Friday, April 2, 2010

Maddie turns 3

As many of you know Maddie is obsessed with Sleeping Beauty. She dresses like her everyday and plays - touch the spindle and fall asleep everyday - I have to be the prince and come kiss her to wake her up !! So
we planned a Sleeping beauty party for her, it was a small, very fun party.

The cakes :

I had originally planned on only making the castle cake for Maddie's birthday, but after talking to her about it she insisted on an actual Sleeping Beauty cake. The castle was just not going to do. Well I endedup making them both. The castle one I put Maddie's little sleeping beauty doll on the top and loved how it turned out. So a couple days before her party we went to DI and bought a barbie. I baked the dress part with a cake mix and then stuck barbie right inside the cake. A little frosting and decorations and she was done. I thought it turned out so cute. I made the cakes while the girls were at church and Noah was asleep (he was not feeling well at the time). Maddie came home and found the two cakes sitting on the table and the look on her face was priceless. She was so excited. She was so excited that she sat (with her sleeping beauty dress on) right by the table the whole afternoon until the party. Just smiling and as happy as a three year old could be. It was worth the three hours it took me to make and decorate those two cakes.

The party was so fun. We first let them decorate a crown and a wand. (Each of the little girls wearing a different princess dress). We then played a game. I had made a spinning wheel and I can't believe I didn't get a good picture of it. But the girls each took a turn touching the spindle and then falling asleep. I then handed them a rose to hold just like in the movie. I also had looked up the movie music on my laptop and had Patrick play it, especially the part where the bad witch tells Aurora to touch the spindle. Patrick was such a good sport about being Prince Phillip. I bought him a Kings hat and had a make shift cape for him to wear. He went around to each of the girls and woke them up with a kiss. The girls loved it.
They played it a few times before it was time for presents and dinner. We had pizza, jello and princess punch for our feast. Then it was time for the cake. We sang and Maddie blew out her candles. It was a birthday I will never forget and Maddie still talks about her sleeping beauty cake !!

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Kim and Preston said...

You are such a good mom! THat is so fun:) One day I will need to have good tips:)