Thursday, December 8, 2016

December Daily Day 4

Welcome to another December Daily post. I have day 4 for you to take a peek at. This story is all about decorating the tree, along with a little " how to put the lights on the tree " lesson with my daughter.

Let's get to it shall we.

I did another large photo on the left side of day 4. I had a large photo to end day 3 so I needed a large photo to on the backside. I always love how I am going about the house I can get a glimpse of the Christmas tree. So I took a photo and started to play around with that I wanted to include on the photo. It turns out that I needed a journaling space. So I added the bring on the twinkle brush and then added my story onto the photo.

I have said before that I love these messy circles that come in the main kit. I decided to cut off the Hello to the twinkle on so that I could add it onto the top of my photo.

Let's move on to the right side.

I decided to go with a 4 pocket page protector today. They are not my favorite but it worked for this one. I made sure there was a bunch of white space on this right side to off set the dark photo.

The top row has a few photos of the kids and a filler card. I used a Paislee Press template for those two photos. Once I had the photo was printed I added that circle stamp a few times in the middle.
I added the gold holly leaves and the star.

I cut out this tree from the kraft tag in the main kit. I added it onto a 3x4 white cardstock card. I had these Heidi Swapp stickers since last year so I used that sparkle snowflake onto the tree.

The bottom pockets has a journaling card about my christmas light lesson with Maddie and then the photo of us putting the lights on.

Well day 4 is done and in the books. I am about half way done with day 5, just need to print out all of my journaling and finish up embellishing then I will be back. Oh, but I might share a few pages that I did in last years album.

Happy Holidays everyone !

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December Daily Day 3

I am moving right along with my December Daily album. It seems like the days whiz by this time of year and I don't get half the things done that I would like. But that's ok. I am hoping to work on more of my album today and tomorrow.

Day 3 | Christmas tree lot

The day's story comes to us from our adventures at the Christmas tree lot. We went down in the late afternoon after we had done some chores and stuff at the house.

Day 2 in my album is a single page on the left and then Day 3 starts on the right. So I decided to make a divider. I used this chicken coop patterned transparency and added the red tree from Ali's main dd kit.

I placed the gold hello sticker on the photo so it is kind of peeking out from the tree on top. This photo of Katelyn on the bottom is my favorite from that day. Her enthusiasm she had for Christmas and picking out the perfect tree was awesome. We wandered around a bit and then she found this tree she is hugging. " Let's get this one daddy. It's so fluffy, it's perfect ! "

I added another photo onto this first page and a journaling card. The card is from the main dd kit. The wood piece is from Color Cast Designs, December vibes set if I remember correctly.

The other side has a photo of Noah checking out a tree, a fun filler card, and a journaling card.

I am in love with this tree limb card, it is from One Little Bird. I wanted to add the 3 in the middle of the card and also thought it would be fun to paint some of it gold.

It is super easy to do this. I put a piece of washi tape over where I wanted the tape line to go and then painted it. When it was dry I took off the washi tape. A pretty perfect line. I finished up that card with a stamp and a red star.

This journaling card is from the main kit as well. I added a cluster of embellishments in the corner and a stamp from SC underneath the magical moments.

Here is what both sides look like.

On the right side I decided to switch up the page protectors and use 4x4. I cut down a 12x4 protector from BH and added in my photos. This one is of the girls bringing the tree up front. They wanted to carry it all by themselves. I added some journaling on a diagonal on the bottom corner using the line in the floor as a guide.

This is the other side. They had hot cocoa available for us to drink and the kids were in heaven.

I added a little journaling and some simple embellishments to this photo of Maddie.

I decided to save some time and go simple on this side.

The sun was going down by the time we got back to the car and so I snapped this photo of Patrick putting the tree on the top of the van. I added the star from the main kit, the joy word and the wooden tree. I left it simple and I kind of love it that way.

That is it for day 3. It was a long one, but I wanted to include those photos. Some days are one pagers and some are 4. That is the fun of doing this project. Thanks for coming today and I will see you next time.

Happy Holidays everyone !

Sunday, December 4, 2016

December Daily Day 2 | 2016

How's everyone's December going so far ?

I've got Day 2 of my December Daily album done. It's a single page and has two small stories to it. Here is what the whole thing looks like.

Maddie came home from school insisting that we must go to Target to get her an elf costume. She has the part of elf #2 in the class play at school. It seemed fitting that she was the #2 elf and this was December 2. I told her that would work something out for her costume because Target most likely does not have an elf costume. Since I didn't have a photo to go along with the story I used one I had taken the day before of her and Rudolph the reindeer.

I used this yellow journaling card from the main DD kit to start out. I added the number 2 circle I had cut out of a studio calico card. I wanted to add some other sort of journaling onto the card so I added this cluster of stickers, stamps, and stuff.

Here is a close up of the photo. 

The second thing I wanted to add to this day was a little bit of journaling about how I did some prep work, planning, etc. to try and get a jump on the holiday. I really do like these gold messy circles that are in the main kit but I think I have FOC or fear of circles. They have always been hard for me to use. I decided to add it in the middle of this cute red card and journal on the bottom part. 

I thought I'd try and add in the Christmas prep saying into the circle somehow. I think it turned out cute, maybe a little busy but I like it. I used a clear photo sticker from Simple Stories and then added small white letter stickers. I added a few more stickers to the card and called it done. 

At first I really didn't know what to do for this day. I played around with a few other things, debated on what to include for day 2. In the end it is done and I'm moving on. Day 3 is next and it's all about picking out our Christmas tree. 

See you all back here soon. Happy Holidays everyone ! 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

December Daily 2015 | A mix of days

Hey guys,

I wanted to pop in today with a quick blog post about some pages I created for my 2015 December Daily album. These pages I created for a Simple Stories assignment and I love how the turned out.

Here we go. This one is from day 8. Patrick and I went to a work dinner.

One of my favorites from the Classic Christmas were these gold letters. I had fun with some watercolors on some cardstock and then I layers some stuff to make this filler card.

Here is a close up of the right side. Isn't is so pretty.

Day 13 was talking about how I was finally getting around to finishing up decorating for Christmas.

I used another one of those fun pages. This one was perfect for this day, as it was shaped as a door.

Here are some close ups.

Day 18 we went to see the Star Wars movie. Here is day 18 and 19.

The top of day 18.

The bottom of day 18. I used another gold number and made a christmas tree out of patterened paper.

Day 19 we had a church Christmas party and Santa came.

Journaling card for seeing santa. I cut this cute Santa out and added him onto a 4x6 piece of Cardstock. Then I embellished around it and added a strip of patterened paper to the bottom.

I had 3 Santa photos that I loved and adored. I wanted to make sure I used all of them. I chose to use a photo flip and add it to the bottom pocket.

I added a little embellishments to each of the Santa photo and I also added their initial to the photo.

There you have it. A few pages are now done in my 2015 album. I have to admit that there a lot more pages that need to get done. Last year I had printer problems then I ran out of paper, and just stalled out all together. I am glad that I was able to pick it back up and get some stories told.

I have to run now. We are going to go pick out our Christmas tree. Yippee !

Friday, December 2, 2016

December Daily | Day 1

December is here, December is here !! Yay !

With December usually comes December Daily. Along with twinkle lights, magic moments and joyful adventures. As I mentioned in my last post I am participating in another December Daily. I will be making a whole entire album full of fabulous memories.

I have finished my day 1. Which was all about getting the Christmas decor out and getting the house ready all decked out for Christmas. Oh and the arrival of our Elves.

To begin day 1 I used a 2x2 pocket page filled with a combination of photos, papers, and embellishments. On this back side of the pocket page I added a photo of both elves. They made their entrance today. Our elf Harry was back and brought a friend for him to play with. So I needed a photo of them both. I also added a small pocket with a little journaling on it. 

I also added that cute wood circle embellishment from Color Cast Designs. I had to use it on this day, I just had to. You can find an elf embellishment set in her shop if you are interested. It is seriously soooo cute ! The only other thing I added was some patterned paper that I resized from a journaling card. The card is from One Little Bird. I added the Hello today stamp in red and finished if with a green star.

Let's talk about the other side now. This bottom card is from One Little Bird. on the bottom of the card I added a digital brush from Ali Edwards and then wrote "merrymaking" on the top. Getting the decor out is definitely part of my merrymaking. Once I printed out that journaling card I added the photo I took of the floor where I had everything set out.

One more thing I want to talk about is that cute wood tree. Aren't those just the cutest. They are from Color Cast Designs and I am going to order more of them because I could use them on every page. You can find them here.

So before December started I did a little bit of prep work. One thing that I did was to print out the Kraft colored Merry card that is in the bottom pocket. I figured that I would talk about decorating the house. I had no idea that my cute daughter would give me the perfect quote and story to go with it !
I added the quote onto this green card that has the number on it. The card itself is from Studio Calico and originally it was yellow. I changed it to green and printed it out after I had all of my journaling onto it.

On the top where it says Quote merry the Quote digital brush comes from a SC set and the merry is from the 2016 freebie that Ali Edwards made available. I love how it turned out.

The photo next it is of the kids playing with the reindeer set we have with our Christmas stuff. I want to say that we have had that set now for 5 years now and the kids love to play with it. They were up in my bedroom at the time and so I snapped a few photos. The light in my room is not the best and so I turned it black and white to help the photo out. I wish you could see the reindeer set better but oh well. It is still a cute photo. At the bottom of the photo I added the cheer digital brush from Ali's messy words set.

I used the flip up technique here so I could add in some more journaling and still have my photo as part of the page. I used the washi tape that came in the main kit and adhered it to both of the cards so that it flips up to reveal the journaling.

The photo itself is out of the pocket here. Leaving the journaling card inside the pocket. ( I did take it out to photograph it)

I love how this day has turned out. Here is one more look at the flip up pocket. I talked about getting the Christmas boxes out and that the kids played with the reindeer set. This card is from One Little Bird.

Whew, I am glad to get a start on this album. I think it is always nerve wracking to start something like this. Now it is on to day 2.

Until next time.