Monday, August 7, 2017

Project Life Week 14

Hello everybody !

I'm back with another Project Life spread share today. Summer is wrapping up for us here in the states as school starts in 9 days ! Yikes. I am sure looking forward to more quiet time and more scrappy time for sure. Well, let's get started.

Today I am going to be share with you week 14 of my 2017 album.

Most of these PL cards are from Studio Calico. When I start putting together a spread I first start with the photos. I look through the photos to find common colors. This week happened to have lots of red, pink, and green. Once my color scheme is established then I can move on picking out the cards. The title card had a lot of that red color and I liked the saying. I added the week number using those pink stickers and added a few embellishments to the card.

Typically I will start of my row of 3x4 pockets with at journaling card. This first one was a simply white journaling card that went well with the rest of the colorful spread. It talks about getting ready for Battle Of The Book competition. BOB for short. I added the big sticker letters to spell out BOB. Once I was done I thought it needed a little bit of color. So I ended up stamping some red stars underneath the BOB letters.

The next card has a smaller photo of our Sunday dinner. I added some journaling right onto the photo and then placed it simply on the card.

This is a photo of my flowers that I bought myself at Trader Joes. It is one of my favorite things about the springtime. I added a digital brush from Ali Edwards and added some journaling on the right hand side.

During this particular week we spent lots of time outside. We started out at Home Depot. We bought fruit trees, bushes, and flowers. This 4x6 photo is of my shopping cart at Home Depot.

To finish up this left side I have a photo of Maddie at the park. The next card is this fun cactus card. I added that geotag in the middle and added some journaling to the bottom. I really loved the green on this card and how it was a plant.

Let's move onto the right side. I start it out with a big photo of Noah on the swings. A big tip to take a similar photo is to get as low as you can to the ground. I think I sat down on the ground and then leaned back. And snap away and you too can get a shot like this.

Noah is still at that point that he loves to be tucked in and kissed good night. I snapped a photo of him all tucked in with his animals. I wrote down a little bit of my routine as I say good night.

Here is a close up of these 2 cards. This first one is of a quote of what I say almost every night. I added the words GOOD NIGHT. I also added that triangle chipboard piece that has a three on it. It represents the three of them. The journaling reads. " Good night Noah. Good night Teddy. Good night Fluffy. " Giving each one a kiss I say good night.

Here is a look at most of the right side of my spread. I kept with the red, green, and pink color scheme on this side as well. Most of my photos had those colors in them so it turned out great.

As I mentioned earlier we went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of plants, flowers, and trees. This is a photo of our carts heading up to pay. The journaling card next to it is talking about how a few of my neighbors get together every Friday to have brunch and catch up. This week it was at my house.

Here is the last photo that I want to share and talk about. This was a photo of that Friday morning. I had bought some fruit and muffins and also placed my flowers on the counter.

Thanks so much for coming over to the blog today. I will be back with more Project Life pages. Take care now.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Project Life Week 15

Hey everybody !

Summer is in full swing around here and I love it. We are hitting the road tomorrow to go visit my parents for a couple weeks. Before I go I wanted to update the blog with another Project Life week. I also have a process video up on my Youtube channel.

This week was Spring Break and then Easter. We also had a visit from my parents. So it was a busy week. This is what the first side looks like.

I used the April rubber piece from Studio Calico for my title card. It needed some color so I added the star underneath and then added my dates. (Yes, the dates are wrong and are now fixed).

The first card is journaling card. Most of these cards are from Studio Calico. I added the digital word Spring from Ali Edwards onto the card and added my journaling underneath. This one talks about a fun day we had with friends.

This photo is when we went to lunch with friends.

This week I did some yard work, planting flowers and did some garden prep. I took a photo of my pretty flowers. The card next to it had a photo of the kids swinging with their Grandpa. I added some stamping on the bottom of the card. It really didn't need any journaling.

We made these twinkie bunny cars this week for easter. I added a digital word from the Drive kit from Ali Edwards and some journaling.

One last photo from the left side of my spread. I am prepping the garden for some veggies that we are going to plant. I added a digital stamp from Ali Edwards.

Here is what the right side looks like. Lots of great Spring colors.

My mom always brings treats for the kids. This time she brought them these giant egg sugar cookies. I added some journaling on the photo and a digital word yum from the Eat Story kit from Ali Edwards.

I chose this mustardy Destiny card because it matches some colors in the photos.

We took a family photo after church and I added a small one of the kids onto this card. The next filler card was so fun to put together. I kept it simple with some stamping, and some word strips.

Here are some photos. The first one is of Katelyn and Grandpa. The next one is of Noah at the pool.

Alright everybody ! This is week 15. I need to go and finish packing up for our trip. Until next time.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Swim PL Insert | Colorcast Designs

Hey everybody !

I am back for another blog post today. I am so sorry that it has been so long. Summer's are always
super crazy.

Today I have a summery insert to share with you. These photos are from last year when we spent the late afternoon and evening in the pool. I used a lot of embellishment pieces from Color Cast Designs and created this insert for my DT assignment. Here is a look of the first side.

Typically when I add an insert into my album I will use a pocket page that it is shorter than 12x12. This one is from Becky Higgins. It has a row of 3x4's and then a row of 4x4's. I thought that it would be a fun change and a little bit of a challenge.

This first journaling card is from Studio Calico. I added that wood circle from Color Cast Designs and also that blue arrow from Simple Stories. I added some journaling to the bottom of the card about how Maddie was pretending she was a whale.  ( The photo below is of her blowing water out of her whale hole)

Next up is this filler card. This one kind of acts as a title card. I cut up that fun circle/bubble card and added a circle in the middle. The colors on this card were perfect for my photos. In the middle of the circle I added that blue acrylic piece from Color Cast Designs.

One the bottom row I have a simple filler card and a photo.

Let's move on to the other side of the insert.

This top photo is of Katelyn trying to SURF across the pool on her pool floatie. Next to the photo is a filler card from Studio Calico.

The next row I decided that I wanted to have a photo that went all the way across both pockets. I cropped it to 4x7 in photoshop and printed it out. In the left hand corner I added some embellishments. I used another wood circle from Color Cast Designs. All of the pieces from Color Cast Designs that I have used are from the same set. It is called Sunkissed. You can find it here.

The last row has a journaling card and another photo.

I cut down this card and added some journaling about us swimming in the pool. Also about how the kids have been watching American Ninja Warrior. They have come up with obstacles using the pool and the pool floaties.  I used a circle punch to cut up this photo of Katelyn and Patrick in the pool.

I loved putting this insert together. Thanks for coming everybody. I do want to say that I do have a Process Video up on my Youtube channel. So check that out if your interested.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Project Life Week 20

Wow its been a while. Sorry about that everybody.

I am here today sharing a Project Life week with you. This one turned out so great and I am so happy to be sharing it with you.

Here is what the whole spread looks like. I used mostly the Studio Calico May kit ( i think it was May) for this one. I loved the colors and all the embellishments in this kit. As soon as it came I opened it up and created this spread in a few days time.

The title card was fairly simple. I loved this 4x6 card so I used a label and a few embellishments to create my title card.

Most of the photos in this spread are from a night that we spent at the park. We packed a lunch and went to the park. We played basketball, the kids played on the play structure and we had a picnic dinner.

This first journaling card talks about our trip to the park. I added a stamp onto the photo next to it.

This picnic card was perfect for this week as well. Next to it is a photo that I turned black and white and added a vellum speech bubble and some stamping.

Here are a few close ups for you.

Let's move onto the other side.

This first card is about how Maddie's class at school put on a play. She had a leading roll and played Becky. The next card talks a little bit about how Patrick was packing to go on a work trip to D.C.

Here is a photo that I took of them doing the play.

Another close up of the right side.

The same day as the play they had Gold Rush day. This photo is of Maddie panning for gold.

One last photo of Patrick packing the night before he left. I added a tag and the word go.

A photo of the sunset and one last journaling card.

Thanks for coming you guys. I hope to be back soon. Have a fabulous summer.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Week In The Life 2017 | Tuesday

Hey everyone !

Today I am going to sharing my Tuesday in my Week In The Life album. I am slowly making progress in my album and I am okay with that.

I am going to follow a loose pattern with my album. Each day is going to begin with a big 6x8 photo. Tuesdays photo I chose to go with this rainy photo I took. It had rained most of the day and so I thought it was fitting.

Along with a large photo I am going to add these digital days of the week brushes from Ali Edwards. I also added one of the chipboard squares to the photo.

Here is what the first spread of Tuesday. A big photo and then the Tuesday tab divider. Then you can see underneath the divider is a photo and a filler card.

This is my filler card that I made using that awesome Tuesday piece from Color Cast Designs. When I ordered my main kit I also ordered these days of the week transparencies. I cut it in half and then embellished the rest of the card.

This photo is from the morning. My parents were in town for a visit and my dad took the kids to school. I snapped a photo of them getting out the door.

Here is a look at the next spread. These pages tell the story our afternoon and going to run errands  and go to Barnes and Nobles.

This photo was the best that I could get out of the kids. I went with it and added the wooden Tuesday onto the photo.

I ended up not having room for my journaling and a 4x6 photo. So I cropped the photo of Katelyn in the car and added it next to a journaling card.

On the other side I added a few more photos from the afternoon. The photo on the right is of Katelyn looking at books at the book store. I added some embellishing to the bottom of the photo. Next to it I added a photo of Noah getting the mail. It is very common for us to stop and for him to get the mail on our way home. He always asks.

Here is a look at the next spread. This one includes more photos from the afternoon and evening.

Patrick had to drive down to Los Angelos area for work and on the way back it was super foggy in the canyon. He stopped and sent me this photo. I added in this journaling card to tell the story of his work day.

On the bottom row I added a photo of me at the computer and then of me having a little Easter snack time. Reese's are my favorite.

This photo is of Katelyn turning the radio to her favorite station. She does this every time she gets in the car. I added a little journaling to my photo and added the #2. The pre programed station #2 is her favorite.

Above the 4x6 photo I have some journaling and a photo of the Del Taco drive thru. Turns out that Patrick was going to be gone late and we happened to be out running late. Del Taco it is.

One last set of pages for Tuesday.

The left side holds 2 photos and a journaling card.

I added a digital brush to my photo and a pink star.

That night after we went to get tacos we stopped and picked up the movie Sing.

The last page is a large journaling page. I added some misc. Tuesdays and made them different colors. Then I layered the clear white Tuesday on top.

That it is for me today. I have some other projects that I need to work on then I will get back to my Wednesday of my WITL. Thanks for coming.