Sunday, September 4, 2016

Week In The Life | Wednesday

Welcome to Week In The Life Wednesday edition.

I know most of you are done and over with this project. That is kind of how I roll lately. Maybe one of these days I will get it together. Okay let's get on with it.

I am popping in today with a quick walk through of Wednesday from my Week In The Life album. If you are not familiar with this project it was started by Ali Edwards a while back. You take photos all day for the whole week and put them in one album.

Even though I took all these photos months ago I am still finishing off my album. I'm currently on the last pages of Sunday. I wanted to share Wednesday with you today. 

Here is the first page. I always start each day with a 6x8 big photo. I also always add the daily brush from Ali Edwards. The one that says " This Is Wednesday " . 

I also wanted to keep the whole album light and bright. I left a big white border around all the big photos starting each day. The other thing I wanted to do was do a little bit of embellishing on each of the big photos. 

As you can see Patrick BBQ'ed that night. 

That morning I woke up with the feeling of a cold coming on. I took some cold and sinus and made  sure to get a photo. I had another photo from the morning so I put the two photos together on a 4x6. Maddie was having pioneer week at school where they get points for things like braided hair, lunches in buckets, and books on a belt.

Here is what the other side looks like. 

Patrick and I teamed up for dinner that night. I added a white border to most of my photos in my album to make it more of a clean look. 

 I made this journaling card on the top here. I used a digital brush from Kellie Stamps and layered them on the left side of the card. The washi tape and wood veneer word is from Simple Stories. 

Each day in my album I added in a 3x8 page. Sometimes I added in a full picture like I did here, sometimes it was journaling. We had gone to the library that afternoon so I snapped a photo later after we got home of our books. 

This is the other side of the 3x8 page and the right side.

I used one of the Week In The Life Templates from Ali Edwards to make this 3x8 page. I really enjoyed using the templates. They are so easy and fast to get extra photos into my album. I included a few photos from our afternoon.

On this right side I added a 4x6 photo that I cut in half to add in this page protector. On the way to the library we ended up at 7/11 and walked out with slurpies. While we drove to the library we each took turns telling each other a play by play of our day. I told the kids how I fought with the computer for 3 hours and almost took a nap 27 times. They thought that was hilarious. 

This is the last set of photos for Wednesday. On the left side I added in 2 photos, a filler card, and a journaling card. The top photo is of Noah in the tub. He still likes to take baths and he tends to stay in forever.

The other photo is of the bathroom sign at 7 Eleven. We had to make an emergency bathroom stop for Noah. While we waited for him the girls talked me into Slurpies for them and a soda for me. The photo collage from the previous page went along with that set of stories.

Here are some close ups. 

Sometimes I ended up with one more photo for the day that I had to add in the album. I simply printed out this photo of all of our neighbors talking Wednesday night. We tend to gather and chat while all the kids play with each other. I was pretty sure that my sweet neighbors were not so keen on being in my scrapbook album. I decided to set the camera on our post and focus it on the post so that the people were blurry. I love how it turned it out. 

Here is the other side. 

This journaling card is what is on the other side of the photo. This card is from One Little Bird and I seriously love this whole set. I added the black W from the Week In The Life kit in the parenthesis along with a few extra embellishments.  These fun inserts are super easy to add into your album. Once I had both the photo and journaling card done I glued them together and punched holes. In the album it went. ** Not sure why this photo is way off in color but I am not going to stress about it. ** 

One more thing that I want to talk about my Week In The Life album. Each day I have done a collage with a theme to go along with it. This allowed me to add additional photos into my album. I used this brush set from Ali Edwards for my themes each day. Todays theme was " WE ARE ". So this page is a template from the Week In The Life set from Ali Edwards. I love to do hybrid scrapbooking any time I can. So what I did was to print out the photos and the journaling separately. Turning off all of the other layers in photoshop. After the photos were printed I turned off the photo layers and printed off the journaling part onto white cardstock. After I had everything printed out I adhered the photos onto the white cardstock. The last thing was to add those two patterned paper squares and a few embellishments. I LOVE how this one turned out. 

Here are a few close ups of this last page of Wednesday. 

This is a good look at the brush that I used for my theme. I turned the brush white in color and reduced the opacity in photoshop to give it that more translucent look. 

Alright. Wednesday is now done and blogged. I am so very happy that I took the time to do this project. I love my album so much and can't wait to share the rest of the days with you. 

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