Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Memorial Day Hike | Project Life Spread

Hello everyone ! It's me again checking in. How is everyone's summer ?

We as a family have wanted to start doing some hikes together. This past Memorial Day we made it happen. We drove up the canyon and were up the trail in no time.

I put together these pages using the New Kellie Stamps releases for July. Here is the link to her shop and the digital stamp set I used. Aren't they so much FUN ! I used a lot of them on my spread.

Here is what both pages look like.

Here is the title card. I started out with the Great Outdoors stamp from Kellie Stamps. I took the word  "the" from one of Ali Edwards brushes and added the gold star for a fun look. I used a few hints of gold throughout my spread for some consistency. The title card itself is from the Becky Higgins everyday collection.

 I had been saving this wood veneer piece for a project that we were all together and this one fit the bill. I added the letters MY to the card as well. One of the other colors I added in was green. There was lots of green in the photos and I wanted to make sure I had a little green here and there. I added the small green star onto the card as well.

I snuck in this photo of the rest of the family hiking up the steep trail. One thing I like to do lately is to leave a white border around my smaller photos to add more white space. It makes things look less busy in my opinion.

Before I printed out the picture I added the line of stars from the other set of digital stamp set released this month from Kellie Stamps.Underneath the stars I added another stamp from the set.

Here is a look at the left side. A few fun photos and journaling cards of course.

One of the digital stamps is the compass. I used photoshop to resize it to fit the space I needed for this first journaling card. I printed it out onto some vellum and cut around it to make a fun embellishment.

The other color in my spread that I wanted to use was this pretty blue. I used another filler card that I had and cut it so that I could use the corner. 

All the kids took their time finding the perfect climbing stick. During our hike Maddie kept wandering off to find ladybugs. I took a photo of her ladybug on her walking stick.

I used one of the digital stamps on the middle of the photo and added a few fun embellishments to the bottom. I positioned it right underneath the ladybug in hopes to draw your eye in to the ladybug. 

One more photo I want to mention about the left side. I loved this view that we had while we stopped for lunch. I added a digital brush and the pink and gold heart.

Let's move on to the right side now.

This top left photo was kind of great and kind of funny at the same time. Some of the kids were not in the mood to take photos. Trust me, I did not take that many. But I asked them to walk with me up the trail as I had set my remote on my phone. Well Katelyn purposely hid behind me and Maddie looks like a flamingo with only one leg down. Oh well. 

This fun wood veneer card I have had seriously forever. I finally put it to good use and made a filler card with it. I love seeing these flowers along the way. And don't get me started on the moss on the trees. SO COOL !

If I don't have enough photos or I need to add some more journaling into my spread I will add in a 4x6 journaling card. I made my own using some stickers, and this rubber word TODAY.

Another thing I like to do is to start out my journaling with a bold word or a word phrase. To draw your eye in so to speak, to add some more to the page.  I used the word " adventure" from the digital stamp set to start out my journaling.

These are the last cards from this spread I want to point out. I used another digital stamp onto the small 2x2 photo and made a cluster of embellishments. The other card I just love. I started with this fun circle digital stamp that I added in the small images on the top and bottom, adding in the year with letter stickers.

The pink flower is actually an overlay from the Heidi Swap September Skies Value Kit. I added a few embellishments onto the top of the overlay piece.

Here is one more look at the right side.

We sure had fun hiking and I look forward to doing it again. I also loved working with this digital stamp set from Kellie Stamps. Go check out her shop, lots of great things.

Thanks for coming everyone ! Take Care now.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Disneyland 2016 | Project Life Spread #2

Hello, hello everyone ! I am currently on vacation for the next several weeks but I'm going to be updating the blog while I'm here. Yippee right ?!!

I am going to be sharing another Disney layout. This is the second layout from our 4 day trip we took back in March. I mentioned that I have a plan to create 2 misc. spreads, 1 for Tomorrowland, and 1 for Carsland. This one one is the 2nd misc. spread. Here's what the whole thing looks like together.

Here is the left side. I started out using some supplies from the Say Cheese 2 line from Simple Stories. This line is full of great Disney themed products. I threw in a few other things from my stash and the Magic Story kit from Ali Edwards.

Since I didn't need a title card I created a journaling card instead. This card is from Simple Stories and I added the love stamp and the stars.

If we are in Disney for a birthday we always go to the Character breakfast. Maddie's Birthday was March 1 and so we went to breakfast that day. The two photos on the 3x4 are from that morning.

The next journaling card is one from Simple Stories again paired with the chipboard circle from the Magic kit. I added in some journaling and then some digital words on the bottom.

Here is a closer look.

One of our favorite rides is Pirates of the Caribbean. I snapped a photo of the sign while waiting in line.

This wish card came together so great. The background card is from an old SC kit. I cut out the black castle from a 3x4 journaling card and adhered it to the background card. I though the wood veneer wish piece was so fun and that it needed to be added in this spread. The washi tape on the bottom is from a recent SC kit.

This photo is of the top of Big Thunder Mountain. I added a digital brush from Ali Edwards and a few little embellishments.

I kind love how this card came together. Like really love. The mickey ears I cut out of a Simple Stories card and put onto the journaling card after I had printed on it. The blue chipboard piece is also from the Magic kit. I am so happy to be using that kit now that I have Disney photos. Yippee.

Let's talk about the other side now. This photo on the left is on Noah at the Redwood Forrest area. The kids could spent hours here. There are rope courses, zip lines, and slides galore.

This year was the first time that all 5 of us were able to ride a bunch of rides. Big Thunder Mountain being one of my favorites. The photo on the right is one of them.

This cute little photo of the girls on the rocket ride makes me smile every time. Their faces are full of joy and I always want to remember that.

Can I just say this sparkle card was perfect to hold a quote from Maddie. Love it.

Noah thought I was being silly when I was making a big fuss about going on the kid roller coaster in Toontown.

If you have ever been to Disney you know what I mean about Disney at night has this certain magic all in its own. I snapped a photo and added a digital brush.

Since we were not home to make or purchase a real cake we bought Maddie a carmeled apple for her birthday. We put the 9 candle on it and sang happy birthday to her at the hotel.

The last journaling card is the one about Big Thunder Mountain. I wanted to make a point that it is our favorite ride. Those stickers are from Simple Stories.

Well that is a wrap for my second Disney spread. I have so many more to do and I can't wait to get them done.

The colors for this spread came together rather well, I was surprised. You never know with busy and multiple photos you know. Anyway, I have to go now. Lots of fun to be had while we are on vacation.

Thanks for coming. Take care.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Patio upgrade | Project Life insert

I thought I would check in today with a short blog post/share.

This one is a little story about how I wanted to add a few fun items to the front porch. Nothing big or amazing but I wanted to document it. It all happened in a very busy week, with lots of photos. So I added in an insert. I have to finish up the other side of the insert still but this side is done.

I cut down a regular page protector to use. Although there is a page protector called Design H I believe that is the same configuration.

The top pocket holds a photo of me, my new rug, and my flower pot. I really wanted to get a photo of all of it together and I love it.

In that white space on the right side of the photo I added in a digital brush from Ali Edwards garden set.  On the top I added in those little flowers. In the other corner I added a flower die cut piece and a wood veneer piece from the Cathy Z. value PL kit. One last thing I added to the top of the photo was an overlay from a Becky PL kit. I think it was High Five.

Here are the middle pockets that I added in a photo and a journaling card. I used the newer Simple Stories collection called Bloom & Grow. It is full of wonderful spring/grow/gardeny type stuff. Yes, gardeny ! Oh and a lot of gnomes.

I used this gnome journaling card to tell my little DIY porch update. In the top corner I added a few layers starting with a small doily, a red banner sticker from the collection, a digital word that I cut out from Ali Edwards, and a cork piece.

On the other side is a photo of my new pillows. I added a few journaling strips and a few embellishments.

The bottom photo is one that I took of my newly planted flowers.

I really loved the circle that the flower pot made. I used it to add in the word bloom. I knew I wanted to add something else to this photo and so I fiddled around with a few things but this cross stitched heart die cut piece was perfect. I added a few sticker strips and another cork piece.

That concludes this post. I am glad that I can share this insert with you today. I will be on vacation for the next couple of weeks and hope to check in here and there while I am away. Hopefully I can get some down time while I am vacationing to blog. Crossing my fingers. Take care everyone.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Disneyland here we come | Project Life

Hello everyone. I am so very excited to be sharing some of our families Disneyland adventures with you all. This past March we surprised the kids and took them down for a 3 day Disney Magic getaway. We told them we were heading to the beach but boy were they shocked when we drove by the Disneyland sign and parked at the hotel.

I have a confession. Ever since our trip to Disney there has been a couple empty page protectors waiting to be filled.  I knew I had some fun and precious photos waiting for me to do something special with. Fast forward to last week. I had this itch to go back to the beginning of my 2016 album and get a few of these "empty pages " filled in. I started with an insert that was empty then I flipped through a few more weeks and landed on the Disney empty ones. I said to myself, " Self, I know you wanted to spend some time to make these pages AMAZING but it hasn't happened yet. It's ok. Let it go, print the photos, write down those stories and in the end you will be happy. " So that is what I did. I didn't spend hours and hours on these spreads, instead I printed photos, played with the supplies I had, and in the end I love them. Okay anyways enough about me and my crazy ways. Let me get to the good stuff.

Here is what the whole spread looks like.

In my planning for what to do with all my photos I decided to fill two spread with random but wonderful photos. Then make a spread about Tomorrowland and Jedi training. And then a last one all about Cars Land. This spread is my first misc. spread which if you looked at it doesn't scream DISNEY and I am ok with that. The photos pretty much gave me a great color scheme and a place to start.

This title card came together easily. I went through my alphas and came across these sort of transparent red alphas. I added the chipboard piece from the Magic Story kit from Ali Edwards on the bottom with the date. This title card is from the Currently edition I believe.

Instead a crowded castle family photo I decided to get one of us all here by the beautiful blooming trees and the castle in the background.

The journaling card is from the GO Story Kit from AE. I added a little sticker from Simple Stories and the wood car.

One of the first things we did was upgrade the kids Mickey Ears. I was not surprised when all 3 of them choose BB-8.

On the bottom I added a few photos. One of them I added to one of the Story Kit cards. Loved the top part and thought a photo would be great on the bottom.

Let's move onto the right side. This side is mostly photos.

I added a few fun things to this photo of me and Katelyn's shadows.

The journaling card is all about a little story about the castle I didn't want to forget.

When we were having a bathroom break Maddie was so funny when she was looking over the map and instructing us on how we were going to go here and there.

Some more fun photos.

While we were there the trees where showing off with their beautiful Spring blooms.

One last pocket to talk about it this fun circle one. I started out with a card from the GO Story kit and cut out the circle from the card. I added this circle digital brush in photoshop and printed it out onto white cardstock. Then added the circle journaling bit. So in hindsight the Mickey balloon really doesn't go with much else but I loved it and wanted to use it. It is from the Simple Stories Say Cheese 2. The pink chipboard piece is from the Magic Story kit. I knew I wanted to use that kit when we went to Disney next. It is perfect.

I am so happy to have a start on my Disney photos. Stay tuned for the next Disney spread.  It is all finished and I will share soon. Thanks for sticking around everyone.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Week In The Life Tuesday

Hello there ! How is everyone's Summer coming along ?

I am slowly plugging away at my Week In The Life album. At this point I am almost done with Wednesday. I know most people have finished and shelved their albums already.

Today I want to share with you my Tuesday pages. 12 pages, 19 photos, in all. Not to shabby.

Here is the entry page. I had this fun picture from our night that I wanted to have it span over both pages. Watermelon and the swimming pool were the highlight of our day.

I added in the chipboard divider that came in with the Ali Edwards kit that I purchased. I added the big letter T on the diagonal for a fun look along with some patterned paper to add in some color.

All throughout my album I am adding a lot of white borders to my photos. I love the look that it gives, it gives my album more of a non busy look to it I think. I added a larger border onto my large photo and added in the This Is Tuesday brush from Ali Edwards. I am adding one of these for every day and I love it. It starts off the day perfectly.

Here is a look at the whole photo without the divider.

The kids spent the night swimming while I brought them out watermelon, and other misc foods to eat for dinner. It was lots of fun. I added in a little journaling in the bottom corner.

On the other side is where I did a photo collage. I am adding in one of these each day with a sort of theme to it. Today's theme was " WE DO. " Here is what both sides of it look like.

To create the collage I used one of the templates from Ali Edwards WITL package. I also added in a few embellishments. The photos are of Patrick eating his lunch here at home, me mopping the floor and doing laundry, and going to the school to drop something off and pick up the kids. I believe the days of the week overlay is from one of Becky Higgins overlays that I cut up and stapled on top.

On the other side I have the gold foiled Tuesday card and a photo/story about The Lego game.

Here is the other side.

This whole left side is about getting the mail. You can read more in the journaling here.

I used a journaling card from the Midnight PL edition. Only adding in a strip of washi and the circle piece on top.

Here is the photo of Noah getting the mail. He LOVES to get mail. Always has.

On the other side I have 4 3x4 pockets that I filled with photos and journaling cards.

The other side has more photos and stories.

This is what the whole page looks like. I love how this page created it's own color scheme.

I needed a pic me up that afternoon so a glass of Dr. P to the rescue.

Here is my journaling card.

Let's move to the other side.

This photo is of Katelyn and I working on her school project.

After the kids were done swimming they asked if they could watch a movie while eating their ice cream cones.

The other side has a 3x8 photo and story about Maddie and fruit skewers. She has a sweet heart.

I added some photos of the kids in the pool on the other side. I used another Ali Edwards template for this one.

Here is what the last page of Tuesday looked like.

I loved this photo of Noah in the pool so much that I made it large and added it in.

That is the last page of Tuesday. Wednesday is almost done. I have one more page left to finish and then I can share it. The kids and I have been staying very busy this summer. Lots of fun to be had. Thanks for being patient with me and the old blog.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. It was rather a short post. Thanks everyone !