Monday, September 21, 2015

Project Life Week 37

Happy Monday everybody !

I am here with you today to share my Project Life Week 37. I worked on it last week and finished it up yesterday. I went with more of a simple approach this time and I am totally okay with that. It is done, documented and now in the album. All in all, I LOVE the stories that are in this week.

Here is a look at both pages.

I combined the August and September Studio Calico kits for most of this week.

I added the blue star and the letters to spell out SEPT to the title card from the Studio Calico kit. I also added the dates and a few enamel dots also from the kit.

I seem to spend a lot of time typing these days. Or at least at the computer. I am not complaining at all, I love it. I decided to take a photo to remember.

I added an Ali Edwards brush to the top of the keyboard. You can find it here in her digital shop.

Here is a look at a journaling card about making some extra pages for a PL creative team assignment. Also a photo of Noah writing his spelling words on the patio.

The yellow journaling card is from one of the SC kits. I added a few embellishments and a fun title to the card. This is one of my favorite things to do on my journaling cards. It adds that little bit of personal touch and also helps to remember what that particular story is all about.

Speaking of stories. Week 37, which was last week, I decided to have all the kids write their spelling words out on the patio with chalk for a little change of scenery. It worked and the kids loved it.

I have been binge watching season 8 ( I am almost done) of Supernatural on Netflix while I scrapbook, fold laundry, ect. It has been fun and I am trying to get caught up so I can watch the new season. Which is season 11 I believe.

I found a photo from online and printed it out.

A fun photo of Noah spelling his words out.

Let's move on to the second page. I did not take a ton of photos in week 37. So I used a Design F page protector and sliced off the last row.

The top photo was taken one night while we were outside enjoying the cooler temperatures. I layered two different digital brushes from the AM/PM set from Ali Edwards. You can find it here.  I used the PM Routine card from Ali Edwards Story Kit, the AM/PM kit.

I journaled about our newly PM routine as it has been evolving. It involves ice cream cones, a round of tag, swimming, swinging on the swing set, and catching the sunsets together.

Here are a few close ups.

One last close up.

Katelyn has been asking for an ice cream cone every night after dinner. I took a bunch of photos of Katelyn with her ice cream cone but this one was my favorite. A non typical non smiling photo.

The last two journaling card are both from the SC PL kits. I added a few embellishments to them and a few stamps and called it good.

One of them talks about not feeling the excitement of the new school season. The other one has a few High Fives from the week.

That is a wrap for week 37. Have a great day everyone !

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Let's Hit The Road

Hello everyone !!

I'm back with you today sharing a few pages that were part of the Becky Higgins Creative Team inspiration for August. You can find all of the Creative Teams pages and inspiration on Becky's Blog Post Here.

Let's get started shall we.

Back in August, right before me and the kids went on vacation, I booked us a hotel room down by the beach in Ventura. It was kind of a last minute let's go for the weekend kind of a thing ! I love those kind don't you.

Here is a look at both sides.

I decided to stay simple. The title card is from the Midnight edition. Most of the other cards are from the September Skies edition.

The first day we drove down to the beach, parked the car and then started walking down to the water. The skies were not looking so inspiring at the time but we thought we would be safe. Well, on our way down to the water it started sprinkling, then a total downpour. We all got drenched ! Thank goodness for hotel laundry is all I can say.

After getting all wet we drove over to the hotel to check in. The rain continued all afternoon and we hung out in the hotel room. Eventually the rain did settle down and I took the kids down to the pool for a swim.

The next day was beautiful. The sun came out to say hi, and we were so grateful.

While down by the beach we happened upon some family sized bicycles for rent. We rented one for an hour. We had a whole ton of family fun, making memories. That is what it's all about. All the kids
took a turn driving and it was sure a great workout.

I printed out this 4x6 journaling card from the Stampin Up Moments Like These collection.

Here are a few close ups. This card is from the September Skies collection.

Noah thought he was super cool in the drivers seat.

A few fun filler cards also from the September Skies collection and a picture from the beach.

On our drive down we stopped on the side of the road to check directions. It happened to be across the road from an orange orchard. What's a girl to do ?!  Well you get your big camera out and go snap a few pictures of course.

I used Design A and Design G page protectors for this project. I am so happy that I got the chance to get these memories documented using Project Life.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Spring Break | Week 14

Hello everybody !!

Man, I bet you all thought I had forgotten about blogging right ?!! Well, you are half right. I really had good intentions.

Let's get to the sharing shall we. It might be short but here we go.

This is week 14. Also known as Spring Break.

I want to try and get some of the early weeks blogged soon.

My parents came down to spend the week with us. We had an amazing week.

I used the Project 52 Core kit for this week. This card is a speciality card that I printed from the digital kit. I added a few wood stars and called it done.

Here is a close up.

This week we worked on the pool, the weather was amazing.

I added a photo onto the 4x6 card and added the star overlay from the PL desktop kit. I journaled a little about Katelyn on this card.  She practically lived in her cat ears all week.

A few fun swimming photos from the week and a journaling card about getting the pool ready for swimming season.

Let's move on to the second page.

Grandma and the kids made chick cupcakes for Easter.

A lunch date with the hubby and some spring flowers.

More beautiful flowers. Tulips are my favorite.

An ice cream date with just us girls.  And a fun sign that we saw while eating dinner.

That is it for today. I've got more creating to do. Hopefully I can share some more soon.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Project Life Week 6

Hello everyone !!

While we are currently on vacation I am taking some down time today to get crafty and blog ! Yippee, right !

Week 6 | 2015

This one has been done for a while, waiting for me to finish up a small insert. No, the insert is not done but I am going to share the week with you.

Here is a look at the title card.

I started with a card from the BH Dazzle Mini Kit. I love it because of its little bit of gold accents. I added a few pink accents to go with the sunset photo and to tie in to the other side of the spread.

The girls had a birthday sleepover over the weekend. The boys camped out in the loft and had so much fun. They watched Star Wars ALL night and had popcorn. I got to scrapbook all night, listening to the sounds of light sabers.

Also I started to buy more fruits and vegetables. I snapped a photo at the grocery store and I love it.  Most of the cards and some of the embellishments are from the Studio Calico PL kit.

The last thing is the series of the sunset. We watched the sun go down and I took some photos. I added three photos down the right side. I also added numbers to show the progress of the sunset.

A close up of the journaling card.

Moving onto the second page. A fun photo of Noah at the grocery store. As the journaling says, I am sooooo going to miss this.

A look at the right side. The big photo is just about a daily ritual for the two of them. Katelyn can do her math homework by herself but I always have Patrick look it over and the two of them talk about it. I love that he can actually look at her homework and walk her through it. Me, not so much. I have to stare at it for about 30 minutes to figure it out ! Ha Ha.

A closer look at a photo and a journaling card.

One last close up.  Me and Maddie made daddy a love package and surprised him with it at work.

That's a wrap for week 6. Now I am off to get some scrapbooking done. Deadlines are coming ! Hopefully I can share another PL week with you soon while I am here on vacation.

Have a great rest of your weekend.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Summer Nights

Summer is in full swing around here. I can't believe we are in the middle of July already.

One of the things that I love about Summer are our family swim nights. They usually will take place on the weekends, but during the week is fair game as well. I have an insert to share with you today all about this topic. 

Typically my Project Life Spreads are weekly. Every once in a while I like to throw in an event or themed/story insert. It is definitely something that I enjoy. The matching of colors, the longer stories I can tell, the same themed pictures, ect. 

Here is the front side of the insert.

The Studio Calico Project Life kit is one that I have purchased monthly for many, many years now. I love the variety and lots of fun embellishments that I get to play with every month.

I chose to go with some yellow, blue, and you will see I threw a little bit of pink in the mix on the other side. I also added some gold accents here and there.

This summer card is from the SC kit and I added some gold paint using a silk screen from a Ali Edwards craft your story kit.

 I really wanted to stay simple with this one for a few reasons. One being time, I still have a few holes in my 2015 PL album to tackle. But in the end I am super happy how this turned out.

Another close up and a photo.

The "currently" acrylic piece came in the SC PL kit, and I have been thinking about how to use it until this project came up. How fun is it though, right ?!!

I added an Ali Edwards brush underneath it.

Let's move onto the second page. Sorry, this one didn't want to photograph real well.

I added a 4x6 journaling card to tell some more of the story. The " Story " word is part of the Ali Edwards silk screen.

I added two filler cards to this side of the insert.

The circle wood veneer is from Colorcast Designs. You can find all of her amazing stuff here on her website.

Here are a few photos

I added a brush from this newer brush from Ali Edwards.

One last close up before I wrap up.

Thanks for coming today everybody. I have to go now, I am off for a mini road trip down by the beach.

A few days later the kids and I are going for a long stay at my parents. I am excited for some exciting adventuring, summer style.

Until next time.