Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter festivities

Our Easter weekend started out bright and early Saturday morning at the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt that we have been going to ever since Katelyn was born. It was a little different this year with the white snow covering the ground, making the egg hunt a little bit easier. You could definitely see where the eggs were. Maddie had a little trouble picking up the eggs with her gloves on. Katelyn loved to see how fast she could run and how many eggs she could get. Noah was not impressed and just wanted to eat the eggs. It was still fun and all the kids had fun despite the cold.

Sunday morning was wonderful. The night before Patrick had set out an egg path that lead from each of the girls rooms upstairs. They thought that was the best. We each took turns looking for our Easter baskets. Katelyn kept saying " That Easter Bunny sure is tricky".

The night before I had put some creme brulee french toast and after finding our baskets we had a wonderful,delicious breakfast of baked french toast with strawberries.

After breakfast we set the girls loose to find the hidden eggs. It was so funny to watch the girls run around as fast as they could looking for hidden eggs. I had bought some dinosaur eggs(they had cracks on the eggs and then little dinosaurs inside). They were a big hit and are now part of Katelyns collection of dinosaur paraphernalia.

And of course there was Conference mixed in. Loved Conference especially the talk about Mothers and Daughters.

I quickly put together this years Easter layout. The first side is all digital and then the other side is a large picture of Noah that I put some digital elements on it and printed it out. I then put the paper piece together and then stapled it on the big photo. It was fun.

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