Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Project Life Week 12

Here's another week finished. This week was awesome. It was a life changer to say the least. And also an answer to a prayer. You see Patrick received a job offer late Monday night of that week. So here it is.
I have been trying really hard to save us some money by using coupons and searching online sites for great deals. I usually go out on Mondays to do my shopping because the ads come out on Sunday. The picture is some of the stuff I was able to get for pennies on the dollar.

The next picture or journaling is Patrick's job offer. Instead of doing a screen shot of the email I just copy and pasted the info that I wanted to make sure I included. Simply amazing. The email came in late Monday night while Patrick was still at work and I was chatting with him over IM. We were both very excited about the job offer, where it was, and the paycheck.

The next picture is of the next morning after we told the girls that we would be moving and that Daddy got a new job. We were all so excited that we had an impropto pillow fight. I think the girls were more excited about the fact that we will be real close to disneyland than anything else. That is all they cared about. Every time that they would mention moving when daddy gets a new job they just wanted to be near disneyland, actually Maddie requested being right across the street from disneyland, just like the hotel we stayed at !! I kept telling them that we would not be living in a hotel !

I also included the mortgage guys card that I contacted on Tuesday to get that going. Because Patrick started work less than thirty days later.

Here is the other side.

We spent lots of time online looking at houses. We also planned a trip for the next weekend to go down to find a house. Our first home !!

The next picture is of Jimmer Fredette and the BYU cougars. I am not a BYU fan but I loved watching this kid play basketball, he has an amazing shot. They played in the sweet sixteen game but lost in overtime. So sad.

This week was when Noah started saying some real words. It was a real breakthrough and we look forward to having him say more words in the future.

The next picture is of Patrick's new toy, or should I say the family's new toy. They were having a closeout on the old Ipad's when the new ones came out and so we bought one, only after hunting around the city for one. That weekend was also the Scrapbook Expo. One of the years funnest events in my book !! Two days of no kids, shopping, and cropping. What else do you need !

No extras this week. It was busy. No time for extra events. Hope you enjoyed it. Now I have to pack again. Move #2 is coming soon !! Take care everyone.

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