Thursday, September 4, 2008

Katelyn goes to preschool

I know what you are thinking. Katelyn is not old enough to go to preschool !! Well she is and she isn't. She is three so technically she can do two years of preschool. We have been telling her about preschool for a couple months now and she has gotten more and more excited. She could hardly stand it the morning of the first day. Which was this Tuesday. We got her dressed and her backpack on and away she went. No worries for this girl. She loves it so far and I am sure it will be a great year. Her friend Christian is also in her class so that does help and makes it a little less scary I guess. She loves her teacher and snack time !! The only thing that is hard is getting her up that early, we are still working on that.


Amy Niebuhr said...

How fun for Katelyn. It's official, she's a big girl now!! Way to go Katelyn!!

Brittany said...

I love that Christian and Katelyn are in the same pre-school... I owe you for finding it!