Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Week In The Life | Monday & Tuesday

This week I am participating in a project called Week In The Life. It was created by the wonderful Ali Edwards, see her website for more info. Basically I take photos all day and capture our week. Then I make an album with the photos and words.

I want to share some photos from Monday and Tuesday here.

6: 55 am. Time to wake up.

I want to remember that Katelyn and Noah sometimes will be up before we go in and wake them up. Maddie, always asleep. This morning they all were asleep. It's Monday.

Breakfast. They all love to look at the cereal boxes while they eat. Noah kept hiding while I was trying to take photos.

We were running late so I had to drive them to the bus stop. It's a typical Monday.

A little straightening up and checking social media before heading to my Zumba class. I took this photo afterwards. I need to remember to not park, and move more. I may or may not have held up traffic while taking the photo.

A ran a few errands afterwards. Trader Joes for a few essentials, hobby lobby, and to pick up some math flashcards.

Essentials from Trader Joes that I buy every time :

White Cheddar Popcorn
Little Cucumbers
Hot dogs
Crunchy Beans (snow peas I think they are called)

I received a text from a local sandwich shop offering a free sub if you filled out your online account info. I took care of that and picked up my free sandwich on the way home.

I drove home, put the groceries away and then ate my lunch while watching Quantico.

Sort/Start Laundry. Work in the scrap room for a bit. Upload photos. Ect.

Maddie and Noah home at 2 pm. I was there at the door to catch them coming home. It is always a whirlwind, backpacks flying everywhere, shoes and socks taken off.

Maddie was so excited that she had caught a FRED, or what other people call a frog. She put him in a container with some water to keep until Katelyn came home to see her treasure.

We left him outside on the porch and she stayed out with Fred for a while after school.

Some days I let them watch a quick netflix episode, some days I do not. Today was one of those days.  The house is a little messy. I am okay with that for now.

Maddie usually gets a snack as soon as she can. Noah usually wants to chill and watch tv first on the days that I let him. Today Maddie found the strawberries I had bought earlier.

Once the tv show was over we got to work doing chores, homework, prepping lunches for the next day, ect. After about 30 minutes of trying to get Noah going I decided that he needed some silly time first. So I wrapped up good and tight in a baby burrito. He instructed me to roll him this way and that way and tuck in here and there before I could eat him. It seemed to help, we got busy doing his math sheet.

I took a shower finally while the kids were busy with stuff.

After that Maddie and Noah went out to play with some of the neighbor kids. Next time I will snap a photo. I was busy trying to get the laundry done, and help Katelyn with her school project. Again no photo, of well. I have lots from today I think.

Dinner prep early tonight so that we can take of some errands after. Daddy's home just in time to eat. The kids LOVE it when Patrick comes home. Today they went out to wait for him and found him pulling up.

Dinner is spagetti, garlic bread and canned beans because I didn't have time to cook the real thing.

I want to remember our current favorite way to make spagetti sauce. A can of Classico Sweet Basil sauce, a can of fire roasted diced tomatoes, ground beef. Yummmmm.

After dinner Katelyn and I headed out to run school related errands. First stop was the library for a new book, currently she does not have a book to read which is a MAJOR crisis. Turns out Mondays they are closed even though I had her check online. On to our next stop, Target for streamers for her school State float. We also picked up a few supplies for lunches and dish soap.

I handed her the phone and said " Here will you get a photo please ?" Love it.

Gas stop.

On our way home the sun was going down.

We got home and worked on her school project till it was time for her to go to bed. Patrick left for a run when we got home.

I uploaded photos, straighten up the house and then we watched some tv before going to bed.

Monday was a busy, busy day.  I have a few favorites from the day and so excited to see what the rest of the weeks looks like.

Tuesdays photos + words.

No morning or breakfast photos today. After the kids left I did my last load of clothes laundry for the week. Will do towels today, sheets wednesday. Endless laundry.

I notice the swimsuits and goggles hanging on the wall knowing that swim season is here.

Today is going to be cleaning day, get caught up day. First up was to do the dishes and then some vacuuming. Next up is to mop the floor. I fill up the sink with bubbles and get to work.

I like to mop and watch a show on tv. Today was Nashville. It usually takes me the whole show to prep, mop and then put everything back in place.

Put the towels in the washer now. I have a few minutes to upload more photos and start the thought process for my WITL album.

Patrick usually comes home for his lunch break. I snuck this first photo of him warming up leftovers.

Later he let me take a photo of him eating. Usually he watches some tv while he eats. Sometimes I join him sometimes not.

Most days I can be found in my scrap room working during lunch and until the kids get home. Today was no exception. I need a little pick me up. Dr. Pepper to the rescue.

I do love and enjoy my space. It is unfinished, and only a few things on the walls. But it is mine and I enjoy it.

Uploading photos and making a plan for Mondays photos.

I love to munch on things while I am crafting. These are one of my favorites. Hard to find but oh so delicious.

I needed to run to Michael's again for more clay so I picked up the two little kids at the school. They seriously love it when I pick them up.

While at Michaels Noah was complaining that he was hot. He decided to get his whole head wet in the drinking fountain and was sure pleased with himself.

"Mommy, is my hair really, really spiky now  ? Cause I want it super spiky. " Yes Noah it is I reply. Mental note to take him for a haircut this weekend.

Home now. Banana milk was requested. This is something that my dad makes for them every morning when we visit them and they love it.

The kids put their laundry away, have snacks, and then we go get the mail. This is Noah's favorite thing. He loves to come with me and open up the box. When we moved in I had to hold him up so he could open it, now he can open it all by himself. Even though he has to jump up to make sure he gets everything.

Blooms in the neighborhood.

We are working more on her float here. Getting all the stuff made and hot glued on top. Maddie and Noah are painting and playing with the extra clay.

Katelyn says mom I need letters to spell out UTAH for my float, oh and also smaller ones. I think I've got that covered. Go in and pick some out. I glued them on.

Swim break for the kids. It was 90 degrees today.  Apparently they were playing Warrior cats. The war was going on.

Goggle boy has returned. Love it.

The current state of the backyard.

The kids thought it was funny to try and hide under the water when I was trying to take pictures of them.  Not so funny guys, lol.

Maddie wasn't sure she wanted to swim today, she seemed tired. So I got the other two going and then she came out with fruit skewers for all of us. Bless you Maddie, I love her caring heart.

After that she joined in but needed a little coaxing getting in. Just jump in Maddie was what I heard.

We ate dinner outside. A little of this a little of that. Totally felt like summer tonight.

The water is too cold for me to swim yet so I went and watered the garden. I noticed our first tomato is growing.

Also checking in on the corn. Need to get some more photos of the garden tomorrow I tell myself.

Ice cream cones and a short movie pool side ends our nights activities.

They all took turns taking showers, brushing teeth and Katelyn and I finish up her float.

Teeth brushed and bedtime.

Tuesday is done. Photographed. Lived and loved.

Thanks for coming everyone. Stay tuned for more Week In The Life photos to come.


Kristina Proffitt said...

Loved your photos + stories, Mindi! I love Nashville and Quantico, too! ;) Oh, and what is banana milk? Must know! :-D

Mindi said...

Thanks so much Kristina. Banana milk is seriously nothing exciting. My dad just calls it that. I usually add either a whole or a half banana in to the bullet cup, some milk, and a splash of vanilla. The kids love it. I really need to get into making smoothies. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it and am loving following along with your WITL as well.

Mindi said...

Not vanilla ice cream but real vanilla. And then blend it up. Meant to add that in. My brain is foggy today.

Debbie P said...

Love your photos! That is so funny, I have made the exact same "Banana Milk" for my youngest granddaughter. She loves it. I came up with it one day when she wanted a smoothie, but was very picky about what was going into it. Great minds think alike!

Shawn said...

Beautiful photos and words!!

TracieClaiborne said...

I just adore you. I love all of this and especially "Photographed. Lived and loved."

You rock!

Mindi said...

Thank you all for your wonderful and kind comments. They made my day ! Debbie - how funny that you make banana milk too ! Love it ! Shawn - Thank you. You are such a sweetheart ! Tracie - Thank you so very much !