Saturday, August 11, 2012

Beach Weather

I talked a friend of mine and her kids into joining me on a little Beach adventure a while back. I wanted to take her down to Ventura where they have a great beach/park called "Mother's beach". There is grass, a playground, a pirate ship, and a zipline. And that doesn't include the beach area. We had such a great afternoon. After the beach we stopped for dinner and then drove home.

Here are some shots from our beach day. Although they are straight from the camera.

The kids were digging a hole for them to play in. They kept digging all day long.

I love Maddie's faces 

Noah really enjoyed himself this trip. In the past he would be to scared of the water to really enjoy it. But this time he was running in and out with the rest of us, when he wasn't chasing Sea Gulls !!

The kids kept collecting sea weed all throughout the day. They called it their "collection".

 At this particular beach they had these little sea creatures that would bury themselves in the sand. Right now I can't think of what they are called. The kids were fascinated by them for hours. They spent a lot of time digging in the sand to see if they could catch any of them. And they were very successful. We kept them in a bucket of water.

Here is the biggest one that katelyn found.

And here is all of us together.

We are still at my parents house for one more day. We leave tomorrow to go back to California with grandma in tow !!! Yeah. We are so excited to take her back with us for a visit. I need to go now and finish the last minute things for our departure tomorrow.  I managed to get one more PL week done while I was here and just need to finish an insert and then I can share it with you some time next week.

Take care and make sure you treasure that last few days of summer. My kids start school in a few weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Those little creatures are sand crabs. My daughters spend hours hunting them. They like to get a bucket and see how many they can catch for the bucket. Such simple fun!
Love your PL pages. ;)