Monday, November 10, 2008

BOO at the ZOO

I wanted to take the girls to the " Boo at the Zoo" event at Hogle Zoo. So we got Grandma Merrell up a little early (for her- thanks Grandma) and drove up to the Zoo. It was so packed with goblins, cute penguins, and of course the cutest super girl I have ever seen That I had to stalk someone in the parking lot to get a parking spot. We made it in the doors and went on our way. Finding places to get candy(Maddie's favorite part) and checking out the animals. The weather was wonderful. The had 25 different places to trick or treat at. We got some great treats, chocolate milk, free kids meals to chick filla and much more. By the fourth place Maddie knew exactly what to do. Go up to the ladies with the candy and put up her pumpkin and magically candy was placed into the bottom. Maddie was in heaven. They had it all decorated for halloween. The even had some big corn stocks, or whatever it was, the girls went into the corn field and had so much fun playing peek a boo with mommy and grandma. Katelyn's favorite part was the band. Yes, they had a bunch of guys singing kids songs. We did the hocky pocky and she danced and danced. They also had a professional
photographer taking pictures. I got some of the girls and they are sure cute. I can share them when i get them in the mail. When we first went up to get pictures done, Katelyn didn't want to get hers done. We begged, pleaded, nothing would work. She kept saying later mommy. So we went off to see the giraffes and the tiger. And then she announced that she was ready to get her picture taken. We promptly went down and got her picture taken. And she was so cute posing like a super girl. By that time we had to go so off we went back to the car. I would definately do it next year and I would tell everyone to go. It was so much fun.

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