Monday, June 16, 2008

Glimpses of summer (finally)

It has been so cold lately that I never thought that it would warm up. Is is June for crying out loud. Well after many wishes and prayers, it finally got semi warm. What is better to kick off summer than pizza on the BBQ and the kiddie pool.

We made the pizza from scratch and despite there being way to much garlic in the sauce everyone loved it. I do have to say that it was delicious. Yum. Patrick is so at peace in front of the grill. It is his happy place. Soon we'll be calling him the grill master !!

Katelyn couldn't contain her excitement when i told her to go get her swimsuit on !! She didn't know what we were up to but she knew it had to do with water. That was all she needed to know. We cleaned out the only kiddie pool we have ( I have been meaning to get a bigger one but it has been so cold) and the water tub. The girls loved it. Patrick tried to get Katelyn with the hose and she thought that was the greatest game. She laughed and ran and got all wet. Maddie is not sure about the hose or the sprinkler yet. Give her time, i know she will come around !! Thank heavens for Summer, where we can bbq, cool off and have some fun.

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Brittany said...

Mindi, why aren't you in the pool??