Monday, November 4, 2013

Project Life Week 21

Week 21 | Here we go.

A glance at both pages.

This week is full mostly of our field trip to the fire station and a few other things thrown in at the end. 

Here is a closer look at the first page.

The title card.

Started out with the title card from the seafoam kit. I put the date on top of this brush. I also added the week # using an Ali Edwards brush and then some stickers for the number 21.

Some of the photos :

Noah loved sitting in the drivers seat of the big fire truck. He even asked to sit in a second time.

I wanted to add the Fire Station # somewhere and this photo seemed to be perfect. I added the line and then the fire station with photoshop and the rest are stickers.

Noah and I in front of the fire truck.

The story of our trip to the Fire Station was rather long. I went with one of the bi folded journaling cards. This one is from the midnight kit. It seemed like a perfect fit because the kids asked the questions and the Fire men answered them.

To get the journaling to fit onto the card I used the digital version of the card as my guide. I usually do a practice page ( I use a sheet of plain printer paper) first to make sure everything is going to fit okay with my extra embellishments. Once I am certain everything is where it needs to be I run the journaling card through the printer and then add my embellishments. When I was done, I cut it in half and slipped into the page protector.

Here is a look at the second page.

This week was when Maddie split her chin open on the tile and we had to take her in for stitches.

This journaling card had to serve double duty this week. The arrows were very helpful with making sure we knew which journaling was for which picture.

The rest of the journaling is about the arrival of the rest of our sod for the backyard. 

The next journaling card is from the seafoam kit. Added a photo of the delicious cheesecake I had from date night/celebrating Patrick's birthday night.

Week 21 is done.

I plan on doing a Halloween post soon. So check back for that. Thanks so much for stopping by !

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