Saturday, November 2, 2013

Eat Drink And Be Scary

Why hello everyone !

Fall is in full swing around here and I can't be more excited.

Cooler temperatures.

Leaving the windows open.

Changing of the guard is now in progress. (switching from summer to winter clothes) Speaking of changing of the guard, my middle child is the least bit excited about her new wardrobe possibilities. Up to this point in time, she has worn sandals. Every single day. The other day her last pair of sandals bit the dust. Broke beyond repair. I was so grateful for this and took the opportunity to tell both girls that it is now officially fall and they were to be expected to wear shoes from now on. The middle child was so distraught that she threw herself on the floor and started crying. Then a few minutes came to me and asked, "With socks ?" I answered her with a quick yes and then the meltdown continued. But I was not surprised at her reaction. She is the one that loves her skirts, sandals, and nightgowns instead of pajamas.

Making soup again. I love soup, chili, ect. Yummmm. 

One of my favorite things about Fall is Halloween. This year was one of my favorites.  We decorated a little bit on the outside of our house for the first time in history. Nothing major but the kids loved it.  Next year I plan on adding lots more spooky things to the yard.

I finally got it together and threw the kids a Halloween party. We invited some kids from our new neighborhood and we had so much fun.

We decorated a little bit. Skeletons hung from the railing. 

Also picked up this fun skeleton head and the fall leaves to spruce up the home for the fall/Halloween season.

 Had a few snacks. Witches brooms.

Spider punch.

We played bingo, monster mash musical chairs, and then we watched a Halloween Toy Story show with popcorn. When playing bingo we used candy corn. I think more got eaten than used for bingo though !

The Halloween party was lots of work but well worth it. My children loved having their friends over to our home for a party.

Stay tuned for a Halloween post and I finally got around to finishing Week 21. Will share hopefully tomorrow !

Did you guys have a good and safe Halloween ?  I hope so.

A few more tidbits to share :

I am loving the "Buzz" and interest over the ever popular "December Daily". I myself am getting excited about this years project.

I plan on ordering my album, more page protectors, and supplies soon.  Yeah !!

I would love to have everything in one spot and ready for when December hits. I can't believe it is already November.

When I get everything in hand I will plan a post about what my plan will be.

Is anyone planning on participating?

Don't know what it is ? Check this out from the creator, Ali Edwards. This is her first post this year about December Daily.

Until next time.

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