Monday, May 14, 2012

Project Life Week 11

I am so excited to have finished up another week of PL ! It's been done for a few days, but just haven't had time to photograph and blog about it until now.

By the way, Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers, grandmothers out there. (even though I am a day late).

I have to apologize about the recent bad photos of my layouts. I know they have never been great, but lately I have noticed that they are just horrible. UHHH !! So I really need to work on that, maybe try a different photo taking spot or something. Anyways. Here goes Week 11.

A little run down. Grandma and Grandpa were still here for half of the week, so lots of them in the first part of the week. Also had a birthday party.



Grandma and Grandpa went and visited Katelyn's school and then brought her home. 

Made a journaling block and made it sort of see through by reducing the opacity of the journaling block. The Today you brush from here.

The kids love to read to grandpa and grandma or get read to by either one of them.

Katelyn loves to ask Grandpa to get the kite out and go flying. I used a transparency from My Minds Eye - one of their new lines - and put it over the photo. Also took so of the lyrics from the famous song and put them on the picture before I printed it.


LEFT SIDE : Journaled about them going to the school. Also needed more more so I continued the journaling on the back side. Great way to utilize space.

RIGHT SIDE : Used another picture of the kite flying activities. 

LEFT SIDE : I hate to admit it but me and the MAC are still having printing issues !! ACKK ! I know. So it resulted in small text on this card. I had already but some of the embellishments on the card and did not want to redo the whole thing. So I am going to forgive and forget.

I used one of the chipboard kites My Minds Eye.

RIGHT SIDE : Maddie wanted a picture of her and her GAMA. She is so cute. She can say grandma correctly now but still calls her GAMA.

 As I mentioned earlier, we had a birthday party for Maddie. I choose to use one of the templates from Cathy Z, click here to find it, and change it up a little bit to suit my needs.  The template allowed me to save some time and it still looks great.


 Patrick brought this cool Halliburton piece of paper home a while ago and I knew that I had to use it, and that is why he saved it for me! I love him so much fun for thinking of things to save for his scrapbooking crazy wife ! HA HA ! So I used it with some pictures he has sent me over time of the trucks on the job site. Brush found here .



Caught Noah playing with the water. The heart tag is from Studio Calico, but could easily be duplicated. Want to remember to do it myself. I put a strip of one of the filler card underneath the hearts. The banner is from My Minds Eye.

With this picture I wanted to capture a little bit of what we usually do if someone is sick. Take temperatures and get red boxes.

Wanted to be a little playful with these overlays from My Minds Eye for a while now. Printed my journaling onto patterened paper and then put the overlay on top. The favorite stamp is from Heidi Swapp. Buttons are from My Minds Eye.

Some of my favorite boys. Out enjoying themselves.


LEFT SIDE : Saved the bag from Trader Joes. Lemon and hearts from Jillibean Soup. Washi tape.

LEFT SIDE : Tag from Maya Road.

RIGHT SIDE : Thickers and used my new heart punch and some patterned paper. The arrow stamp from My Minds Eye Oh Happy Days stamp set. 

That's it for Week 11. I really like this week. Clean, and simple. Going to keep this theme for a little while so that I can try to catch up. How is everyone else's album coming along ? Good I hope.

Did anyone else catch Becky's video chat this morning ? Kind of fun. Had it on while doing this and that.

So super excited about all the new plastics that are coming out soon. Can't wait.

I have been working on finishing up a layout for my design team assignment. I will try to share tomorrow. Take care everyone.


MaryRuth said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your project life pages! they are beautiful!

I'm sure its time consuming but I love (and am so grateful!) that you link all the Ali Edwards brushes that you use (I now have a shopping cart full of them!)

Wondering how you organize all your digital brushes and word art so that you know what you have?



Mindi said...

MaryRuth -

Thank you so much for those nice comments. I love to hear from others and they mean so much to me.

As far as the brushes go, I hope you waited until the sale started to purchase them all ! Ha Ha. Have fun with all of them. I LOVE to use them.

Question about organization. Well, I wish I had a great answer for you but here is what I have done with them so far. All my digital files are all together in one big file. Then I have sub files with brushes, overlays, templates, papers, journaling cards, ect. I have had an idea in mind for a while now on how to visually be able to see what each one contains but I have yet to had time to get it done.

Really sorry that I don't have any useful information for you.


MaryRuth said...

thanks for your response!!

yes I waited for the sale (wahooo!) and $75 later (YIKES!) I have a ton of Ali Edwards word art (yay!)

Do you keep all your word art in the folder they came in (for example Summer Rocks, I heart Photos, etc) or do you take them out of their original folders and have them in just one big random folder?

Do you just look through all the word art until you find the one you want to use or do you know how to find it easily?

sorry for all the questions... but now that I have all this word art i'm trying to figure out the best way to be able to find what I need. :)

thanks again for your comment! LOOOOVE your pages! i always get so excited when i see you've posted a new page.


Mindi said...

MaryRuth - Yes, I keep them all in their folder together, just the way they came. Otherwise I would definitely loose them for good. This way I have a general idea of what is in each folder and where to find it.

I am semi-familiar with what brushes I have and so it does make it easier to find what I am looking for. But when I am just looking for something to use on a page I will look through several sets of folders to find the right thing. I also pull up just the preview folder so that I can see what is all in that folder, for example : I want something with a heart on it. I will pull up the I Heart Stories preview file and then look at all of the brushes that are in that set.

I hope I am making sense here. And I hope to have answered your question. Please feel free to ask anything at any time. I am always willing to try to help. Have fun with all your new brushes. I still have to go buy some of the newer ones myself !!

MaryRuth said...

That helps a lot! thanks so much!

p.s. I'd love to know what new word art you buy... because if you have it then apparently I have to have it! haha!


Amanda Robbins said...

Hi there,
Beautiful job on your project life:) I was wondering what BG line the kite stuff is from? Thanks!

Mindi said...


The kite is actually from My Minds Eye. Follow your heart line from Rhonna Farrer. Hope that helps.