Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The shiner !!

Before I go begin, I just want to clarify something. No, I did not beat up my child so please do not turn me in !! You may be asking how in the world did she do this ? Well it really is simple to those of us who know Maddie. And that is she is a huge " CLUTZ ". I am talking falling all the time, walking into walls, tripping over her own feet, ect. But this beauty is by far the best one yet. So i had to take pictures to show everyone. She was at my mom's the other day and was walking down the little hill from the tramp. No it is really not a steep hill or anything. But nevertheless, there sitting at the bottom of the hill was the ever so evil hose. I guess she didn't see it or maybe she was going to fast down the hill to stop herself in time, but she tripped over the hose and landed face first on the cement. Oh ouch i know !! Poor baby. Well I know it is a horrible picture(she kept moving around) but she scrapped the side of her face, her chin,knee and of course the shinner on her eye. I just have to say that we love you Maddie and thank goodness it is not permenent.

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Brittany said...

That is the worst excuse for beating your kid I have ever heard! Poor Maddie! She is way to young for her first black eye.