Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Project Life Week 4

Hello everyone !

I've been wanting to go back and share some of my older/not shared yet PL spreads for a while now. So I am going to start at the beginning of the year and go forward. Today I am going to share week 4.

This particular week I added in an insert as you can see. I had a few photos from a little adventure we took that I wanted to include in my album. I wanted them to be bigger than a 4x6. So I trimmed down the 6x6 page protector to only have 2 pockets. I will get into the insert a little later.

Here is what the whole spread looks like minus the insert. Can I just say that this week is one of my favorites. The colors came out great, and I love the overall look.

Here are a few close ups of this left side. 

The title card. 

Most of the photos from this week were taken during a trip down south for a dr. visit. After a 3 hour + dr. visit we were left with two options. #1. To sit in the LA rush hour traffic for who knows how long. #2. To drive the opposite way for 15 minutes to get to the beach. Can you guess which one we chose ? Yep, the beach will always win. We ended up at Santa Monica Pier at sunset. It was pretty spectacular.

Most of these journaling cards came from the Studio Calico kit. I have to say that they were the perfect color combo.

A simple journaling card and a feet photo of all of us on the boardwalk. 

Here is a wider look at the bottom left side. On the way down to the water we stopped and took a peek at the sunset. I snapped a photo of the girls looking over the water.

While we were eating dinner that same night Noah lost his first tooth ! He was eating his sandwich complaining that his tooth was hurting. Next thing we knew his tooth was on the floor. I took a photo of him the next day. I added that story to the peachy colored card. I loved that wood veneer speak bubble and thought it was fitting since his tooth snapped out.

Here is another look. 

Let's move on to the right side. 

There are a few journaling cards and a few photos. The kids got a teepee for christmas. They spent the morning getting it all " SET UP " as they called it. 

The bottom transparency piece was so fun to decorate. It came in a Studio Calico kit and I knew I wanted to use it somehow. 

This first card is from an Ali Edwards Story Kit and holds a story about getting some Simple Stories products in the mail.

The two top photos are one of me in my office and then a photo of my Simple Stories goodies box. I absolutely love it when I get goodies from the UPS truck. I added a digital brush from Ali Edwards all the way across the photo on the left. 

This insert was so fun to create. I had a few photos of us playing at the beach at sunset. I used a digital stamp from Kellie Stamps on this one and added those clear transparent letters to spell out US. 

This pocket holds the story about our adventure and how I had to conquer my fears so that we could have a magical evening. I used the digital brush ( the pink/peachy yes) and added the wood veneer yes on the bottom of it for a cool effect. 

Here is what the other side of the insert looks like. 

I didn't have another photo I wanted to use so I took two journaling cards and added them side by side onto a 6x6 sheet of patterned paper. I embellished the two journaling cards and love how they turned out.

One last pocket to show up. This was a photo I took of the kids after the sun was mostly down. I added the acrylic little things word phrase from the Ali Edwards Story kit I had. I thought it was perfect.

That is all for today everyone ! Thanks so much for coming. I hope you have enjoyed this blog post. As always, if you have any questions please leave a comment. I know this was a long post.

Take care now.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Eat More Cake | Kellie Stamp PL page

Hello, hello everyone !

I am so happy to be here today with you all. I have a small birthday page to share with you that I created about my birthday last year. This page was created for the Kellie Stamps Creative Team using the clear stamp set called EAT MORE CAKE.

You can find it in her shop here.

Here is what the whole project looks like. It turned out that I had a half of a 12x12 side empty last year in my Project Life album. It was perfect for adding in this page about my birthday.

I made this simple title card. Since it wasn't a regular week page I stamped out the Happy Birthday and cut it out to put onto the silver doily.

The color scheme came together rather easily this time. The blues, yellows with a hint of pinks really were so fun to play and create with.

Most of these cards are from the Studio Calico kit called Pool Party. I loved that cute dog card and I had to use it.

The next card is a card that I added some digital stamps to the bottom. The colors were perfect for this page.

The bottom photo is of my cake. This cake, or the type of cake is very special to me. It has always been tradition to get a birthday cake from a bakery that my grandparents used to live by. My mom would order one every year and we love it. It's delicious and tradition. I love that whenever she is in town for a birthday she brings one all the way from UTAH.

So this photo of me with my cake is kind of awesome ! I don't want to brag but I love it. I typically do not have photos of me with my birthday cake, its usually me taking the photos. So I loved to add it in my album. I added a digital brush from the set.

My parents were here in town visiting last year so we went out to dinner. I snapped a photo in the bathroom mirror. Kind of fun. The colors were bad so that I turned it black and white. I think that it ties in with the darker photo.

The card on the right side shows how old I am. I wanted to play with numbers and kind of show how old I was turning. Yikes, how did I get that old. I certainly don't feel that old. Oh well. That is life. But I thought it would be fun to use those white numbers and then add in the colored ones. I felt that the card needed some color so I cut the blue paper and added it onto the corner. Lastly I stamped " It's Your Day " onto the photo of our Jamba juice cups photo.

That is it for me today. I am happy to have created this page just for me. I have plans to use this stamp set for a birthday party we had for the girls a few years ago. I can't wait to get started on that. Take care everyone.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Project Life Week 27

Howdy everyone ! I am so glad to have you here on the blog today. We as a family had a fabulous summer. It was full of adventure, fun, and lots of great memories. Summer usually is busy and leaves less time to scrap and blog.

Today I am here to share with you my Project Life Week 27. I got hit with the PL bug the other day and I wanted to create something summery. I chose to create this week and I love the result.

In the beginning of creating this spread I wanted it to be semi simple. I am many, many weeks behind in my PL album and I really am trying to get some pages done. I think I stayed fairly simple and photo central this week. Especially for me, I love to add lots of fun things and embellishments. Okay moving on. Here is a look at the left side.

To start off I pulled out some cards and embellishments from a Studio Calico kit. I believe this one was mostly Pool Party. This is the title card. I kind of stacked everything up on the right side of the card on this one.

These little rubber embellishments that came in the kit are my favorite. I added this little drink one onto my journaling card on the bottom on top of the strip that says LOVING. This journaling card talks about how my friend that moved away last summer came to town and how we scrapped all afternoon. She even brought me a pink drink from Starbucks.

I love how the pink in my drink ties in with the rest of the pinks in my spread.

Even though I had to turn this top photo black and white I love it. We were playing in the grass one night and I laid down from being tired. Noah and Katelyn layed down and asked what I was doing.

This little filler card has a cute quote that I thought went really well with our laying in the grass photo.

Patrick had cooked some chorizo meat on the grill for tacos this week for dinner.

On Saturday we spent most of the late afternoon and evening outside. We swam, the kids made a waterslide with the hose, we had carry out pizza, ect. I added a digital brush from Studio Calico and added some letter stickers on top to spell out SAT.

Here is another look.

Let's move on the right side now. Here is what it looks like.

We have been washing the car ourselves this summer and the kids are serious fans. It's like their favorite chores in the history of ever.

This simple yellow journaling card is just that. Simple and lovely. I added the wood veneer camera and a word sticker on top of my journaling.

I typically don't like dark black card like this bottom one but I don't know. I love this one and I added a few cluster embellishments to add to it. I thought it was kind of plain by itself.

Even though I didn't get a photo of us playing Just Dance on the WII I got a photo of my hand holding the remote to add to the white card here. The journaling card next to it talks about how I won and got the highest score.

The girls have liked to wind down by playing or watching something on the ipad at night this summer. They will get all the pillows in the corner in the family room and sit there until its time for bed. I am so glad that I snapped a photo of it. I added the brush word from Ali Edwards to the photo along with the yellow star and some journaling.

Here is the last look that I want to share. I picked up some of these fun words from Heidi Swapp when I was in UT.

Thanks for coming and I hope that you are having a fabulous day. Until next time.