Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Play Time is always needed and a sneak peak.

It came folks !! My Seafoam kit. It was a very, very good surprise. I was taking out the trash and opened the front door to a brown box with the smile on the side. My heart jumped and I have never thrown the garbage away faster !!

I was so excited, the kids didn't know what to think. At first they asked if it was for them. Sadly I had to tell them that this was a present for mommy ! Their excitement dropped and they went back to playing cashier ( I found a cash register at a good will of sorts and they love to play store).

I was quite busy yesterday. Looking over all the cards, and then doing it again. Then came the fun part, I got to play. I finished up my week 1. I don't have time to share right now so I thought I would give you a sneek peak !

I have a meeting at the new house with the builder to go over some stuff, then some errands, park day, lunch, and then a the kids play date this afternoon. I might be able to find some time in between lunch and before the kids come over. Wish me luck. If not I should be able to share sometime today or early tomorrow.

I had sooooo much fun with this week. Pulled out all the stops. Probably spent more time than I should have. But hey, who's complaining ! Right ?!!  I was having way to much fun. So here is your sneak peak.

I am having so much fun watching and seeing all the videos and pictures from CHA. I always get excited when all the new stuff comes out. One of these days I want to go, and walk, talk, and meet all the industries "celebrities"!! My wish would be to get friendly with the local scrapbook store owner here and then beg and plead for her to take me with her !! We shall see how that goes ! But seriously, one of these days I want to go.

Well, I should really get going. I must get ready for my meeting.

See you back here soon.


Shawn said...

I cant wait to see ywhat you created with this kit. The suspense is killing me. I didn't get a kit this time around (have a ton of Clementine left and trying to use up some of my regular paper stash), but if I did, it would have been the Seafoam. May wait til Spring to get the new Kraft kit.

libbywilko said...

Love your sneak peak :-)