Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Seven Months

Giggles and Smiles and MA MA MA. Babbles and Grins and BA BA BA. A need to shove everything in his mouth. Can out eat his sisters when it comes to bananas. Squealing, well maybe more like shrieking, for no apparent reason other than to hear ones voice. Nicknamed
Pterodactyl because of it. Loves to dive at objects that he sees (which is anything and everything, we think he might be an olympic diver. Gabber mouth first thing in the morning. Joy in seeing his sisters. Crying in the reality that he is being hugged to tight. (Courtesy of Maddie). Smiling at his own reflection. Army crawlin' it. Loves to bang on things, enrolling him in drum classes. Has discovered Ice Cream. And getting quite efficient at it. So easy to tickle. Loves my singing, it makes him laugh. Especially rap. A preference for paper that I have to dig out of ones cheeks. Dislikes sitting still, can anyone say ADD ? Partial to remote controls, phones, computers, ipods, chords. AKA - the geek !! Precious, handsome, a ray of sunshine, and above all my baby boy. Love ya.

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