Friday, July 3, 2009

For Today

Outside my window - it is still dark as
I sit here and type this. I hear the birds
chirping and the dogs barking.

I am thinking - about how I wish I was asleep
right now, in my nice comfy bed
(being it is five thirty in the morning).
and Noah just hanging out next to me.

I am thankful for - That Patrick doesn't have
to work for the next three days and for the time
that we can spend together as a new family of

From the kitchen - Actually tomorrow it will
be homemade enchiladas with my own homemade
enchilada sauce.

I am wearing - blue polka dotted pajama bottoms,
my Creating keepsakes university t-shirt and
my glasses

I am creating - Patrick's mountain biking
layout downstairs

I am going -to definitely get a nap tomorrow

I am reading - my Creating Keepsakes magazine
that just came yesterday

I am hoping - that Noah will be getting tired

I am hearing - sweet little baby noises

Around the house - there are dinosaurs all
over the living room floor

One of my favorite things - Ice cream for dessert

A few plans for the rest of the week - Take the
kids to chucky cheese's tomorrow, maybe go out for
breakfast, bbq at my parents and then all the
fun stuff to celebrate for the fourth of July.

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