Monday, September 12, 2016

Week In The Life | Thursday

Good Monday to you all ! How is everyone ? I have been fighting some allergy/sinus stuff for the past 3/4 days and hope to be on the mend soon. I want to get back to scrapping ! I haven't done any in forever.

Today I want to share with you my Thursday pages in my Week In The Life album. Here is what the first spread looks like for Thursday.

The first page here on the left is my title page. Throughout the entire album I have started each day with a large 6x8 photo. I left a white border around each one and also added the digital brush from Ali Edwards. The one that says This Is Thursday.

I have always loved vellum. It is a perfect supply to add to this type of project, mini albums, December Daily, ect. Especially when you get it on clearance ! I added some to this 3x8 page protector and added the circle Hello Thursday chipboard.

On the other side of the vellum I added a photo of some flowers I had bought that day.

I added in a photo of the ads that I looked through that morning before doing some meal planning/shopping. Turns out I was looking at the wrong weeks ads, that is why that epic fail sticker was appropriate. The sticker is from Simple Stories Carpe Diem collection.

Here is a look at the next spread.

After a morning of grocery shopping I snapped this photo of me putting the groceries away. I loved that blah blah blah sticker so much that I had to use it here. Putting away groceries is not high on my list.

This journaling card is from an old Studio Calico kit and I loved all the colors in it. I thought it went well with my photos and such. I also loved how it had all the days of the week on the side. I added in my arrows next to the Thursday to symbolize that it was Thursday.

During Week In The Life you tend to have lots of photos. I wanted to use them all so made my own template in photoshop by cropping my photos and placing them on a 6x8 layer. This is a great way to get extra photos into your album. There are plenty of easy photo templates out there that you can use to add in more photos to any project you are working on.

A close up of the bottom of the photo collage page. I added in a digital brush from Ali Edwards along with a word phrase sticker on the top.

This page is kind of busy. Lots of stuff going on but its ok. I tried to tie in a few of the colors that were in the photos and spread them around.

This template is from Ali's Week In The Life template pack. I really love these. They are easy to use and make pages like this simple and fast.

One other thing I want to point out is that I used this page as my themed page for the day. Each day throughout my album I have a saying, or a theme, to go along with the photos. In this case it was quotes. I chose " We Say" for Thursdays theme. I overheard lots of fun stuff that I recorded and told stories about. The top photo is about how I caught these two taking turns choosing their favorite spray setting. I did not okay this little experiment by the way. The second one was about the afternoon. Nobody wanted to do anything remotely productive. We ended up doing a pillow fight, making a fort, and some other random thing to pass the time.

This page has a photo of me making copies at the kid's school, a photo of the show I watched during lunch and the wood veneer number 4 to represent that it was the 4th day of the week.

Here is the back side of the previous page. A few more fun photos and two journaling cards. When I go about making pages like this that face each other I always try to make them match in color, ect. That way both of them look similar in color. Even if that means moving some photos around. You want a cohesive look.

This photo was an extra one that I needed to fit in my album. I added in the middle of the album without a page protector. This one was of us doing the dreaded multiplication flash cards.

I thought this card was perfect as an edition to the photo of us swimming. It looks like waves in the pool. I added the word swim and a few embellishments.

These are the last pages of Thursday. I took a nap on Thursday afternoon and woke up to the kids in the pool along with Patrick. He apparently threw them in with their clothes on.

In the beginning of this page I knew I wanted to use both the clear T and the number 6. Then I decided that it would be fun to add in the PM in the middle of the 6. So I positioned the PM in photoshop and printed the photo. I love how it turned out.

That is all for today. Thursday is all wrapped up.

Thanks for coming and I hope that you have having a fabulous day.

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