Monday, May 5, 2008

Gardening/Yardwork 101

The weather has finally decided to cooperate and be spring like and with the good weather comes yard work. I have done a minimal amount of yard work over the years. I have learned a few things these past few weeks about yard work. These are my findings that I would like to share with you all.

1. It is much more work that I had originally thought.

2. I don't think my body
will ever be the same.

3. I will forever be a hunchback.

4. Weeds are much more resistant to being pulled out of the ground than I had anticipated. Which means alot more work for me.

5. It is alot more time consuming than I though. Funny me, thinking I could go out and get alot done in a short amount of time. Ha Ha, jokes on me.

6. And lastly, it is so great to see the end result. The beautiful flowers blooming and all the weeds in the trash can !!

It was a family afair this particular day as we all helped to clean up the yard. The girls love to be outdoors and they love to help dig,rake, and put the weeds in the pile. So after a hard days work, followed a bath and a picnic lunch.

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Amy Niebuhr said...

Ho fun to be outside. Yard wok can be a huge pain though, uh? I can't believe how big the girls are getting. We can't wait to see you guys in July.
Love ya,