Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall is here

I think Fall is finally on it's way here in my part of sunny California. I know this because the little tree in our front yard is turning colors !! I love to look out my office window and see the beautiful colors of fall. It makes me happy. It also gets me thinking about what all comes along with fall.

Pumpkins -

We as a family have always had a tradition to go to the same little pumpkin patch and let the kids pick out pumpkins. This year was a little different. We had to find a new pumpkin patch. Boy did we find a cute one !!

The Wagon protector. Took his job very seriously and didn't take his eyes or hands off of our prize pumpkins the whole time.

This one mom !

Have to have a family shot.

Katelyn insisted on having a "baby" pumpkin. So now we have 3 baby ones.


Halloween - As you can see I had 2 Brides and 1 Spiderman. I dressed the kids up early and went out and tried to get some shots of them in their costumes.

Here is Noah trying to throw his web.

Here is what happens when you ask the tired, 3 year old, that didn't even want to put his costume on in the first place, to show me his muscles.  I tried.

The oldest Bride.




The youngest Bride.

 Spiderman already getting into his candy from the trunk or treat.

Fall is only half way over with. Thanksgiving is around the corner and I'm afraid that it will be here before I am ready. We are having family come to visit and we are Sooooo excited. The kids have already started a countdown until the day that family arrives.

The weather here will slowly start to get cooler. Although yesterday it was in the mid 80's. Who's complaining ? Not me !!

*** If you have not checked out all the NEW NEWS this week from BECKY HIGGINS please make sure you do !! Amazing things are happening for Project Life.

I was so excited to hear that Studio Calico will now be making a monthly kit. My 2 favorite Scrapbooking things joining forces ! It's better than Christmas. 

Life has been crazy, crazy busy here and so I haven't had time to work on my PL album. But I will do some this morning and when I get the next week done I will be sure to share.

Have a great weekend everyone. Make some soup, enjoy the cooler weather, and the pretty leaves. Until next time.

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