Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project Life Week 16

Project Life Week 16 | April 16 - 22

I was almost convinced that this week was never going to get done. I had started editing the photos from this week while I was on vacation. They ended up on my laptop, because that is what I took on vacation with me.

Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago. Long story short, I couldn't figure out how to get them from my laptop to the mac, the network wasn't working. Had to wait for hubby to fix the problem.

The next hurdle was that, out of the blue I ran out of a color for the printer. There was no warning light, no flashing light like it normally would. It went from being fine to out !!  It has never done that.

So I order ink. Tried new company through amazon, cause it was a little cheaper. Not a fan, after waiting 5 days for it to ship, reordered it straight through amazon. Got my happy little amazon box today !! Yeah !! And that leads me to this post. It is finally done and complete. Talk about frustration people !! I was going through major print withdraws.  Now I am all stocked up on ink and ready to go.

Now that I told you all about my little pity party, moving on.



I used this Ali Edwards brush. And printed it out on some of the extra Clementine cardstock and then punched the bottom. Butterfly is from Studio Calico.

Used a brush from the Cobalt Digital Extra Elements. Changed the color to match the clementine collection. 

This is what my mornings look like. Checking my email, blogs, ect. 



I had a bigger story to tell so I used a foldable journaling card. P went to Denver to do what they call a "Break Out" presentation. He has been working all year to be able to "Break Out". Means, a work truck, a raise, and field bonuses. So it is a BIG deal.

Used Basic Grey letters. Heart from Studio Calico. Tap from October Afternoon. And some fun ribbon on the bottom.  I was going to make a slit on the top with my exacto knife so that you could take the card out. But I couldn't find it today. So I will do it later.


Used this cute freebie card. Change the color of the background to match and added the letters onto the card.

Journaling talks about our 5K that we ran.


Found the word from one of Ali Edwards title boxes. Found here. Just erased what I didn't need.

P took this picture from his hotel room window in Denver. Where he went to give his "Break Out" presentation.


Washi tape. The sticker is from October Afternoon 9-5.

THE LAST PAGE : This page was dedicated to the weekend.


We went to my now sister-in-laws bridal shower over the weekend at a cute little tea shop. Used a Martha Stewart doilie. 

Added some ephemera from the weekend.  Our receipt from the car rental. I used a foldable journaling card and stapled the receipt right on top. I love the Tim Holtz tiny attacher.



I used this great freebie.  Just scroll down until you find it. Changed the colors again to match.

** Most of the freebie journaling cards and such are located on my pintrest account. So you can always find them there. Click on the pintrest link on the blog !! ***


I love Smitha Katti's freebie journaling cards. She does fantastic work. Freebie found here .  Added the color into the font on this card. Love the result.


Used Ali Edwards brush.


Washi tape, stickers from Authentique. Arrow from Studio Calico.

Week 16 Done.

How is everyone's summer ? I have been staying crazy busy. With the battles out in the garden with bugs, and disease. With the swim lessons, the constant beggings to go to the pool. I think this summer is going to be dubbed "the goggle summer". The kids are obsessed, they wear them around the house, to the dinner table, and in the car, it is so funny.  We are always in the water, or out in the backyard with the hose going. It has been hot here, we are talking over 100 people. I have also been busy with trying to get the house more organized and making it more like "HOME". I spray painted a mirror for the wall and put it up today. I love it and can't wait to do some more home decorating. Well, enough about me.  Have a great rest of the week and weekend everyone. 

I have to go finish getting ready for a well needed BEACH DAY tomorrow.


Shayne said...

Thank you so much for the links to all the freebies - you are so kind to share and to take the time to link up.

Love the ones you use - have downloaded them myself this morning.

Love this week and congrats on the promo for your hubby x

Mindi said...

Your very welcome !! I always love to share.

Susan said...

I just discovered your blog. I love your PL pages!! Do you own a typewriter or do you use your printer for the 3x4 cards?

Mindi said...

Susan - I don't use a typewriter I use my printer. I do have a tutorial on how I print on the journaling cards if your interested. You'll find it on the top right hand side under tutorials. Thanks for your kind comments and for coming !!

MaryRuth said...

so fun to see new pages posted! love 'em... great job!!