Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Project Life Week 9

Week 9 was a fun one. It was filled with a rainy day, a lightning storm, cooking lessons, blooming trees, and a birthday !!

I used the "Shine Bright" Daily Diary Kit from NoelMignon.com. It is jam packed with lots of great items and amazing colors.

Monday after school it started raining. The kids found the umbrellas in the garage and went around the circle finding friends that wanted to come play in the rain with them. They had so much fun.

I used a page protector that has 4x4 pockets in the middle and it was a fun change. I plan to add in an insert to separate the two sides. My husband went on my oldest daughters field trip and they took tons of pictures. So I will add that in as a divider. The two pages have a slightly different look to them and although that was not was I was going for, it will work with the insert in the middle.

Here is a photo of the kids "dancing in the rain". The sun was peaking through the clouds but it was really raining, as you can see the white flecks in the photo.

Project Life is so good at allowing me to tell fun, everyday stories. Plus include some fun photos. This was from Wednesday morning. Maddie had stayed home from school and these two came up with the idea to use our bar stools as cars and race ( I mean slowly move around the house). They had to stop at the red lights and then they made me stand at the fridge and I took their lunch order. Like a Drive Thru. It sure was fun.

In the bottom corner I added a photo of Katelyn cooking us dinner one night. The journaling card next to it journals about how I want to teach her how to cook. She cooked us a spagetti meal with me as her guide !

Moving on to the other side of Week 9. This kit has a lot of Simple Stories I AM in it. Which I LOVE ! So I added this gorgeous card (top left) and added a few personal touches to it.

The first 3x4 card is a photo of a lightning bolt from our lightning strike show. It was amazing to watch. All of us had the door open to the back yard and just sat and watched the sky light up and then go CRASH. I added the HERE wood veneer arrow to show you all where to look !! Did it help ?!

The next card was all about Maddie's birthday. She turned eight on Sunday. Yep, she's growing up. I printed some journaling onto vellum and stapled the number 8 to hold everything in place.

The next photo is of Noah catching the bus. It is something that happens every day but it will be fun to see these photos in the future. I added a photo overlay from Simple Stories. And yes, it is gold foiled ! Can i get some more of those please ?!!

Spring is in full force around here. The trees are turning all sorts of beautiful and so I had to capture it. I added an Ali Edwards brush to the photo and finished it off with a heart enamel dot.

I'm sorry it is a short post today. I have things coming up that I need to spend some time on. Have a great rest of the week. I'm hoping to be back soon to share another PL spread.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Project Life Week 4

Hello Everyone !!

Yesterday was the February Edition of the Becky Higgins Creative Team Inspiration on her blog. In honor of this I wanted to share with you some pages that were featured on her blog. It is still surreal to see my pages on her blog, I get all excited waiting for the day ! He He. 

I am going to share my Week 4 pages today with you. 

I was soooooo excited when the Project 52 Edition came out and knew I had to get it. I do my pages by the week and so these fun week cards are perfect. Aren't they sooo fun. I want to see if I can embellish the next week I use this kit with. Oh the possibilities. 

Can you believe that I have yet to use Design F. Yep, ever since PL has been out I have yet to play around with this one. I have to say it was SOOOOO fun. I have always thought that it looked to daunting with all the little pockets. It was simply perfect for all my iphone photos that I took this week. 

This was the week that everyone got sick. Yeah, good times. To top it off my better half was out of town all week for business. 

Highlights/lowlights : 

lots of eating out, less cooking for me. 
3 sick kids
I got sick on Saturday morning
new curtains 
Patrick's plane was detoured down to LAX
Found out about the detour after I had woken all the kids up and drove out to the airport on a super foggy night. 
Kids made Olafs using toilet paper rolls and paint
I started painting my scrap studio space

I had this idea for a journaling card while I was sitting in the McDonalds line for the 4th time. My mind was trying to remember how many times I had been here (in the drive thru line) in the past week. That got me thinking about other thing, regarding numbers and how many of this and how many of that. So I kept notes throughout the week and added this fun journaling card to my album. 

I felt bad that we didn't do anything fun all week so on Sunday afternoon, even though I was sick, I pulled out some art supplies. The kids made Olaf's with toilet paper rolls and paint. They created for literally hours ! 

Maddie gathered some members of the Husky family for a cruise around the neighborhood. 

Moving on to the second page.  The weather had been foggy, foggy, and foggy. The sun did not shine until Sunday. I was so grateful to see the blue sky and the sun shining. 

I added a Stampin Up digital brush to the photo before printing. 

The Days of the week cards are great in the Project 52 kit. I can see me using them often. I also just had to add this perfect card to the week. "This too shall pass" was exactly what was needed.  

I spent Monday finishing up my pages for my Becky Higgins blog post. I put them all together and took a picture. 

I added a Project 52 photo overlay on top of this photo. I love to use photo overlays, they are an easy way to add some embellishments to your pages. 

Here is another RECAP card about Week 4. I added a stamp from a Studio Calico kit and a wood veneer finished off the journaling card. 

Week 4 is done and in the books. So very thankful for Project Life. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Project Life Week 7

Hello there everyone !!

I have completed week 7 which was Valentine's Day week. It was a crazy week, not that many usual photos.

During week 7 I had lots of opportunities to take some fun "LOVE" photos. I added those in here and there. For example : This one of the girls under my I love you banner.

Title card.

My journaling cards for the first page.

Since I really didn't take that many regular photos this week, I am not sure why. But I made a photo collage of some of the photo shoot photos.

Here is a look at a filler card and then a photo that some of you might have seen on instagram. I added journaling to the bottom. And I am going to switch out the iphone filler card with one from the BH Project 52 Edition, the card in the actual photo. It is not that I don't love the iphone card, I will use it somewhere else I promise. Cause it is a great card !

Moving on to the second page. I used the pocket page Design G for the right side. I am planning on adding in a 2 page spread about our Valentine's Day photo shoot on the other side.

I made a journaling card about what we did on Valentine's Day. We decided last minute to take a trip out to the beach. The photo next to it is from a road side fruit stand that we stopped at on the way out to the coast.

I ended up adding a photo from our beach trip into this week. I am going to make a 2 page spread about our beach day.

The day after V day is my oldest daughters birthday. I added a small photo of her and her birthday cake onto some patterned paper.

I did not have another photo to slip into this pocket but I needed to journal about K's birthday. I used 2 3x4 journaling cards to journal about her birthday.

The other photo on the right side was one that Noah brought home from School and I LOVE it !! So fun, I had to figure out how to incorporate it into this week. To the rescue was Design G !!

That is it for me today. Week 7 is done. I have only got week 5 left in January to finish and then January is done. And I've got most of week 6 done already. It is feels really good !

Thanks for sticking around with me and I hope to be back here soon to share some more.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Project Life Week 15 | 2014

Hello everyone !

I am back with you today to share a week from back in 2014. These pages I completed for a Simple Stories assignment last year. I used the new Life Documented line and loved it. I have plans to do my week 5 with this line and can't wait !

Both pages.

I love this Life Document line. They have so many cards, including a full set of week cards.  I used one of the week cards for my title card.

Here is a look at the left side up close.

Simple Stories also has these great photo overlays. I used one here.

This one I cut up one of the diecut pieces and put some patterned paper behind it. I used it as a photo corner.

I love all these cards. I added a smaller photo and journaled around it. Journaling is about how the remote for our car died and how we had to get a new one. No driving for 2 days.

I added a few personal touches to this fun card and added a selfie.

Another fun filler card and a photo at lunch with Noah.

Here is a look at the right side.

This particular week I hosted Bunco night at my house. I was in charge of the prizes and such. I took a photo of one of the prizes I put together.

Another fun card I used for some recap journaling.

More fun Journaling cards.

A cute photo and a journaling card about this little dance story.

We made homemade pizza. The kids love to roll out their own pizzas and then put the toppings on.

That is it for week 15 | 2014.

I will share another week tomorrow. Week 7 of 2015, Valentine's Week. So stay tuned for that.

Take care everyone. Until next time.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow Day

I'm baaaaack !!

I want to share a few pages today all about snow and sledding.  For those of you back east, you should feel right at home !! HA HA, sorry I couldn't resist.

This one I did for an assignment for Becky Higgins.

Back in the beginning of 2015, we were visiting my parents. They live in a place that has a lot of snow. The kids love it.

I took them sledding a few different times while we were there but this particular time I took the "Big" camera and captured some fun photos.

I added them into my Project Life album right after my week 1. I just slipped it right in there and I love it. Aside from doing regular weeks I love to do themed pages.

Since I started my 2015 with January 1 I had a short first week. I used a smaller page protector and this left the perfect amount of space for our sledding pages.

I printed out the photo of Noah as a 6x8 size. To save paper I cropped the photo first to 6x8. Then I cropped the top part of the photo to 4x6. I printed that part and then hit the undo button on the photo. That put it back to the 6x8 size. I did the same thing on the bottom part and viola it is ready to go into the pockets.

I went with a simple title card. I used the snow digital brush from Ali Edwards and thickers to spell out DAY.

This shot was one of my favorites from that day. Noah had such a hard time climbing back up the hill after he sledded down. In the beginning he just about gave up on the whole idea of sledding and wanted to go home. I quickly went down and had to help him up the hill every time.

I took a lot of photos from that trip to the sledding park but I chose my favorites and printed them.

Here is my second favorite photo. See the journaling card below. I journaled about it on the card.

Journaling card about Maddie and her belly bogging. I also used a digital stamp from Stampin' Up on the photo.

Some photos.

Throughout my pages I used some of the overlays in the Heidi Swapp PL overlay value kit.

I went with hot pink and green accents throughout to help match my photos and I loved the end result.

I am glad to be back sharing again today. I now have more scrappin' to get done.