Sunday, August 26, 2012

Project Life Week 19

I have been busy completing week 19 and I really love it. I had fun with this week and am happy with the result. It was a week full of every day life. The Good Stuff.



Wednesday brush from Ali Edwards Family Word Art

An Instagram shot of Noah trying to get a drink from the slip n slide.

Arrow brush set from Ali Edwards. 


LEFT SIDE : Journaling about Noah and the slip n slide.

Heart and little yellow banner from October Afternoon Woodland Park. Summer stamp is from We R Memory Keepers.

RIGHT SIDE : I used this great freebie journaling card. Find it HERE from Persnickety Prints. I changed the colors to match this weeks color scheme of Pink and Orange. The circle cardstock sun is an oldy from Scenic Route. The number sticker is from the Clementine Core Kit. 

LEFT SIDE : A picture that Patrick took of the familiar scenery that he sees often out on location. I cut the picture to fit on the top of one of the journaling cards. Added the butterfly, the banner sticker, and then the sticker.

RIGHT SIDE : I have been wanted to include a journaling card about some of the abbreviations that Patrick uses at work. He uses them in his texts that he sends me about what is going on at work and I'm starting to get the hang of what they all mean.

Wood arrow from Studio Calico.



Brush from here. 
Wood arrow from Studio Calico.


2 from American Krafts. The X is also from them. The wood arrow from Studio Calico.

I used this cute envelope that I got from my Studio Calico kit. I received some really precious hearts, people, ect. that Maddie made for me for Mother's Day. I wanted to include all of them so I put them inside the envelope. It was perfect.


LEFT SIDE : Banner is new from Jillibean Soup. Blue Thickers.

RIGHT SIDE : Orange swirly line is from the Cobalt Digital Extra Elements. QOTD is Quote Of The Day.

LEFT SIDE : Birds from Studio Calico.

RIGHT SIDE : I took one of the foldable journaling cards and simply cut it in half. I loved the look of this particular journaling card but only needed the one side of it.

Well folks that is it for Week 19. Still trying to catch up. Now that school is in session I have some more time to devote to my PL.

P.S. Have you guys seen all the new PL "STUFF" that Becky has shown us lately.  Insert Happy Dance now !!! I have already decided that the Seafoam Edition will be mine for 2013.

And those Childhoold Mini Kits. I could just cry right now. I love them all. So excited to get them in my hands and put them to good use in my kids school and my regular PL albums. I mean because, really, how fun are some of those cards going to be in my regular PL album.

If you haven't checked them out, seriously, go right now. RIGHT NOW !!

Until next time.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Project Life Week 18

So . . .

I know I said that I would share this on Friday and I'm really sorry. When I did that particular blog post I forgot that Friday was my birthday !! I know, who forgets their own birthday. Well we spent the weekend celebrating and such.

And now here I am sharing today. It is going to be a quick post, because I have a lot to do today with school starting tomorrow. And since we haven't done anything for the past two days but party !!

Week 18 | April 30 - May 6.

A combination of being in Utah and then coming home with some shots from Patrick thrown in the first part of the week. And the planting of the garden.



Patrick saw this out on the job site. 

Brush from here.


LEFT SIDE : Talks about getting emails from Patrick's parents. They are away on a church mission right now.

RIGHT SIDE : Patrick snapped this picture while on the job site of a road runner. 

LEFT SIDE : While in Utah visiting my parents we always go to this cupcake shop. It is amazing, the owner even won CUPCAKE WARS on TV !!

Scalloped oval from Mya Road. Washi tape from the party store. Letters from Basic Grey. 

RIGHT SIDE : Another thing I always try to do when I'm in Utah is to go to IKEA. I saved on the paper rulers that they had and put it on the journaling card.

INSERT : This is what it looks like in the book.

This was the week that we bought my minivan while I was up in Utah. So I wanted to do a little insert about the story. I used on one Ali Edwards 6x12 journaling pages. I printed out the journaling onto cardstock and then printed out the picture separately. I like the way it looks when I do it hybrid, then I added my embellishments. Super simple.

 THE LAST PAGE : One picture from my parents house and the rest were of planting the garden.


Me out in the garden.

Brush from here

Me again.

Stickers from October Afternoon. They have a whole garden themed line. Love it !!


LEFT SIDE : Washi tape.

RIGHT SIDE : A picture of our already ripe strawberry. YUM. 

LEFT SIDE : I kept one of the tomato sticks so that I could put it on my journaling card. Added to the card a list of what we planted.

RIGHT SIDE :  I signed up for the Studio Calico kit this month and received it this week.

That is the end of Week 18. Still trying to stay simple. Life just seems to get more hectic as time goes on. I'm excited that school is starting tomorrow and am hopeful that I can find some time to try to get some more PL weeks done.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Brother's Wedding Open House

Some of you might know that my brother recently got married. They got married here in California (that is where he lives) and my parents live in Utah and wanted to have a reception/open house for them. The kids and I went up a week early to help with the planning/shopping/decorating. It was a lot of fun putting the whole thing together with my mom. We spray painted so much that we had an inside joke going that applied to just about anything, " Let's spray paint it." Nothing was off limits. It kept us laughing the whole week.

Here are some shots from the decor side of things.

We went with the same color scheme and theme as my brother's wedding. We bought some lights and strung them from the house into the tree. 

We spray painted some mason jars.  Added some flowers for the centerpieces on the tables.

More lights, these ones were white, red, and orange.

We used beach buckets as chip bowls. My brother lives near the beach.

And here are the starbursts again. The main color scheme for the wedding and open house.  We put them on skewers. We spray painted beans and added them into a vase and then added the starbursts for decoration.

 We had lots of flowers and ribbon everwhere.

The backyard. My parents have a huge rock and it is a hit with the kids.

We attempted a chocolate fountain, but it was a more like a chocolate blob. Something went wrong with the fountain, but it sure was good. All the kids had chocolate covered faces the rest of the night.

Here are the main guests. My brother and my new sister in law.

We put together a photo booth and here are some shots. We found some fun props at the party store for it. All the people had a blast, especially the kids.

 My mother is in love with tiki torches. She has always had them and can never resist bring them out for a good party. So it is no surprise that they were out in full force today.  They were everywhere.

Here is my parents, me, the kids, and my brother and his wife.

We had bought some lanterns with little LED lights inside and they were so pretty at night. We had put them up in the tree and made the tree light up. It was really neat with all the other lights.

I have been meaning to share these photos with you all and finally got around to doing so today. It was a great night and I was so happy to get a chance to visit with a lot of my family and friends.

We have been so busy trying to unpack, read the mail, laundry, trying to savor our last week of summer with trips to the pool, park, ect. and yesterday we spent most of the day back to school shopping. Clothes, everything. I'm very tired still. 

P.S. Stay tuned tomorrow. I'm almost done with my Week 18 PL and will share then.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Beach Weather

I talked a friend of mine and her kids into joining me on a little Beach adventure a while back. I wanted to take her down to Ventura where they have a great beach/park called "Mother's beach". There is grass, a playground, a pirate ship, and a zipline. And that doesn't include the beach area. We had such a great afternoon. After the beach we stopped for dinner and then drove home.

Here are some shots from our beach day. Although they are straight from the camera.

The kids were digging a hole for them to play in. They kept digging all day long.

I love Maddie's faces 

Noah really enjoyed himself this trip. In the past he would be to scared of the water to really enjoy it. But this time he was running in and out with the rest of us, when he wasn't chasing Sea Gulls !!

The kids kept collecting sea weed all throughout the day. They called it their "collection".

 At this particular beach they had these little sea creatures that would bury themselves in the sand. Right now I can't think of what they are called. The kids were fascinated by them for hours. They spent a lot of time digging in the sand to see if they could catch any of them. And they were very successful. We kept them in a bucket of water.

Here is the biggest one that katelyn found.

And here is all of us together.

We are still at my parents house for one more day. We leave tomorrow to go back to California with grandma in tow !!! Yeah. We are so excited to take her back with us for a visit. I need to go now and finish the last minute things for our departure tomorrow.  I managed to get one more PL week done while I was here and just need to finish an insert and then I can share it with you some time next week.

Take care and make sure you treasure that last few days of summer. My kids start school in a few weeks.