Monday, June 24, 2013

Project Life Week 12

Welcome to week 12 | March 18 - March 24

I've had this week done for a little while now and am just getting around to sharing it. You see, birthday party plans are in the works. Noah is so excited to be having his birthday party here at the house tomorrow. I plan on sharing photos with you later.

Anyways, let's move on.

Here is the first page. I added a lot of orange and blue this week.

The title card. Added some embellishments to the top, along with the week number. Also added a Dear Lizzy sticker to the bottom along with the date.

Brush was taken from one of these strips for this brush set. 

The move was a little rough on my Noah boy. He fell asleep on the couch a few times that week.

Spring is here, meaning warmer weather here in California. And that means sandals. Both girls got new sandals.

I used a journaling card from the Studio Calico Kit, cutting it up and putting the yellow letters (also from the kit) on top.  ** Sorry for the bad photo **

Moving onto the journaling cards.

Why ? Is a question that I hear about a 1,000 times a day right now. And then that gets followed up with a loud "Because I said so." And so this old sticker was so perfect that I had to add it to a journaling card. Journaling card from the SC kit.

The second card is a journaling card from the SC kit. Added a photo of the three kids eating breakfast at the island. All three of the happy because at the old house there was only room for 2 kids.

This first card is a filler card from the Seafoam kit. Added the fun journaling to the bottom.

Moving on the second page.

This photo is of the paint swatches that I was choosing our wall color from. I added some text to it before printing and wanted to make sure that you could see what color I picked and so i added the arrow to the photo. It is from Studio Calico. The bottom part is made out of a strip of washi and some letters on top.

Here is Noah flying with the help of his daddy.

The girls were enjoying their daddy reading Harry Potter to them right before bed.

Used some orange letters on top of some journaling. 

I had one of the girls take this photo of me painting the family room.

I cut out the gold circle part of the journaling card from SC and then added it to my photo. Finished it off with some stars from SC, and some other embellishments that I stitched on. If I remember correctly I believe I got some inspiration from Maggie Holmes on this one. She did something similar and thought it was so cute.

My local scrapbook store got in their first shipment of PL in the store and so I picked up the Midnight core kit. This first card is from that core kit. I'm sure you will be seeing some more of it popping up here and there, cause it so great.

I stitched a little under THIS WEEK. This was an instagram that I took of me painting. Added some patterned paper to the bottom and also some sticker embellishments.

The second journaling card is from the seafoam kit. I'm still loving the diagonal lines on some of the journaling cards. I also knew that I wanted to make sure that I linked the photo that is next to it, to this journaling card. Took me a minute to figure out how to connect them but once I played around with the arrows it was easy. 

Here is the photo that goes with the journaling card. I re did my kitchen chairs.

This quote journaling card comes from the SC kit. The colors were perfect and I needed a quote card.
Talks about how sad Noah was to find out that his buttons on his buzz outfit didn't work.
Added the yellow letters from the SC kit and some circle embellishments, also from the kit.

Week 12 is now done and blogged. Off I go to see about some more Birthday party fun. Have a great day everyone and I'll be back soon to share some pics from his party.


helen r said...

Always so happy to see your PL posts! How do you get the journaling on the SC cards? (like the "Buzz" one). I know how to do it if the card is digital, but would love to know how you get it on the card from the kit.

cat said...

I just love how you documented the house painting. I just realized that we painted almost the entire house and I only mentioned it in journalling. Best I take a few shots and some colour swatches when we do the last two bits.

Mindi said...

Helen -

When I want to print on any card that is not from a core kit I start out using a blank grid card in photoshop. I use that as like a ruler. I can measure out using the grids where I need to place my journaling on the card. Most of the time I can just eyeball it using the grids. Example : I will take my card that I want to journal on and place the grid card next to it or even on top. I will then use the grids to see how far down and over my journaling needs to be. If it needs to be exact. Then I send a blank journaling card through the printer and do a test run. Using a light, I have a OttLight on my desk, I will hold up the test card behind the real card so that I can see where the printed journaling would go. Using the light I can see if it is in the right spot. If not, I make adjustments, again using the grid card, as my guide and readjust. So that is my process. And then when I am ready to print on my card I simply run it through my printer. I really hope it makes some sort of sense. If not, please let know know. And if you have more questions please let me know and I will try to help/explain.

Cat - Happy painting. I've got all my main living areas done, just need the bedrooms and bathrooms to go. So, I will be painting for a while !!