Saturday, May 2, 2009

Senior Design Day at the U

For Patrick's Senior design project he and his team were to build a few robots. One was the cutie bot robot (third picture) - he would bring this one home to work on all the time. The girls loved to see it !! The other one was the "Wall-E" robot - which was everyone's favorite. The team named him Mech - E because of mechatronics (that is what they were doing). He can lift his arms and eventually pick something up and put it in his pouch - just like Wall-E !! So cool and the Katelyn really liked him. She begged Patrick to let her take him home. This past Wednsday they had Senior Design day up at the U so I packed up the girls and we were off to see daddy and his robots. It was really exciting to see the end result of all of his hard work. We are so proud of you Patrick.

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