Monday, July 2, 2012

A Wedding celebration

My little brother, actually my only sibling, got married over the weekend. I can't believe it !!

It was an amazing weekend, the whole thing was just magical. I got to spent time with my family, see my kids be flower girls and a ring bearer.  The wedding site was stunning. And it was one of the best parties that I have been to.

I wanted to share some of the magic with you all today, hope you don't mind.

We arrived on the wedding morning at the wedding venue ( The bride's aunts home ). We spent a lot of time transforming the place into a little wedding wonderland. There were these all over the place.

and more here

There is an amazing story behind these little colorful beauties. And why they were the main focal color point throughout the wedding . . .  but it would take too long to tell. So just take my word for it.

My two flower girls. They were so cute in their handmade dresses !! Playing around while we waited our turn for group pictures.

Now this guy was another story. Sickness, tiredness, and not liking his clothing arrangement made for a grumpy and uncooperative little ring bearer. 

Grandpa was kind enough to step in as cameraman for me so I could get a family picture.

We were trying to get him un-grumpy !!

Instead of a wedding cake they decided to do a cookie bar. And as you can see they like robots !!

Bride and groom robots

This is the ring pillow. Isn't it the cutest thing you have ever seen !!

Crying before his big job of walking the pillow down the aisle.  Patrick trying to talk him into it.

Ready to throw their pedals

We finally got Noah to walk out with his big sister.

 I think he finally took the robot to give to his uncle

Grandpa and Maddie

The two handsome men in my life

Me and my girls

They had an amazing food truck come and park in the driveway.  Order what you wanted.

Notice #1. The bunny ears. #2. Noah trying to make bunny ears. So funny.

The nights beautiful abeyance.

Thanks for letting me share some of my wonderful weekend adventure with you. Have a happy 4th of July everyone.

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Shayne said...

These are gorgeous gorgeous photos - what a stunning wedding idea!

Love all the colour x