. The kids loved it and wanted to do it over and over. The next game was pin the dinosaur in the right spot on the poster(got at the party store). Another hit. The next game was the paleontologist dig site. I had filled two rubbermaid containers with dirt and buried some toy dinosaurs, play money, and then some real bones (Chicken bones) Thanks Patrick for taking care of the bones for the kids. I have to say that it was great to see the kids having so much fun and getting so excited when they would uncover something. I found the kids hats at Michael's and made them name tags that said junior paleontologist. They turned out super cute. I also gave the kids a fossil digging kit that included a tiny shovel, a paint brush, and a magnifying glass. I think they could have played in the sand all day !! But it was time for the cake. I originally was only going to make cupcakes for everyone to enjoy but I was adventurous and attempted to make a dinosaur cake. Katelyn had no idea I had made her a dinosaur cake and to see her excitement made all the hard work worth it. She was so excited about her cake. But back to the cupcakes. I have to say Thank you to Grandma Niebuhr for finding the dinosaurs for the top of the cupcakes and then mailing them to me from St. George. Thank you so much, they turned out perfect. And also a big Thank you to Grandma Merrell for baking and frosting them. They were so so good. Oh I forgot about the gifts, we opened gifts before we had cake. She received so many wonderful gifts, and I think they were all dinosaur related. Thank you to everyone. One of her favorites was the dinosaur house. She was so super excited to get it. ( She had wanted it for a while now). All in all it was a wonderful day and wonderful party. I know we all will remember it for years to come.

P.S. After the party Patrick, Noah, and I went down to the Insta Care. Turned out I had a Sinus Infection and Noah had another ear infection. We are all well now though. It was so hard to get things done for the party because I was so sick and my whole left side of my face hurt. Sorry, I will stop complaining. Stay tuned for Maddies's birthday party in a few weeks. Can you guess what she wants for her party? It includes a lot of pink.