Sunday, June 12, 2011

Project Life Week 13 and happenings around here

I'm baack !! So sorry about being MIA and all. So here are a few things that have been HAPPENING AROUND HERE.

The big move into our own house three weeks ago (wow, seems just like yesterday)

Went to Patrick's open house\family bbq at his work this weekend.

A certain someone's 2nd Birthday. Happy Birthday Noah !!

Katelyn lost her first tooth and had to play tooth fairy for the first time !

Right now all three kids are on Antibiotics. Noah's foot got infected, and the girls had strep last week.

Planted a small garden.  The first attempt did not go as planned. More later on that story.

Unpacking, and still unpacking. I swear the boxes keep multiplying.

Painted the girls room pink, one wall in the family room green, and another family room wall brown, still have another big wall to go and then the kitchen to finish painting. Can I just say that painting with a toddler in the house is impossible. He is so into HELPING right now that we have spent many late nights painting so that we could get it done with Noah was asleep.

Oh my, I forgot about our Disneyland trip. We drove down to Disneyland to Celebrate Patrick's birthday and had so much fun.

The girls now have bunk beds in their room.

Well enough about the happenings around here. Here is a look at the next week in my project life album. I know, I am so far behind. But I will get caught up. So here is week 13. March 28- April 3.

This week was filled with online house hunting, lots of calls to California, lots of furniture shopping, and lots of excitement and anticipation about moving to a whole different state.

This is an extra page I added in for the week. We took a trip down to California to go and find a house. So I wanted to journal about our trip and what I was feeling about the experience. It is a 12x12 sheet of cardstock that I trimmed down to 4x12, took a regular page protector and stitched down the side. Nothing to fancy as I am so far behind in my book that I really want to just get it in the book before I forget everything.
This is the other side of the journaling. It finishes up our weekends adventures in California.

I took a 6x12 divided page protector from American Crafts and just cut the bottom of it of since I only needed spaces for four pictures total. The first one was a house that we were considering. I put the quote from Katelyn right on the picture before I printed it out. She says "This is so fun. It's just like on House Hunters. " Love that.

The next picture was of another house that was actually our first choice. But it was a bank owned house and It didn't work out. But wanted to include some pics of our adventures as we looked at houses.

This is the other side of the other extra page that I added this week. The first picture is a pic of the front of our new house.

The bottom picture is of the kitchen of our new house.

 This page was mostly about our trip. The first picture is of Katelyn playing with all of her toy story toys one morning. She has such a great imagination and I love to watch her play with her toys and act things out.

The second picture is of Noah at the park down in California.

The small journaling card has a paint sample stapled to it that I picked up while we were down in California.

The small picture is of Noah in the backyard of our house. At that time it was all dirt, since then the builder has added grass. You will see that in the book later in another week.

The next big picture is of Maddie and Patrick swimming.

The next picture is of the beautiful green, rolling hills that we drove through on our way home.

That concludes Week 13. Thanks for looking. I really need to go to bed now, it's late. Until next time.


Kim and Preston said...

Oh it all looks like so much fun! So exciting. Congrats on the home.

Charlotte said...

I just dropped by from the BPS Project Life gallery where I spotted some of your uploads into the gallery. I live in the UK and have just ordered my kit today, your pages have given me lots of inspiration, thank you for sharing them!

Mindi said...

Kim - Thanks for looking. Hope all is well.

Charlotte - Thanks so much for looking and I am so happy for all the europe PL lovers that now get to have a kit of their own !! I love it and I am sure you will too !