Thursday, December 18, 2014

December Daily Day 4

Hello everybody !!

I'm really sorry its been so long in between posts. I came down with STREP and that set me back a good week or so. I know, no good. I'm still trying to catch up.

Today I want to share my DD day 4. (it has been done for a while now) I also have day 5 done and day 6 is in the works. I'm thinking that I am going to have to go super simple to get this project done cause 2015 is coming folks.

Day 4 both pages.

Today's story was all about how our mornings include our elf "Harry". All about how I wake up to the whispers, and the pitter patter of little feet searching for Harry. I chose to include photos of Harry's shenanigans to go along with the story.  

If you can remember my Day 3 had the small photo on the star transparency sheet. I added a photo of Harry to the back side. Before I stitched them both in place.

Here is the left side of my Day 4. Includes a few close ups and my journaling card.

I chose to tell the story about how the kids reacted to see what Harry had done in the middle of the night on my journaling card. They took it rather well to seeing their precious "pups" tied up. I was surprised. They even left them there until it was time for bed.

I really love to add different sizes of pages into an album like this. I like the layers and it is so much fun. I cropped the photo to a 4x8 size leaving a nice wide border around the edge. I made my own page protector using my sewing machine.

To make it stand out I left the "morning story" brush in black (you can find it here. It's a newer one from Ali Edwards. Then added in my journaling down below. Instead of adding a tab to the page I added the gold star from my SC kit and the merry arrow.

That's it for day 4.

I hope to share day 5 very, very soon. I'm going to work on day 6 right now !

Gotta run. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday season.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December Daily Day 2 & 3

Hello everyone !

How is your December going ?

I myself have been busy with Christmas projects around the house, regular life, elf mischief planning, and Christmas planning.

I wanted to share my DD days 2 and 3 with you today.

Day 2  | Shopping in the rain with a friend. Lunch at Chipolte. And Santa hats.

A lot like day 1, I only took a few pics and they were all Instagrams. So the square page protector was perfect.

I dressed up the top photo with a photo overlay, a circle sticker, washi tape, and a clear sticker from Simple Stories.

I punched out the number 2 circle from the SC PL kit and put it on top of my journaling strip.

* TIP - For my journaling space I used the star screen from a previous SC PL kit. I sprayed some color spray (primerose color shine from Heidi Swapp) onto a paper towel. I took a Q tip to get the color spritz onto my journaling page. I placed the screen over my journaling page exactly where I wanted the stars and then used my Q tip to color in the stars. *

As I mentioned above, I had lunch at Chipolte. I used a gift card that I won at a bunco night, that had a great card sleeve. It was the perfect size for my journaling page. I included it on the bottom of the page.

Day 3 | I got started decorating the house. Got the garlands up, the stockings, the wreath on the front door, and a few misc. things.

Here is a look at Day 2 and Day 3 together.

I really loved this journaling card from a SC kit. I used the same technique with the Q tip ( as talked about above) to color in the word "FAVE" on the journaling card. I really wanted to try and coordinate both pages and make them somewhat the same color scheme.

I added the Ali Edwards heart and the "deck the halls" brushes to the journaling card and then doodled around my journaling.

I added the photo of my wreath to a piece of star transparency.  The plan was to put one picture on each of the sides of the star transparency and then stitch them into place. It mostly worked, cause can I just say that my sewing skills are at an -11 ! None ! I'm just rolling with it.

I added a photo of our elf Harry to the other side of the transparency (for day 4). You will see when I share day 4.

Got me in the album this year ! Yeah for self timers.

I added this fun silver number 3 from Pink Paislee. Also the star from SC.  Also added this great brush from Wilna. Find it here.

That's a wrap folks.

Day 2 and 3 are done.

Happy Holidays everybody.

Friday, December 5, 2014

December Daily Day 1

I know I said that I wanted to keep things simple. But I added just a few things to my title page. I just couldn't help it. I was working on my Day 1 and Day 2 and found a few things that would work. It's just in my jeans to want to play and add more stuff !

So here is an updated Title Page. Again, still simple.

Day 1 | Nothing real exciting happened. I only took 2 photos. Both instagrams.

But I love them so. They might not look like much but they both help tell my story of the day.

The first page of Day 1 I used for my journaling, the story that went along with my photos. I had a lot to say and this big page was the perfect spot. I used one of Ali Edwards 6x8 templates (you can find it here ) and re-sized it just a little to fit my page. I also changed the color to try to tie in with the second page.

* Here is how I matched the color. I pulled up the photo of my second page and used the eye dropper to find a good color.  I wanted to match the gold color in the December chipboard. Another tip : If the colors not quite right you can always move the color around, but at least you have a starting point. *

I also added a few more digital elements to my journaling page. Also adding the wood veneer star and the gray number 1 to finish off the page.

As I said earlier, I only took 2 instagram photos. I chose the page protector ( it came with my album from Simple Stories) that has 2 square slots and a tall journaling slot. It was perfect.

Not much to explain about this one. A little bit of embellishments and I called it good.

The first photo is of our Christmas totes piled up by the front door. I brought them to the front door and the kids hauled them inside and immediately started tearing into them. The second photo is of my son in the Santa Hat. He was the first one to find it and said "Hi mommy, I'm Santa". 

Day 1 is officially in the books. Now it's time to finish Day 2. Also on the To Do list is some fun Christmas DIY projects ! I can't wait to get started on those tomorrow.

Hopefully I can finish Day 2 tonight or tomorrow. I will be sure to share. :)

Happy Holidays everyone !

Thursday, December 4, 2014

December Daily Title Page

Why, hello December. I've missed you so. With your magic, your joy, and your wonder.

I'm jumping back on the December Daily Bandwagon again this year. Anyone else out there doing the same ? I've already had so much fun playing along.

I wanted to pop in today and share my title page for my 2014 December Daily Album.

I went with a Simple Stories 6x8 burlap red and creme album and I love it !! I also love that it comes with some fun pages, aside from the page protectors.

I picked the fun scalloped edge insert pages to put my title page on. (Day 1's journaling will go on the back)

I used the wonderful Ali Edwards "the reason why" freebie. You can find it here.  Added a few simple touches as in the star on the top and the number stamp on the bottom and called it good. I'm really trying to actually finish my album this year. So simple will be the end game.

Thanks for stopping by folks. Stay tuned for more fun December Daily posts.

I'm off to finish my Day 1.

Happy Holidays.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Simple Stories Christmas Recap Pocket Page Layout

Happy December Everyone !!

Is it just me, or did December sneak up ?  Wow. I can't believe it's here already. I keep telling myself to take lots of DEEP BREATHS. It will be ok. Really.

How many of you out there are doing December Daily this year ?  I am still on the fence, crazy place to be I know. Since it is already December 1.

I did take photos today. Just in case. I might go get me an album tomorrow. Maybe that will motivate me.  Cause I have a little secret. I still have not finished my 2013 album. Gasp, I know.  I won't bore you with the details why it didn't get finished in December like usual.

Okay, moving on.

I wanted to pop in with some fun Christmas inspiration. Since Christmas is upon us. I created this one for the Simple Stories DIY Christmas ebook using their new DIY Christmas line. Super fun !! Go check out the whole thing cause it is full of great inspiration. Click here to download the ebook.

Here are both pages.

I don't have time for more close ups but here are some fun photos from this one.

Harry the Elf brought us Frozen tickets. Here we are at the theater. 

My Santa Baby.

Maddie's Gingerbread House we made at her school.

Harry got himself all tied up by the Toy Story toys.

Santa letter writing.


My new wreath. Waiting until Dec. 17th has it's perks. It was an awesome price.

Well folks, I hope to check back in soon.

I do have lots to share.

Happy Holidays.

I must run now, it is late and I am on elf duty.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Pismo Beach Project Life Pages

Happy Halloween everyone !!

I wanted to pop in and quickly share a layout that I did this past week. I will be brief, cause I still have lots of Halloween prep work and pumpkins to finish. 

Here is a look at both pages.

I picked up the Heidi Swapp Foil Kit when they first came out and used it here. I stayed pretty simple this time.  But I love how it turned out.

First Page.

Title card.

A few close ups.

A few important details documented.

This one is from another Heidi Swapp kit. It used a Q tip and dabbed some of the Heidi Swapp color mist over the circles on this card. Then used a paper towel to wipe away the extra mist. It worked perfectly.

While exploring the sand dunes, Noah found a perfect sand jumping hill. We had a competition to see who could jump the farthest.

Exploring. Adventuring.

The second page.

I'm in love with these Heidi Swapp wood words ! Swoon.

Used a Becky Higgins photo clear overlay. And a Foil Heart.

Really had fun playing around with some sunset shots.

More close ups.

I overheard a conversation between the two girls about the sun and where it was going. I documented some of it on this card.  We all had a good chuckle over it.

And that is a wrap folks.

I hope you've enjoyed this post today. Have a wonderful, and Happy Halloween everybody.

P.S. Don't forget to charge your cameras battery for tonight. Mine is hooked up right now ! Your welcome.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Spring Photo Shoot Layout

I am back with you all today. Can you believe it ?  Two days in a row.

I want to share with you a layout from way back in February.

Where our little neighborhood is, we are surrounded by almond orchards. They were in bloom and so pretty. One afternoon I took the kids down and we had a mini photo shoot.

I completed a total of 4 pages. This picture shows the left side of a regular design A and then a 6x12 that I cut down to 6x11. I really wanted to create a look of layers.

To create the title card I started out with a regular photo, of the orchard, that I printed out on vellum. It turned out just perfect for the effect I wanted. Before I printed out the photo I added the words for part of my title. After it was printed I added the chipboard letters on top.

Here are a few photos from the first page.

Journaling cards. I belive most of this stuff is from the Studio Calico kit.

Here is a close up of the whole left page. I also printed the photo of Katelyn, the one in the 3x4 slot on vellum. And I loved how the color scheme of pink, navy blue and green came together throughout the whole thing. Oh and a little gold thrown in here and there.

Here are some of the inserts.

Here are some of photos. These ones were in the protector that has 2 6x6's.

Moving on to the last page.

Cowboy boots were a HUGE hit over the winter/spring. I used a digital brush along with a rubber stamp and some embellishments.

If I remember right I saw that someone used this cute P.S. card to write to their kids. So I scrap lifted the idea and did the same thing. Although I cut the card up so that I could use it for both girls.

Here is Noah's letter from mommy. Meaning me !

Here is Maddie's. I also printed the photo here on vellum.

One more photo.

Slowly but surely I am making head way on my PL album. I have more finished layouts that I need to share. And I am getting back into the scrapbooking groove again.

Until next time.