Sunday, November 9, 2008

Go Utes !!!!

I has been a

tradition since before the kids were here to go to the Utes football games. This year was no different. About three weeks ago we took the girls to the Ute/Colorado State game. The weather was perfect and the girls were well behaved. Grandpa Niebuhr also came with us. (Even though he is a true BYU fan). He was so nice to Katelyn and let her use his binoculars. Maddie loved to clap and cheer for our team. We even got her to kind of say GO UTES !! It was so cute. The Utes are currently undefeated this year and we plan to keep it that way. Bet you didn't know that I was a huge sports fan did you !! Well I am. I love most sports and watch way more than Patrick does. Well two more games to go and then hopefully off the a BSC bowl. Go UTES, GO UTES !!

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Amy Niebuhr said...

Are my eyes playing tricks on me or is Grandpa wearing a UTES hat??? I don't believe it!!