Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Project Life Insert | Color Cast Designs

Hello Everyone and welcome to the blog today.

I am going to be sharing an insert with you today. This insert will go right in the middle of week 6 and I am totally okay with that. Sometimes I am not a fan of adding inserts in the middle of a spread because I've worked so hard on making sure that your spread all matches and is cohesive. But I am trying to move on and just roll with it.

Okay, let's get started. This insert is all about Katelyn's Robotics Competition that happened that weekend. She has been looking forward to this for a long time and so was I.

Here is what the front side looks like.

Whenever I add in an insert I will usually use this design G page protector from Becky Higgins.
It is 10x12 and it is large enough to get a good amount of photos without having to do a full page.

This title card was super fun to put together. I started with this pink Weekend acrylic piece from Color Cast Designs. This one is from the February release and you can find it in her shop HERE.

I knew that I wanted to add the word weekend over and over again somehow on this card. I played around with a bunch of different ideas in photoshop. I ended up going with repeating the word weekend along the bottom of the big Weekend piece. I added that fun wheel along with a few other embellishments.

The color scheme for this insert was this nice blue color, and this darker pink color. I picked out this nice circle blue patterened paper and added a smaller photo to the top. This photo is of Katelyn when she and her teammate were in the ring with their robot. Speaking of Robots the photo next to is of their robot named Nikki. Isn't she just the cutest thing ever ! The girls were super proud of their accomplishments and had a great day.

This photo I kind of had to beg and plead. I pulled her and Nikki over to a white wall at the school and I said " Just stand still so I can get a photo. " " You will thank me later."

I added that gold EPIC word onto the photo using my stapler.

During some downtime in between rounds Katelyn and I went in the back of the school and she spent some time playing around and practicing with her robot. I bent down and snapped this photo.

This is the last card on the front side that I want to show you. This card was inspired by the circle chipboard piece that says Top Five. I thought it would be fun to ask Katelyn what her top five moments were. I had such a hard time finding a 4x6 card for this insert but went with this one that has some faux stitching on the side. I added some fun embellishments in a cluster towards the top. The robot was something I found for free online and printed  him out on some vellum. I added a brad to keep him on the card.

Let's move on to the back side of the insert.

This side has a few more photo and lots of words.

This first journaling card is talking about Balance. One of the ways to score points is to get both of the teams robots onto the ramp and to have it balanced. You get 25 points for it and so it is a HUGE deal. I used this gold Balance word and a pop of pink on this card.

This was another photo of when we were passing the time in our downtime. Katelyn thought is was so funny to make her robot grab the Pringles in her hands and bring them to me. I added a digital stamp and then added a cork piece underneath.

I had lots to say so I added this 4x6 journaling card. I needed something with a lot of white space for my story and this one was perfect with its red/pink arrows on the bottom.

There was a lot of orange in the photos so I decided to add some in on this card. I added a word strip on the top and then that circle geotag on the bottom. I wanted to spell out robotics on the bottom of the card and then I added the word competition to the label that I tucked underneath some of the letters.

Here is one last look at the back side of my insert. The bottom photo is of the ring where the two teams would compete. Katelyn is driving.

That is it for me today. Thanks for coming everyone. I do have a Youtube process video for this one if your interested. You can find it here. Have a great day.

Here is the link to the video.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Project Life Week 6

Welcome everyone !

I have to say how happy I am to be back in my Project Life album today. Currently I am a few weeks behind due to life being busy, being sick, and then some fun mini vacations.

This week is going to be week 6. The very first part of February. I currently subscribe to Ali Edwards Story Kit and I love them so much. I usually will set aside a week or two in my PL album to use the kit supplies.

So let's get started. Here is what the whole spread looks like.

Each one of Ali's kits come with a card with a quote on it. I decided to use this months card for my title card. I loved the saying so much and thought it was perfect to use it in my PL album. I added my dates to a label stickers using my date stamp.

One afternoon Maddie wanted to make Orange Juice all by herself. So she looked up a recipe online and squeezed a bunch of oranges. I snapped a few fun photos of her.

You all know that I am a sucker for my kids handwriting and want to add more of it into my album. I cut up Noah's spelling test and added it into my album. I recently inherited my Grandmother's typewriter. We are still trying to get along but I used it to type on his spelling test. After I had typed on the card I added the word ten. This week was all about documenting the numbers. He has ten spelling words every week and so instead of using the number 10 I spelled it out.

These two crack me up so often !! They had played out in the rain one afternoon and were soaked from head to toe. They asked to get their swimsuits and play in the tub together. Of course swim goggles are a must. I added a digital brush from Kellie Stamps. Oh and I added the number 2 to the photo.

This first photo is of one of the kids while we were playing night games on Monday. We each took turns hiding their favorite stuffed animals in the dark while the others go find them armed with flashlights.

The next journaling card is one from the Number kit, actually all the cards this week are from the Numbers Kit. I added a list of tidbits to a photo and then added it onto this blue card.

Moving onto the right side now. This first orange colored card talks about Maddie and her making Orange Juice. I added a gold clear sticker and then add the letters OJ.

The circle numbers card was one of my favorites from the kit. I loved it and cut it in half so that I could add it in a 3x4 slot. I took one of the chipboard numbers and added it in the middle of one of the circles. I went with the number 5 because there are 5 of us. I added the word US onto a label and added a star.

This particular week Patrick was busy sanding and cutting some wood to make Katelyn a loft style bed. I borrowed his plans that he had made on some graph paper and scanned it. Then I cropped it down and added some journaling before printing. I added the chipboard triangle onto the paper and called it done.

Spring is coming and I could not be more excited about it. I snapped a photo of a blooming tree at the park that week and added some digital words and a brush.

That particular week was the most rain we had seen in a LONG while. It seemed like it rained all week. I made sure to remember how many full rainy days we had so that I could document it. It turned out that we had 4 full rainy days. I took this photo while I was dropping off the kids at the bus stop. I was at the bus stop a lot that week due to the rain. Our house is not super close to the bus stop.

I used this big white 4 onto my photo and added some journaling underneath.

This math equation card was perfect to journal about how many boards it takes to make a bed.

Well guys that is it for my Week 6. I really love how it turned out and loved using the Numbers Kit. Thanks for coming and I will see you guys next time.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Disney Day | Simple Stories

Good morning everyone ! 

I am so happy to be with you all today. It is no secret that we as family all love to go to Disneyland. 
I am going to be sharing some pocket pages that I created using the new Simple Stories Say Cheese 3 collection. It is simply adorable and if you have Disney photos, or even fun amusement park photos then this one is for you. Check it out in a store near you very soon. I think they are shipping next week. 

Let's get started. Here is a look at the whole spread. 

The collection has lots of your typical Disney colors with a little bit of blue thrown in. It was perfect for my photos. 

I didn't necessarily need a title card but I thought that I would use some of these cute die cut pieces from the collection. They are always so fun to play with. 

One of the first things we do when we get to the park is go and pick up some fast passes. I took a photo of this very thing and added a banner on the bottom of the photo. 

The next card I used was this adorable Mickey filler card. I loved the actual Mickey shape and so I embellished it some using a piece of vellum and some more of the bits and pieces. 

Here are a few close ups for you of this left side of my spread. 

Nighttime at Disney is such a magical time. I took this photo of the carousel when the sun was setting and I just love it. 

The whole reason we went down to Disney that particular day was for Patrick's birthday. It is tradition to get the birthday person a birthday pin. I wanted to make light of it so I added the word button to the journaling card next to his photo. I added a clear sticker on top of the word button and I love how it turned out. 

Let's move on to the right side now. 

One of my favorite parts about Disney is the quality and fun time we have as a family. We laugh together. We hold hands together. I love how my kids always reach for my hand as we are walking. And there is a lot of walking that goes on, so therefore lots of hand holding. 

More Disney fun. This particular day we spent lots of time over on the California Adventure side of the park. The rest of the family went on the river run, and California Screamin. I was happily left behind to take the photos. 

When I putting my pages together one of the things I try to do is break up the photos with some white. This time it happened to be cream and I spread out a 4x6 journaling card right in the middle of this page. 

It was the perfect softening piece and I used it to hold some journaling and lots of fun embellishments. 

Last but not least is the food at Disney. Oh my. Lots of good food. This particular day Katelyn and I think Patrick got turkey legs for dinner. Isn't that cute turkey leg the cutest thing ! I knew I had to use it with this photo. 

Well that wraps up my Disney pages for today. Thank you all so much for coming to the blog today. I hope that you might have found some inspiration. 

I did film a process video for this one and will get it up shortly to my channel.