Monday, May 26, 2008

Our afternoon at the beach

This is my version of " Our wonderful day at the beach". The sun was shining, it was the perfect temperature. The water was warm and quite inviting. Everyone was in a wonderful mood, and last but not least is that everyone was sporting their great tans and wonderful bodies !!

Why - what a great day !! Wait - we need a rewind. Okay, Okay - wishful thinking I know. Here is what really happened. It was , after all, the middle of May. So I could have been a little bit warmer. ( But hey, who's complaning !! I am at the beach for crying out loud. ) I was so excited to take Maddie to the beach for the first time. Since she loves to play in the sand at home and loves any water she can find. She was in a horrible mood ( teething !! - need I say more). She at first did not want to go near the water but reluctantly went towards it, only to find out that it was freezing cold and so she retreated as fast as she could and crying so loud everyone around heard her !! Oh well, there is always a next time right !! She hated the sand, as the picture says it all. Well enough of the bad news.

Katelyn on the other hand loved the beach. She was so cute playing with the waves. She would stand on the beach and wait for the waves to come in and then run as fast as she could try to try to outrun the water. Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't and she would get wet. She loved the water - didn't mind getting wet. She loved the sand, she even let Rob's friend bury her legs !! She went wave jumping with Rob(my brother) and did not want to leave.

Patrick had a wonderful time. Rob took him surfing for the very first time. He caught some good waves and even got up on his knees. Which I guess was pretty good from what I heard from the guys. He also went out in the water and body surfed or whatever you want to call it.

As far as myself, I was in heaven with the view I had, and safe on the beach bathing in the warm sun. With my family there, there was no other place I would have rather been. We all had a wonderful time.

P.S. The answer to the question from the last post is (going from left to right and the top down). Maddie was the first and the fourth photos. And Katelyn are the second and third pictures.

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