Friday, June 7, 2013

Project Life Week 10 + 11

Welcome to week 10 and 11. All together in one happy layout.

This was the week that we had moved into our new house. And the week after. I didn't have enough photos for two weeks, so I put them together and I love how it turned out.

Title card -

This is a card from the Studio Calico kit. I added the date and the word March found here. I love all of these transparency embellishments/banners from the Studio Calico kit. I added one of them to the title card. 

The first page.

The last thing to get done in our new house was getting the appliances in. The first picture talks about that. Used one of these arrows from Ali Edwards.

We were told that we should get our keys on Friday night. I had the van packed up with boxes and received a call about 2 o'clock that our keys were ready to be picked up !! We were all so excited.

I used one of the Studio Calico vellum frames. Added one of those banners from the SC kit, the letters were also from the kit. 

Although we started moving that Friday we did not get the big U haul truck until Monday. Patrick was working all weekend and was not able to take off work until then. I managed to get a few instagram shots of us moving in.

The yellow card is from the SC kit. I printed out 2 of my instagram photos and put them in the middle of the card. The brush that I added to the photos is from Karla Dudley, you can find it here. Although the hello on the top is from Ali Edwards. I made the black circle that is on the top, in photoshop, printed it out and then cut it out. You can make circles using the custom shape tool.

My first journaling card summarizes up the week leading up to us moving in. I tried to find where I go that one but no luck. The second card is a journaling card from my SC kit. I added an instagram of our house, all done and ready for us to live in.

The third journaling card talks about Moving Day. The word day is from this brush set. I simply erased the part of the word that I did not want and was left with day. The little houses are from Amy Tangerine.

The second page.

My very first purchase after we moved in was this pretty yellow wreath. It looks wonderful on our big green door.

I used the love from this brush set. I added the letters after printing.

In our previous house I had a small one door pantry in the kitchen. Well, this house has that exact size pantry plus a HUGE walk in pantry. So I was so excited to have more space to spread out and organize everything. I had fun unpacking our food into the new pantries !!

I used one of the journaling cards from the seafoam kit and cut it in half. 

We knew that in the new kitchen we would need some pendant lights. We had the builder install pendant light boxes in the ceiling. I had so much fun searching online for the perfect ones. With help of a friend we installed them in the kitchen that week.

I added a label sticker from the SC kit first. Then stamped the & sign from the SC kit. Finished it off with some of the great wood veneer letters from SC.  

I wanted to document the street sign that we live on so I snapped a photo. I added a My Minds Eye transparency and some thickers.

I liked the journaling card that this cute green banner was on but really love the background it was on. I cut it out and added it to another journaling card from the SC kit. I knew that it would be perfect to put our new address on. That is what I did. Finished it off with a few circle embellishments. I did use the brown/orange letters that came in one of the SC kits.

I loved the orange and yellow theme that this week had going on. So I just kept it going with this orange journaling card from the SC kit. I added the word friday from Amy Jaz, you can find it here. It is a frame but I shrunk it down and added the tiny stars next to it. Finished with some washi tape and a sticker.

This first journaling card is from the SC kit. I added an instagram from some paint sample papers I had put up on the wall.

The second one is another journaling card from SC. The blue letters are from the SC kit.

That is it for week 10 and 11. As always, any questions just ask and I will be glad to answer. I am slowly working on week 12 and will share once it is done.

Me and the kids are planning on making a summer bucket list today. Should be fun and interesting to see what they come up with.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Ashley said...

Great inspiration. We're currently building our house and I'm pinning so many of your ideas to use in my album.

Your new house looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I am so glad that you are back-I absolutely adore your PL pages!

Shayne said...

Glad to see that you're settling into your new home well, and how fab having PL to document the details so may so easily forget x

cat said...

OH I want a big pantry....
In any event, congrats on the new house and love how you documented it all.